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Anita Novinsky MP (1922 - 2021)

Anita Waingort Novinsky (Stachow, 22 de novembro de 1922 - São Paulo, 20 de Julho de 2021) foi uma historiadora brasileira, especializada na Inquisição portuguesa no Brasil, os costumes dos cripto-jude...

3/3/2016 7/21/2021

Maude McClure Kelly (1887 - 1973)

Kelly was the first woman to practice law in Alabama. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Maud McLure Kelly (1887-1973) wa...

3/24/2011 6/21/2021

Martha DuBose Hoole, known to friends and family as Marcia, passed away on March 23, 2020 at Hamilton Medical Center in Dalton, Georgia. She was 84. Martha is survived by her son, Eugene Stoddard T...

6/18/2021 6/18/2021

11/29/2007 6/15/2021

William Wright Sellers MP (1818 - 1902)

William Wright Sellers was the son of Jordan Sellers and Mary Osborne Sellers, and was the husband of Martha A. Bethea Sellers. He practiced law in Marion County, S.C., and was the author of "A Histo...

1/2/2009 4/16/2021

Full text "Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Mass 1634-1917" by Dr. William J. Lamson pp 355-356 1642 Edwin Ruthaven /9 Lamson, (John S. /8, Samuel /7, Samuel /6, Paul /5,Thomas /4, Thomas ...

4/5/2019 11/6/2020

Henrietta Dozier (1872 - 1947)

Henrietta Dozier was the first female architect in Georgia and the first woman in the South to receive formal architectural training and to graduate from a nationally accredited school of architecture....

10/15/2020 10/15/2020

Grace May Moses MP (1908 - 1996)


Grace (McLean) Moses wrote a book about the genealogy of her 9th great grandfather, John "the Immigrant" Lewis . ( Relationship path ) Description In her 1984 book, The Welsh Lineage of John Lewis (159...

9/13/2020 9/13/2020

Ernst Kroker (* 21. November 1859 in Waldenburg (Sachsen); † 26. August 1927 in Leipzig) war ein deutscher Historiker und Bibliothekar. Leben Ernst Kroker war der Sohn des Gerichtsamtmanns Gustav A...

8/4/2020 8/4/2020

Lyon Gardiner Tyler MP (1852 - 1935)

Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Sr. (August 24, 1853 – February 12, 1935) was an American educator and historian. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyon Gard...

7/4/2008 7/8/2020

Rev. Levi Branson (1832 - 1903)

Levi Branson, educator, Methodist minister, writer, editor, and publisher, was born and reared on a farm in Randolph County about five miles south of Asheboro. He was the second of nine children born...

1/18/2020 4/3/2020

Carol Wagner Skydell (1925 - 2020)

Carol Skydell, 94 Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 1:49pm Longtime Vineyard resident, Carol Skydell died on March 4 in Camarillo, Calif, at age 94. Carol was born in New York city in 1925. She studied Jou...

4/1/2009 3/18/2020

Johni Cerny MP (1943 - 2020)

"Johni Williams"

Biography From IMDb retrieved 22 February 2020: Johni Cerny was a professional genealogist and family historian who first began her career in 1979. She founded Lineages, Inc. in 1983, left the fi...

10/19/2013 2/22/2020

Sir Thomas Lyte, of Lytes Cary (c.1568 - 1638)

"Light / Lyte / Leight"

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 21 2020, 8:53:28 UTC * Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Feb 21 2020, 16:13:33 UTC

3/27/2015 2/21/2020

Klaus Oliven (1918 - 2010)

My family history by Oliven, Klaus, 1918- Published 2001 Topics Rideamus, b. 1874, Meyer (Family : Hannover, Germany), Oliven (Family : Berlin, Germany), Reifen (Family :, Schottländer (Family ...

11/11/2011 2/15/2020

Dr. Walter Meyer (1890 - 1974)


1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.7

10/22/2010 2/12/2020

Henry Alexander Grady (1871 - 1958)

Henry Alexander Grady, teacher, lawyer, and judge, was born in Clinton, the son of Benjamin Franklin and Mary Charlotte Bizzell Grady. His ancestors came to America from Ireland, and one William Grady ...

7/10/2009 12/3/2019

Teena Edna Mayham MP (1945 - 2010)

Teena was a prominent early member of Geni who added tens of thousands of profiles, mostly connected to her lifelong research on the Mayham family. She was active on several genealogy websites aside fr...

9/28/2008 8/18/2019

Oscar Ogburn Efird (1892 - 1972)

Oscar Ogburn Efird, lawyer, jurist, teacher, and genealogist, was born in Winston, the son of Francis Bruner and Minnie Victoria Ogburn Efird and the grandson of the Reverend Adam Efird, a Lutheran m...

8/14/2019 8/14/2019

Lloyd deWitt Bockstruck MP (1945 - 2018)

Lloyd was a wonderful man and a tremendous asset to the Dallas Genealogy Society, the Dallas Public Library, and library patrons who often asked his advice and his suggestions. We will all miss him.~ ~...

5/29/2018 8/13/2019

Milton Rubincam, Jr. (1909 - 1997)

"“Dean of American Genealogists”"

Obituaries The Deseret News - Sep 12 1997 Utah Newspapers, 1850-2003 Text: "... Milton Rubicam, called "the dean of American genealogists" by thc Smithsonian Institution, has died of complication...

7/11/2009 6/23/2019

Rabbi Joseph Levinstein, A.B.D. Serock MP (1842 - 1924)


LEWINSTEIN, JOSEPH BEN ABRAHAM ABUSH Polish rabbi. Born in Lublin. Lewinstein was rabbi in Chorzele from 1860 to 1868, in Zaklikow from 1868 to 1878, and from 1878 in Serock. He engaged in genealogic...

1/28/2009 6/9/2019

C. Warren Vander Hill, PhD MP

"Warren Vanderhill"

Charles Warren Vanderhill Charles Warren Vanderhill, American Academic administrator, historian. Recipient Denver Westerners Memorial Scholar award, 1962, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft award History Society...

5/13/2019 5/14/2019

William Judson Lamson, M.D. ΦΒΚ is the compiler and author of this genealogy of the Lamson Family. Reference: Full text "Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Mass 1634-1917" by Dr. William J...

4/5/2019 4/6/2019

Teunis G. Bergen MP (1806 - 1881)

"Tuenis", "Taner G Bergen"

Teunis Garret Bergen (October 6, 1806 – April 24, 1881) was an American politician and a United States Representative from New York. Family Parents: Garrett Bergen and Jane Wyckoff Spouse: Eliz...

8/2/2009 3/6/2019

Robert Charles Anderson (born 1944) is an American genealogist and director of the Great Migration Study Project. Anderson was educated as a biochemist and served in the United States Army in electroni...

1/28/2019 1/28/2019

Leon Clark Hills (1877 - 1968)

Biography From Harvard College Class of 1902: Secretarys 6th Report, June 1922 link LEON CLARK HILLS Born at Litchfield, Conn., Oct. 27, 1877. Parents: Franklin Brutus, Frances Miranda (Coons) ...

10/7/2008 12/13/2018

John Cox Underwood was a veteran of the Civil War, serving in Breckenridge's Division, Engineer Corps., KY, Confederate States of America. He also served as Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky during the G...

2/5/2009 12/13/2018

Married 04-02-1695 to Anna Sybilla Olearius. Kilde/Source: : Biografien: Johann Hübner 1688 Türchau † 1731 Hamburg In Türchau bei Zittau wird am 15. April 1688 Johannes Hübner geb...

2/2/2011 11/23/2018

Eduard Carl Heinrich Heydenreich (* 29 May 1852 Dresden; † 1915 Dresden) Archivist of the City of Mühlhausen in Thuringia, Commissioner for Nobility Affairs in the Royal Saxon Interior Ministry, Gene...

7/6/2016 11/23/2018

Gaspar Frutuoso MP (1522 - 1591)

Gaspar Frutuoso (Ponta Delgada, c. 1522 — Ribeira Grande, 24 de agosto de 1591), foi um historiador, sacerdote e humanista açoriano. Bacharel em Artes e Teologia pela Universidade de Salamanca e doutor...

9/28/2018 9/28/2018

Marvin Caulk, (C) MP (1953 - 2013)


Marvin George Caulk (1953 – 2013), son of Harold Floyd Caulk and Freda Marie Schwartz , was born 3 January 1953 at Mount Clemens, Macomb County, Michigan; he lost his battle with laryngeal cancer at th...

4/10/2009 8/10/2018

Eldon Lester Clark MP (1938 - 2018)

"Eldon Clark (Geni volunteer curator)"

Always remember, when you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp. "If you don't recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor ...

4/30/2010 8/10/2018

Yevheniya Brykova MP (1962 - 2018)

Famous modern genealogist. Long-standing curator-volunteer of Geni's World Family Tree. "My childhood was spent in Kharkov on the Cold Mountain in a house that belonged to my grandfather.The house ...

8/29/2007 7/28/2018

Hugh Massingberd (" father of the modern obituary") (1946 - 2007)

"Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd"

Hugh John Massingberd (30 December 1946 – 25 December 2007), originally Hugh John Montgomery and known from 1963 to 1992 as Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd, was an English journalist and genealogist. S...

5/1/2018 5/1/2018

Rev. Everett Schermerhorn Stackpole, D.D., was born on 11 Jun 1850 in Durham, Androscoggin County, Maine, USA, and died on 28 Jul 1927 (aged 77) at Bath, Sagadahoc County, Maine, and was buried in the ...

4/7/2018 4/8/2018

Nelson Otis Tiffany (1842 - 1917)

Author of "The Tiffany's of America History & Genealogy" commissioned by Charles Lewis Tiffany of Tiffany & Co. Archived Book Below Married, in Buffalo, N. Y., January 23, 1868, Julia Charlotte Cha...

4/4/2018 4/7/2018

James Savage MP (1784 - 1873)

James Savage (1784 - 1873) was a lawyer, banker, genealogist, and antiquarian. He served in a number of positions at the Massachusetts Historical Society, including librarian, treasurer, and president....

10/21/2013 2/7/2018

James Newell Arnold (1844 - 1927)

James Newell Arnold (August 3, 1844 – September 18, 1927) was a collector and publisher of genealogical and historical records of the state of Rhode Island. His major achievement was the publication ...

12/14/2017 12/14/2017

Martin Bowen Scott, Esq. MP (1801 - 1872)

Name: Scott, Martin B. Date: Feb. 3, 1872 Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #073. Notes: Scott- In this city, on the 2d day of February, Martin B. Scott, in the 71st year o...

3/6/2017 3/12/2017

Dean Crawford Smith (1925 - 2000)

In Memoriam Dean Crawford Smith , C.G., V.P. and genealogist, of Portsmouth, NH, and Goleta, CA, passed away at 4:43 PM at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara, California, 28 January 2000, after a brie...

2/15/2017 2/15/2017

Hannah Lucy Tutt (1860 - 1952)

Hannah Lucy Tutt (1860-1952) was a resident of Marblehead and Salem. She died at Salem Hospital at the age of 91 years. She was first secretary and historian of the Marblehead Historical Society where ...

1/19/2017 1/22/2017

Sidney Perley MP (1858 - 1928)

Biography Sidney Perley, lawer and historian who had lived in Salem for many years died at Massachusetts Homeopathic Hospital on 9 Jun 1928 in Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts. He was born 6 Mar 1858 i...

1/18/2017 1/18/2017

Alexander William Crawford Lindsay, 25th Earl of Crawford, 8th Earl of Balcarres (16 October 1812 – 13 December 1880), styled Lord Lindsay between 1825 and 1869, was a Scottish peer, art historian and ...

10/11/2008 11/19/2016

Reference: WikiTree Genealogy - SmartCopy : Nov 11 2016, 11:04:04 UTC == Wikipedia Biographical Summary == Sir Robert Douglas of Glenbervie, 6th Baronet (1694 – 24 April 1770) was a notable genealo...

12/2/2012 11/11/2016

Jessie May Garey MP (1873 - 1951)

Biography: Jessie wrote the book on how to be a curator of family information and relationships. And pass it all forward. So I will do the same in her Memory; Jessie's Journal - Documents Project ...

2/18/2013 9/1/2016

Alonson Gray (1807 - 1897)

Biography: Author of the book; Family Record of Edward Gray and His Wife Mary Paddock, and Their Descendants 1889 Rutland, Vt. : Tuttle Co., printers Alonson Gray worked as a foreman in one o...

8/30/2016 8/30/2016

Lucien Beverley Howry MP (1869 - 1944)

Lucien Beverly Howry was an amateur genealogist. The notes he made now belong to Louise Howry McRae, of Memphis, Tennessee (1993). Lucien was probably the source for the apparently erroneous claim in...

1/6/2014 8/12/2016

Elmer Hall Palmer (1926 - 2014)

From Elmer Hall Palmer, Walter Palmer Society Genealogist ELMER HALL11 PALMER (EARL SWEET10, ROWLAND BRIGGS9, GEORGE GARDNER8, AMOS7, PHINEAS6, AMOS5, WAIT4, WILLIAM3, GERSHOM2, WALTER1) was born D...

7/17/2007 7/6/2016

Truman Lewis Stone MP (1853 - 1922)

TRUMAN LEWIS STONE , keeper of the County House at Varysburg, N.Y., was born in Orangeville, Wyoming County, N.Y., July 1, 1853. Harvey Stone, his father, was born in Orangeville, February 14, 1818, an...

4/23/2016 4/24/2016

Elaine Nichols (1925 - 2000)

Obituary Elaine Cannon Nichols, 74, passed away July 30, 2000 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was born November 4, 1925, the daughter of John B. and Alice Nelson Cannon. She married Ivan Nichols March...

8/30/2008 2/15/2016

George Olin Zabriskie MP (1904 - 1988)

The late historian and genealogist George Olin Zabriskie was renowned for his well documented and detailed articles and books on New Jersey Dutch families. His magnum opus was a massive, 1,950 page t...

9/11/2015 1/3/2016

Kate Mason Rowland (1840 - 1916)


Daughters of American Revolution Member: Kate Mason Rowland Nat'l #: 50 Chapter: MD Ancestor: MASON, THOMSON (A075015) Kate Mason Rowland (22 June 1840–28 June 1916)[1][2] was an American...

6/1/2009 12/31/2015

James Harris Fitts (1830 - 1912)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Oct 7 2020, 19:42:22 UTC schwartz Reference: Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Oct 7 2020, 20:42:33 UTC Reference: digital text

8/20/2014 8/9/2015

Genealogista Filhos: José Manuel Rosado de Sousa e Vasconcelos Vaz de Camões * 20.09.1925 + Maria Amélia da Cunha e Sá Abranches de Oliveira e Costa Sebastião de Albuquerque e Camões Rosado de Va...

7/13/2013 7/28/2015

Dom Jerónimo de Ataíde (Lisboa, 1610 — 16 de Agosto de 1665), 6.º conde de Atouguia. Primogénito de D. Filipa de Vilhena e de D. Luís de Ataíde (5.º conde de Atouguia), foi um dos dois irmãos a quem ...

5/22/2011 5/28/2015

Lothrop Withington (1856 - 1915)

Lothrop Withington (January 31, 1856 – May 7, 1915) was a well-known American genealogist, historian, and book editor who was killed in the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. Born in Newburyport, Massac...

6/18/2009 5/14/2015

Filho de Reynato Frazão de Souza Breves e Maria Eugênia de Souza Breves, nasceu em Piraí, Estado do Rio de Janeiro, em 09 de novembro de 1935. Faleceu em Barra do Piraí – RJ em 24 de novembro de 2004. ...

4/26/2015 4/26/2015

Rodolfo Smith de Vasconcelos, segundo barão de Vasconcelos, (Fortaleza, 23 de maio de 1846 — Rio de Janeiro, 28 de agosto de 1926) foi um genealogista e nobre luso-brasileiro. Autor do Arquivo Nobili...

2/3/2013 4/26/2015

Victor Channing Sanborn MP (1867 - 1921)

Victor Channing Sanborn (April 24, 1867 – January 13, 1921) was an American genealogist whose documentation of the Sanborn line and other genealogical studies continue to be reliable source material....

4/25/2015 4/25/2015

Kenn Stryker-Rodda (1903 - 1990)

Links Find A Grave

10/20/2013 3/3/2015

Dr. Emmet Starr MP (1870 - 1930)

Biography From Jon D. May, "Starr, Emmet," The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture, . STARR, EMMET (1870–1930). Cherokee historian, genealogist, and physician, Emmet Starr was born on ...

8/1/2009 2/10/2015

Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre: PT , ES .

12/10/2014 1/2/2015

Rev. John Adams Vinton MP (1801 - 1877)

Vinton, John Adams, clergyman, genealogist, author, was born Feb. 5, 1801, in Boston. Mass. He was a congregational clergyman. He was the author of The Vinton Memorial; The Symmes Memorial; The Giles M...

3/12/2009 12/25/2014

Carlos Maria Gomes Machado MP (1828 - 1901)

Carlos Maria Gomes Machado, op 04.11.1828 in Ponta Delgada/wijk kathedraal geboren en er overleden op 22.04.1901. Baccalaureaat geneeskunde, professor en rector van het Lyceum van Ponta Delgada, burger...

12/8/2014 12/8/2014

Cornelis Pama MP (1916 - 1994)

"Dr Cor Pama"

Wikipedia: Cornelis (Cor) PAMA was born in Rotterdam on 05 Nov 1916, The son of Jan PAMA and Susanna KOOL. He passed away at home in Newlands on 23 Oct 1994. His funeral service was held at St. And...

11/21/2014 11/21/2014

Henry Louis Gates, Jr. MP


Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

Henry Louis "Skip" Gates, Jr. (born September 16, 1950) is an author, documentary filmmaker, essayist, and literary critic. He is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins...

9/29/2014 10/2/2014

BIOGRAPHY Son of George Walter Reitwiesner and Homé Stephens McAllister, William Addams Reitwiesner was born 8 March 1954 in Havre de Grace, Maryland, and has worked at the Library of Congres since 197...

7/22/2010 6/29/2014

Kuang-Tan Pan 潘光旦 (1899 - 1967)


P'an Kuang-tan, sociologist, essayist, and propagandist for national betterment through eugenics. He was noted for his studies of family and clan genealogies. a biography in China Heritage Quarterly

3/25/2014 3/25/2014

Stephen Whitney Phœnix (1839 - 1881)

Links Find A Grave

10/4/2013 3/23/2014

Carlos Grandmasson Rheingantz (Petrópolis, 13 de fevereiro de 1915 — Petrópolis, 15 de agosto de 1988) foi um importante genealogista brasileiro. Filho de Gustavo Adolfo de Sá Rheingantz e Marguerite M...

10/27/2013 10/27/2013

Capt. Nathan Stout MP (1748 - 1826)

DAR Ancestor #: A110736 Captain Nathan Stout wrote and published The Stout Family History at the age of seventy-five finished in 1823 which was first printed in Philadelphia. He closes his book wit...

3/1/2009 10/25/2013

Hans Alexander Apolant MP (1903 - 1975)

"Dr. Juan Alejandro Apolant"

Dr. D. Juan Alejandro Apolant (1903-1975) Había nacido en Belgrad (Prusia) el 25.05.1903, se doctoró en Filosofía en la Universidad de Leipzig (1920); con el advenimiento del nazismo pasó a la Repúbl...

10/1/2013 10/2/2013

Francis Edwin Brockway MP (1844 - 1907)

Francis Edwin Brockway was the 2nd child of Joseph Boyington Brockway and Amanda Winship. He was b. at Berkshire, NY., on Sept 10,1844; married with SARAH ISABELLA LINCOLN, at Newark Valley, NY. on Sep...

7/14/2011 8/26/2013

Hon. Charles Candee Baldwin MP (1834 - 1895)

"Charles Candee", "C.C.", "CC Baldwin"

Author, compiler of the BALDWIN GENEALOGY and Baldwin Genealogy Supplement, considered the 'Bible' of Baldwin genealogy. Charles Candee Baldwin, son of Seymour Wesley Baldwin and Mary E. Candee, was ...

10/27/2012 8/26/2013

Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller, Jr. MP (1895 - 1983)

"Richard Fuller", "Bucky Fuller", "Bucky"

Information about Buckminster Fuller from Wikipedia Richard Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller (July 12, 1895 – July 1, 1983) was an American systems theorist, architect, engineer, author, designer, inventor...

2/25/2012 8/14/2013

Augusto Romano Sanches de Baena, 1.º visconde de Sanches de Baena MP (1822 - 1909)

"Augusto Romano Sanches de Baena e Farinha de Almeida Portugal da Silva e Sousa"

De seu nome completo Augusto Romano Sanches de Baena e Farinha de Almeida Portugal Silva e Sousa (1822 — 1909), 1.º visconde de Sanches de Baena, médico, historiador, genealogista e especialista em her...

5/20/2013 8/14/2013

Pedro Homem de Mariz Sarmento (1674 - d.)

"Pêro de Mariz Sarmento"

Feitor Mor das Alfandegas do Reino. Diplomata. Distinto genealogista. Em 1727 foi à Corte de Madrid com o importante negócio do serviço de D. João V, na altura em que se ajustou o casamento da Prince...

10/11/2012 8/14/2013

3/23/2012 8/10/2013

Geneva Fulton Burton (1920 - 2008)


This is a work in progress. Emma Geneva Drollinger Fulton Burton was this family's genealogist. She could not run a computer, her daughter eventually did that for her, but she filled 4 file cabinets wi...

7/11/2011 8/6/2013

Manuel Urbaneja Achelpohl was born in Caracas on February 25, 1873 and died in November 1937 at the age of 64. While still living in 1916 in Buenos Aires he one an award for his work 'in this cou...

8/23/2007 8/5/2013

Casa do Aro. Bacharel, licenciado pela Universidade de Coimbra em Direito Canónico. Advogado na cidade do Porto. Instruído nas Letras humanas, Mitolologia História e Genealogia. Compôs Comentários à ...

8/5/2011 8/5/2013

Prof. Johannes August Heese MP (1907 - 1990)


Johannes August Heese was born on 11 November 1907, on the farm Paarlzicht near Paarl, the brother of Kallie and Japie de Villiers Heese. He attended schools in Paarl (Laerskool Hugenoot and Hoerskool ...

3/13/2013 8/4/2013

Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers, f3g5 MP (1850 - 1887)


Christoffel Coetzee de Villiers was born on 10 March 1850 in Swellendam, in the Cape Colony (now Western Cape). De Villiers is known as the 'father of South African geneaology' and began writing his si...

5/3/2011 8/4/2013

James Branch Cabell MP (1879 - 1958)

James Branch Cabell was the author of fifty-two books, including fantasy and science fiction novels, comedies of manners about post-bellum Richmond, works of genealogy, collections of short stories, ...

3/2/2009 8/4/2013

Felgueiras Gaio MP (1750 - 1831)

"Manoel José da Costa Felgueiras Gayo"

Manuel José da Costa Felgueiras Gaio (Barcelos, Barcelos, 17 de Junho de 1750 — Ponte de Lima, Vitorino dos Piães, 21 de Novembro de 1831) foi um dos mais importantes genealogistas portugueses. Era mem...

8/2/2013 8/4/2013

John Tyler Hassam MP (1841 - 1903)

Harvard 1863, noted author of many genealogical books and articles. Title Genealogies: The Hassam Family, the Hilton Family, the Cheever Family Author John Tyler Hassam Publisher Priv. print., 1896 O...

9/25/2010 8/4/2013

Pedro Taques MP (1714 - 1777)

5-6 Sargento-mor Pedro Taques de Almeida Paes Leme, natural de S. Paulo e aí batizado em 1714, foi sargento-mor do regimento da nobreza de S. Paulo em 1737, e guarda-mor das minas de ouro da mesma cida...

11/19/2007 8/4/2013

Luís Gonzaga da Silva Leme MP (1852 - 1919)

"Luiz Gonzaga da Silva Leme"

Genealogia Paulista - Titulo Lemes - Parte 8 - pag. 524 10-5 Luiz Gonzaga da Silva Leme , autor desta obra , nascido em 3 de agosto de 1852 em Bragança, fez seu curso de preparatórios no seminári...

8/7/2012 8/4/2013