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Hampshire - Famous People

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Famous People Connected to Hampshire

Please add information about people of renown connected to Hampshire, England. If the person has a profile on Geni please add their profile to the project and add the link in bold.

Image right - Sheila Hancock Attribution - By Julie anne Johnson - flickr pyride, CC BY 2.0, Wiki Commons

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  • Edward Penley Abraham, biochemist, (10 June 1913 – 8 May 1999) was an English biochemist instrumental in the development of penicillin. Born in Shirley
  • Fanny Adams, (30 April 1859 – 24 August 1867) was a young English girl murdered by solicitor's clerk Frederick Baker in Alton, Hampshire. The expression "sweet Fanny Adams" refers to her and has come, through British naval slang, to mean "nothing at all". Born in Alton.
  • William Adelin, (1108-1120) prince, was the son of Henry I of England by his wife Matilda of Scotland. Born in Winchester
  • Æthelwold of Winchester, (904/9 – 984) was Bishop of Winchester from 963 to 984 and one of the leaders of the tenth century monastic reform movement in Anglo-Saxon England. Born in Winchester
  • Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie, CBE (born 5 February 1977) is an English competitive sailor, who in 2012 became the first person to win medals in five different Olympic Games in sailing, the third person to win five Olympic medals in that sport. Raised in Lymington
  • Richard Aldington (8 July 1892 – 27 July 1962), born Edward Godfree Aldington, was an English writer and poet. Born in Portsmouth
  • James Alms (15 July 1728 – 8 June 1791) was an officer of the Royal Navy. Born in Gosport
  • Richard Andrews (1798–1859) was a prominent industrialist, philanthropist and politician in Southampton. Born in Bishops Sutton
  • Sir Alexander Dundas Young Arbuthnott (1789 – 8 May 1871) was a British Rear Admiral during the Victorian era. Born in Forton
  • Vice Admiral Sir Geoffrey Schomberg Arbuthnot, KCB, DSO (18 January 1885 – 4 October 1957) was a British Vice Admiral. Born in Havant
  • Captain Sir Edward Folmer Archdale (8 September 1921, Portsmouth, England – 31 July 2009) was a British baronet, Royal Navy Captain, submarine officer during World War II and local politician in Northern Ireland. Born in Portsmouth
  • Leslie Thomas John Arlott OBE (25 February 1914 – 14 December 1991) was an English journalist, author and cricket commentator for the BBC's Test Match Special. He was also a poet and wine connoisseur. Born in Basingstoke
  • Maxwell Ashby Armfield (October 5, 1881 – January 23, 1972) was an English artist, illustrator and writer. Born to a Quaker family in Ringwood, Hampshire.
  • Richard Arthur (25 October 1865 – 21 May 1932) was an Australian politician, social reformer and medical practitioner. Born in Aldershot
  • Arthur Atherley (12 June 1772 – 1 October 1844) was an English Member of Parliament, serving the Southampton constituency three times, as Whig, Liberal and Reformer. Born in Southampton
  • Field Marshal Sir Claude John Eyre Auchinleck, GCB, GCIE, CSI, DSO, OBE (21 June 1884 – 23 March 1981), nicknamed "The Auk", was a British army commander during World War II. Born in Aldershot
  • Cassandra Elizabeth Austen (9 January 1773 – 22 March 1845[1]) was an amateur English watercolourist and the elder sister of Jane Austen. Born in Steventon
  • Rear Admiral Sir Charles John Austen CB (23 June 1779 – 7 October 1852) was an officer in the Royal Navy. He served during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and beyond, eventually rising to the rank of rear-admiral. Born in Steventon
  • Sir Francis William Austen, GCB (23 April 1774 – 10 August 1865) was a British officer who spent most of his long life on active duty in the Royal Navy, rising to the position of Admiral of the Fleet. Born in Steventon
  • Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction, set among the landed gentry, earned her a place as one of the most widely read writers in English literature. Born in Steventon
  • Wilbert Vere Awdry, OBE (15 June 1911 – 21 March 1997), was an English cleric, railway enthusiast and children's author, better known as the Reverend W. Awdry and creator of Thomas the Tank Engine, who starred in Awdry's acclaimed Railway Series. Born in Winchester
  • John Ayliffe, LL.D. (1676–1732) was an English jurist, expelled from the University of Oxford in a high-profile controversy. Born in Pember


  • James Bailey, politician, was born in Ropley
  • Donald Baker, bishop, was born in Portsmouth
  • Tom Baker, clergyman, was born in Southampton
  • William Morrant Baker, physician, was born in Andover
  • Peter Baldwin, politician, was born in Aldershot
  • Carl Barât, guitarist, was born in Basingstoke
  • Joseph Osmond Barnard, engraver, was born in Portsmouth
  • James Barnes, television director, was born in Portsmouth
  • Nora Stanton Blatch Barney, civil engineer, was born in Basingstoke
  • Laurence D. Barron, chemist, was born in Southampton
  • Edward Dodsley Barrow, politician, was born in Ringwood
  • Martin Barry, physician, was born in Fratton
  • Simon Bass, composer, was born in Portsmouth
  • Tim Battersby, composer, was born in Fleet
  • Daniel Marcus William Beak, naval commander, was born in Southampton
  • Don Beauman, racing driver, was born in Farnborough
  • George Bell, theologian, was born in Hayling Island
  • John Belling, geneticist, was born in Aldershot
  • Peter B. Bennett, anaethesiologist, was born in Portsmouth
  • Godfrey Benson, politician, was born in New Alresford
  • Amelle Berrabah, singer, was born in Aldershot
  • Cyril Berry, winemaker, was raised in Andover
  • Walter Besant, novelist, was born in Portsmouth
  • Bevis of Hampton, legendary hero, was born in Southampton
  • Alexander William Bickerton, physicist, was born in Alton
  • George Biddlecombe, naval surveyor, was born in Portsea
  • Thomas Bilson, bishop, was born in Winchester
  • Henry Bird, chess player, was born in Portsea
  • Roger Black, athlete, was born in Gosport
  • Kenneth Blackburne, colonial governor, was born in Bordon
  • Thomas Blakiston, naturalist, was born in Lymington
  • Jeffrey Boehm, naval commander, was born in Portsmouth
  • John Bonham-Carter, politician, was born in Portsmouth
  • Cecil Bouchier, pilot, was born in Fleet
  • Marjorie Bowen, novelist, was born in Hayling Island
  • John Boxall, clergyman, was born in Bramshott
  • Thomas Bramsdon, politician, was born in Portsea
  • John Bray, communications engineer, was born in Fratton
  • Frederick Lee Bridell, painter, was born in Southampton
  • Henry Bromfield, politician, was born in South Stoneham
  • William Arnold Bromfield, botanist, was born in Boldre
  • Robert Brooke, colonial governor, was born in Southampton
  • Jeremy Brooks, novelist, was born in Southampton
  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel, engineer, was born in Portsea
  • Geoffrey Burgon, composer, was born in Hambledon
  • Charles Butler, novelist, was born in Romsey
  • George Edmund Butler, painter, was born in Southampton
  • Martin Butler, composer, was born in Romsey
  • Thomas Adair Butler, soldier, was born in Soberton


  • David Calder, actor, was born in Portsmouth
  • James Callaghan, politician, was born in Copnor
  • Isabella Calthorpe, actor, was born in Winchester
  • Douglas Cameron, pilot, was born in Southampton
  • Noel Capon, academic, was born in Southampton
  • Arthur Carlisle, bishop, was born in Portsmouth
  • Laura Carmichael, actor, was born in Southampton
  • Harry Carpenter, bishop, was born in Liss
  • James Carter, judge, was born in Portsmouth
  • Stuart Bonham Carter, naval officer, was born in Portsmouth
  • Vito Cataffo, restaurateur, was raised in Southampton
  • Ronald Cavaye, pianist, was born in Aldershot
  • Kathryn Cave, novelist, was born in Aldershot
  • Houston Stewart Chamberlain, philosopher, was born in Southsea
  • Arthur Bertram Chandler, novelist, was born in Aldershot
  • Ernle Chatfield, naval commander, was born in Southsea
  • Charles Chubb, locksmith, was born in Fordingbridge
  • Hedley Churchward, painter, was born in Aldershot
  • Andrew Clarke, colonial governor, was born in Southsea
  • Basil Coad, general, was born in Portsmouth
  • Charles Cobbe, archbishop, was born in Swarraton
  • John Colborne, colonial governor, was born in Lyndhurst
  • Richard Collins, painter, was born in Gosport
  • Hugh Constantine, air force commander, was born in Southsea
  • William Cowper, anatomist, was born in Petersfield
  • Lol Coxhill, saxophonist, was born in Portsmouth
  • Philip Crowley, entomologist, was born in Alton
  • Jon Cruddas, politician, was raised in Waterlooville
  • Barry Cunliffe, archaeologist, was raised in Portsmouth
  • William Curtis, botanist, was born in Alton


  • Ranulph Dacre, merchant, was born in Owslebury
  • Sid Daniels, mariner, was born in Portsmouth
  • Julia Darling, novelist, was born in Winchester
  • Craig David, singer, was born in Southampton
  • Harold Davidson, clergyman, was born in Hound
  • Emily Davies, suffragist, was born in Southampton
  • Walter Davis, botanist, was born in Amport
  • Adam de Gurdon, knight, was born in Alton
  • Geoffrey de Havilland, test pilot, was born in Kingsclere
  • Robbe de Hert, film director, was born in Farnborough
  • William de Meones, judge, was born in East Meon
  • Nick Dear, playwright, was born in Portsmouth
  • Alfred Denning, judge, was born in Whitchurch
  • Charles Dickens, novelist, was born in Landport
  • Charlie Dimmock, gardener, was born in Southampton
  • Thomas Dingley, antiquary, was born in Southampton
  • Peter John Douglas, naval commander, was born in Portsmouth
  • Jonathan Downes, cryptozoologist, was born in Portsmouth
  • Frederick Drew, geologist, was born in Southampton
  • Samuel Rolles Driver, theologian, was born in Southampton
  • Henry Drummond, religious leader, was born in Northington
  • Edmund Dummer, shipbuilder, was born in North Stoneham
  • Richard Dummer, colonist, was born in Bishopstoke
  • Eric Dunn, air marshall, was born in Winchester
  • Ralph Dutton, gardener, was born in Hinton Ampner


  • John Ecton, tithe collector, was born in Winchester
  • Christopher Elrington, historian, was born in Farnborough
  • Charles Isaac Elton, barrister, was born in Southampton
  • Edward Evans, theologian, was born in West Meon
  • Eamon Everall, painter, was born in Aldershot


  • John Favour, theologian, was born in Southampton
  • John Feaver, tennis player, was born in Fleet
  • J. W. C. Fegan, altruist, was born in Southampton
  • Edward Stephen Fogarty Fegen, naval commander, was born in Southsea
  • George Rudolf Hanbury Fielding, soldier, was born in Twyford
  • Susannah Fielding, actor, was raised in Havant
  • Anne Finch, poet, was born in Sydmonton
  • Colin Firth, actor, was born in Grayshott
  • Rosa Frederica Baring FitzGeorge, socialite, was born in West Tytherley
  • Desmond Fitzpatrick, general, was born in Aldershot
  • Thomas Fletcher, poet, was born in Avington
  • Walter Flight, mineralogist, was born in Winchester
  • William Tilbury Fox, dermatologist, was born in Broughton
  • Harold Frank, painter, was born in Southampton
  • Martin Freeman, actor, was born in Aldershot
  • Brian Freemantle, novelist, was born in Southampton
  • Brian Froud, illustrator, was born in Winchester
  • Charles Fryatt, mariner, was born in Southampton


  • Neil Gaiman, novelist, was born in Portchester
  • Robert Graeme Galbraith, poet, was born in Barton on Sea
  • Thomas Garnier, clergyman, was born in Bishopstoke
  • George Garrett, composer, was born in Winchester
  • Stephen Gaselee, judge, was born in Portsmouth
  • Richard Gibbons, religious scholar, was born in Winchester
  • Edgar Gibson, bishop, was born in Fawley
  • William Gilbert, novelist, was born in Bishopstoke
  • John Goodyer, botanist, was born in Alton
  • Cecil Maynard Gordon-Ives, soldier, was born in Bentworth
  • Frederick Green, novelist, was born in Portsmouth
  • Malcolm Green, chemist, was born in Eastleigh
  • Anthony Norris Groves, missionary, was born in Newton Valence
  • Bernard Gutteridge, poet, was born in Southampton


  • Miranda Hart, actor, was raised in Petersfield
  • Henry III of England, monarch, was born in Winchester
  • George Elgar Hicks, painter, was born in Lymington
  • Benny Hill, comedian, was born in Southampton
  • Derek Hill, painter, was born in Southampton
  • Harold Hillier, horticulturist, was born in Winchester
  • Philip Hoare, author, was born in Southampton
  • Charles Howard Hodges, painter, was born in Portsmouth
  • Lancelot Hogben, zoologist, was born in Portsmouth



  • Selwyn Jepson, novelist, was born in Farther Common
  • Allen Jones, sculptor, was born in Southampton
  • John Wesley Judd, geologist, was born in Portsmouth


  • Herminie Templeton Kavanagh, novelist, was born in Aldershot
  • Roy Koerner, explorer, was born in Copnor


  • Humphrey de Verd Leigh, inventor, was born in Aldershot



  • Ñāṇavīra Thera, monk, was born in Aldershot





  • John Ralfs, botanist, was born in Millbrook


  • Philip Sclater, zoologist, was born in Wootton St Lawrence





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