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India puranic/ vedic tree including modern royal dynasties

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  • Rishi RICHIKA (deceased)
    A Rishi descended from Bhrigu and husband of Satyavati, son of Urva and father of Jamadagni. In the Mahabharata and Vishnu Purana it is related that Richika was an old man when he demanded in marriag...
  • Saptarishi BHRIGU (deceased)
    Maharishi Bhrigu was one of the seven great sages, one of the Saptarshis in ancient India, one of many Prajapatis (the facilitators of Creation) created by Brahma (The God of Creation) [1], the first c...
  • Kubera Visravas (deceased)
    Kubera (Sanskrit: कुबेर, Pali/later Sanskrit: Kuvera, Tamil/Thai: Kuperan), also spelt Kuber, is the Lord of wealth and the god-king of the semi-divine Yakshas in Hindu mythology. He is regarded as the...
  • BrahmaRishi BRIHASPATI / Jupiter Angira (deceased)
    Bṛhaspati (Sanskrit बृहस्पति, "lord of prayer or devotion"[1], often written as Brihaspati or Bruhaspati) also known as Brahmanaspati and Deva-guru (guru of the gods), is the name of a Vedic deity. He ...
    Vibhishana From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Vibhishana King Vibhishana Vibhishana as King of Lanka Reign According to the puranas he became king after death of his brother Ravana, He also ruled ...

The goal is to facilitate the creation of the grand Indian family tree. India here refers to "ancient" India and includes the entire Indian sub continent and parts of central Asia.

  • The tree uses "Brahma" as the nodal point for starting the tree. Many parts of the tree are considered "mythical", but I have included them for now.
  • Roughly 250 generations or 5000 years of Geneology is being covered here.
  • The tree winds down to to cover all major dynasties of modern India including Rajputs, Mughals, Marathas among others.

The tree already has close to 10,000 profiles but need more work to add people and enrich existing profiles. Some of the major profiles are mentioned here.

Help is needed to complete this project, so please feel free to add to the tree.

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  • Lord Brahma's 10 Son's: Marichi, Atri,
  • Manu
  * Suryavanshi Lineage
  * Chandravanshi Lineage


  • Mewar (Udaipur)
  * Pratapnagar
  * Shahpura
  * Shivrati
  * Karjali
  • Jaipur
  • Marwar (Jodhpur)
  * Rohet
  * Idar
  * Ratlam
  * Balunda
  * Bikaner
  • Jaisalmer
  • Mughal
  • Tehri Garhwal
  • Patiala
  • Lahore (punjab)
  * Sindh (Pakistan)
  * Kutch
  * Nawanagar
  * Dhrol
  * Gondal
  * Morbi
  • Cooch Behar
  • Kangra
  • Tehri Garhwal

Note: The branches are at various stages of completeness and need further work.

How can you help?

There are two directions we need to work on

1) Enrich profiles - Look at the list of profiles added here and the profiles of people in there tree and add information in the profiles such as location, dates, about me etc and connect them to the source. This is THE most critical part of the tree

2) Build Branches - Starting 5000 years back, means the tree has thousands of branches and can run into millions of profiles. if you feel strongly about a particular branch, please feel free to add the branch

Conflicting data

Dealing with historical data always leads to conflicts due to language and source interpretations. In case you feel any data entered here is conflicting to your belief or the source you have, please contact me before you edit it. I am totally OK with changing data here, just better to cross check sources.