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Getting Our Children and Teens Interested in Genealogy

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Getting Our Children and Teens Interested in Genealogy . . .

The other day I came across a profile of a user (and curator) that became my inspiration for this Project. After reading his profile, I realized how truly fortunate he had been being raised in a family that had taught him about his heritage and family history from such an early age of 3 years old. This up bringing shaped his future for him to continue his studies and become an inspirational genealogist and teacher to so many others.

I often have thought about how I could also inspire my children and grandchildren in this same way, for I have found it is a challenge to get them to share an interest and develop that interest into a shared love of genealogy and family heritage. My up bringing was the complete opposite of Kenneth's being raised by my mother in a home where my family history and ancestors was never discussed and prohibited, which compelled me later on in my life to find out who I came from and why the mysteries.

I grew up with so many unanswered questions and wished so much I could have known my heritage at a younger age. Now that my children are having children of their own, I have noticed more of an interest than when they were teens, so hopefully my children and I together can start a new tradition of passing on our family tree.

But it comes with challenges -: How do we make genealogy fun to learn for our children, teens and grand children?

This Project can be a way for us to all share ideas and stories, family vacations, recipes, and tips on how we all can pass down a true passion of our family heritages and genealogy to our future generations.

Please Join In!!!!

So, I took a quick look at the web and found some wonderful sites with great ideas, tips and ideas on how we can pass the genealogy "bug " o our children and keep it fun!!!

- Jacqueli Charlene Finley

  1. Obituaries Help: Ways to Get Kids Interested in Genealogy
  2. Genealogy Soup: Genealogy – A Hobby Children Can Enjoy!
  3. Genealogy Resource Center
  4. eHow: How to Get Kids Interested in Genealogy
  5. American Family History Fun for Children
  6. Focus Den: How to Get Your Children Interested in the Family History Hunt
  7. Family Genealogy
  8. National Genealogical Society on Twitter
  9. Tracing the Tribe - The Jewish Genealogy Blog: Family Photos: Playing games
  10. Squidoo: Genealogy For Kids
  11. Native American Genealogy: Reconnecting With Your American Indian Heritage
  12. Cyndi's List: Genealogy - Kids & Teens
  13. Family-Tree Magazine: Genealogy Activities for Kids
  14. Teaching Kids to Be Ancestor Detectors

Here is my inspiration for this Project -

"It all started when I was about 3 or 4 years old. My dad sat me down and started giving me the family history. My parents backed this up with books that they would purchase annually, as well as encyclopedias very 2-3 years.

By the time I was 12 we had a library at our house. The other kids in our Bronx, NY, neighborhood would rather come to our house than the public library. At that same time, I stopped just trying to memorize what my parents told me and started taking notes.

At 17, my dad took my on a trip to Jamaica (my birthplace). We visited 7 out of the 14 parishes, and met many relatives. By the time, I was in my early twenties, I was helping people track down their roots (all along the East Coast).

I relocated to Miami to further my education in 1990, thus expanding "my clientele" internationally. For the next 4 years, I was not only was a college student, but a quest lecturer and assistant professor (without degree) teaching history and researching. In 1994, I relocated to Los Angeles. The first thing I did was find a local genealogical society, CAAGS - California African American Genealogical Society.

After about four years there, I was elected president for a two-year term. Since then, I have expanded my research using the Internet and specifically different genealogical websites."


Pre School - Elementary School

1. "The Family Book" - Pre School

2. "Me and My Family Tree" - Kindergarten +

3. "The Kids' Family Tree Book" - Grade 2 +

4. "Links to the Past through Genealogy" - Grades 5 -8


Young Adults +

5. "Everything guide to Online Genealogy"- 2011 edition

6. "Genealogy on Line for DUMMIES" - 2011 edition

7. "My Life & Times" Journaling---your legacy to future generations .

8. More on Journaling

Please feel free to add more books to this list.