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Robert II MP (c.650 - aft.678)

"(Chrodbert Robert) Major Domus (Count Palatine) of Chlotar III; aka Chrotbert of HESBAYE; aka Chrodoberto II de ISTRIA", "Chrodobertus II", "de Terouenne", "Chruodbert", "Chrodobert", "Chrodobertus", "Chrotbert", "Robert", "/Chrodobertus/", "Crodobertus", "Crodebert", "Crod..."

äische Stammtafeln says he was son of Lambert I , who was son of Robert I . MedLands CHRODBERT [Robert] [II] (-before 12 Sep 677). According to Europäische Stammtafeln[519], Chrodbert [II] was the ...

7/16/2007 11/29/2013

Godinus (or Godin ) succeeded his father Warnachar as mayor of the palace of Burgundy in 626 and held that post until 627. He married his stepmother Bertha and [her father] the king, Clotaire II , hunt...

9/7/2013 9/7/2013

Warnacher II, Mayor of the Palaces of Burgundy & Austrasia MP (c.580 - 627)

"Garnier", "Guerner", "Warnachaire", "Warnacher"

Warnacher [II] (?-627), Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy (596-599), Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia (612-617). Maiores Domus of the Kingdom of Burgundy at Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, visited...

9/7/2007 9/6/2013

Chrodulphe of Boulogne MP (c.530 - c.560)


11/15/2008 9/6/2012

Drogo, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.738 - 753)


6/2/2008 12/11/2011

Theudoald, Mayor of the Palaces of Austrasia & Neustria MP (c.707 - 741)

"Teudoald", "Théodoald", "Theudobald", "Thibaut", "Theodoald", "Théodrald"

He was the designated heir of his grandfather Pépin, but ultimately lost power to his uncle Charles Martel. A spurious genealogy of the Grimaldi family calls him the father of Hugues d'Antibes (c735-81...

6/12/2007 12/11/2011

Hugues "Chucus" d'Austrasie, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.590 - 640)

"Chucus", "Chugus", "Hughes", "Hugobert"

Hugh (or Chucus) Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia (617-623) successor of Warnachar (612–617); predecessor of Pepin the Elder (623–629). No family found. Medlands finds no Sources to prove a father fo...

7/4/2007 12/10/2011

Saint Léger, bishop of Autun MP (c.630 - c.677)


4/26/2010 9/14/2011

Saint Gondolfus, bishop of Tongres MP (c.545 - 607)

"Gondulf", "Gondolfus", "Gondon", "Gundulfus", "Gundulphus", "of Soissons", "of Maastricht", "of Tongeren", "Bishop of Tongres"

Saint Gondulphus of Maastricht (also Gondolfus, Gundulfus, Gondulf, Gondon; born c. 524, died c. 6 July 607) was the Bishop of Tongres and Bishop of Maastricht in the sixth century. His predecessor, ...

4/10/2007 2/8/2011

He supported his nephew Charibert II in his struggle against Charibert's half- brother Dagobert. After Dagobert secured the kingdom, Brodulf was killed in his bath by Dukes Amalgar and Arnebert and the...

6/19/2008 1/23/2011

Warnacher I, Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy MP (b. - bef.601)

"Garnier", "Guerner", "Warnachaire", "Warnacher / Count of Franks In BURGUNDY"

Warnacher [I] (?-600/01), first known Mayor of the Palace of Burgundy (596-599). Fredegar records that "Warnecharius maior domi Teuderici" died in the fourth year of the reign of King Theudebert II . ...

11/13/2007 1/23/2011

Wulfoald (died 680) was the mayor of the palace of Austrasia from 656 or 661, depending on when Grimoald I was removed from that office (accounts vary: see his article for details), to his death and ma...

1/23/2011 1/23/2011

Leutharis II, duke of the Alemannians MP (c.570 - 646)

"Leuthaire", "Leutharius", "d'Alémanie"

Duc d'Alémanie (613-643)

8/23/2007 11/22/2010

Berthar, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria MP (c.674 - 688)


Anseflede had her son-in-law Berthechar murdered, because she wanted to replace him as the husband of her granddaughter, Adaltrudis , as the new wife of Pépin II d'Héristal's firstborn, Drogo .

6/12/2007 11/19/2010

Descent Line 1. Anseflede [1] m Waratton (-686) Mayor of the Palace of Neustria [2,3] 2.1 Giselmar ( -685) Mayor of the Palace of Neustria

6/12/2007 11/19/2010

Waratton, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria MP (c.642 - 686)

"Vareton de Champagne"

Descent Line 1. Anseflede [1] m Waratton (-686) Mayor of the Palace of Neustria [2,3] 2.1 Giselmar ( -685) Mayor of the Palace of Neustria

6/12/2007 11/19/2010

Bodegisel I MP (c.530 - 581)

"Baudgise", "Baudgisel", "Bodegisel", "Bogosisel", "Borogiso"

Bodegisel I , formerly thought to have been the father of Bodegisel II , was brother to Gondolfus , the other possible father of Bodegisel II. Here is the explanation: The father of our presumed ancest...

4/14/2008 11/10/2010

Erchenaud I de Moselle MP (c.575 - 658)

"Warnachaire or Garnier 1st"

From the Wikipedia page on Erchinoald: Erchinoald (also Erkinoald and, in French, Erchenout) succeeded Aega as the (fourth) mayor of the palace of Neustria in 641 and succeeded Flaochad in Burgundy...

12/23/2007 11/1/2010

Leudesius I, duke of Alemannia MP (c.620 - c.680)

"Lendisius; Lendifius"

Leudesius (or Liutheric) was Mayor of the Palace of Neustria (675-676) for Childérich III. He has been called Duke of Alsace, but was not. He is known to have been a son of Erchinoald, Mayor of the P...

5/8/2007 10/29/2010

Erchembaldus II, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria (c.590 - c.658)

"Erchembaldus", "Erchenaud", "Erchinoald", "Erckenbald", "Erkenbald", "Erchembaldus /Alsace/"

Erchambaldus ( Erchenaud ) was Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria (641-657/8) and Burgundy (642-657/8). He was murdered 657/8, and succeeded in both offices by Ébroïn . He might have been a son of Ego of...

5/8/2007 10/29/2010

Ega, duke of Alsace MP (c.570 - 646)

•Name: Ega 1 2 •Sex: M •Title: Major Domo in Franconia •Birth: ABT 560 in Kingdom of the Franks (France) •Death: 646 in Kingdom of the Franks (France) Marriage 1 Gerberga Of Franconia b: ABT 564 in F...

5/8/2007 10/29/2010

Ebroin (died 680 or 681) was the Frankish mayor of the palace of Neustria on two occasions; firstly from 658 to his deposition in 673 and secondly from 675 to his death in 680 or 681. In a violent and ...

9/1/2009 10/29/2010

Alt data from merges: birth 616 - death 656Accepted Wikipedia names for this person are:German: Grimoald der Ältere (note: the majority of what was Austrasia was located in what is presently Germany)Fr...

6/11/2007 10/29/2010

Grimoald II the Younger MP (c.675 - 714)

"Grimaud", "Grimoaldo", "d'Héristal"

Grimoald II (French: Grimaud; died 714), called the Younger, was the mayor of the palace of Neustria from 695. He was the second son of Pepin of Heristal and Plectrude and his father placed him in the ...

6/12/2007 10/29/2010

Carloman, King of the Franks MP (c.713 - 754)

"Carloman de France"

B: 708 or 713 D: 754 or 755 D.Place: Cassino Monastery, Monte Cassino, Frosinone, Italy or Isere, Rhône-Alpes, France Note from Ben M. Angel: In the era of Carloman, France did not exist. Furth...

2/7/2007 10/29/2010

Mummolin, Mayor of the Palace of Neustria MP (520 - c.566)

"(Nomble)", "Mumolin", "Mummolin des Francs Ripuaires", "Mummolene"

He was perhaps Mayor of the Palace of Neustria. Some sources call him Count of Soissons. He was a son or son-in-law of Mundéric . His wife was probably an unnamed daughter of Mundéric ,His wife...

2/7/2007 10/29/2010

Pépin ll "the Fat" d'Héristal, Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia MP (c.640 - 714)

"Heristal", "de Dikke", "Le Gros;the Middle;The Younger; The Fat; Pippijn", "Pepino", "Pepin the Younger", "Pepin II the Middle de Heristal", "'de Middelste'", "Pippin av Héristal", "Pippin den mellerste", "Pippin den yngre", "M....", "Major domus Pipin von Heristal", "le gros..."

Medlands Pepin II Born: c 635, probably in (Héristal), modern Belgium. Died: 16 December 714, at Jupille (in modern Belgium). Parents: Pepin I 's daughter Begga and Ansegisel , son of Arnulf of Met...

1/25/2007 10/29/2010

Charles Martel MP (676 - 741)

"The Hammer", "Maior domus of Austrasia", ""The Hammer"", "Duc de Antrim", "Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia", "The Hammer of God", ""Martel"", "Duke and prince of Franks"

Charles "The Hammer" Martel was the defacto King of the Franks from 737-741 (Officially he was Duke and Prince of the Franks). He was also known as a great general, and is most famous for his vic...

1/25/2007 10/29/2010

Pépin III, King of the Franks MP (c.715 - 768)

"Pepin the Short", "Pepin Caroling the Younger", "King Pepin the Short of the Franks and Mayor of the Palaces of Neustria and Austrasia", "Pâepin le Bref", "Pepin The Short ; Pepin the Younger", "il Breve", "den Lille", "; le Bref", "Pepin III Krótki", "P.....", "Duke of B..."

From the English Wikipedia page on Pepin III The Short: and in French: and in Dutch: and in German: üngere Pepin or Pippin (714 – 24 September 768), called the Short, and often known as Pepin...

1/25/2007 10/29/2010

Carloman of Landen MP (c.550 - 639)

"Carloman van Landen", "Mayor of the Palace / Carloman of Landen", "Carloman "Mayor" Merovingian De Landen"

According to the Wikipedia page on his son, Pepin of Landen : Pepin's father is named Carloman by the Chronicle of Fredegar, the chief source for his life. His byname comes from his probable birthp...

2/8/2007 10/29/2010

Pepin of Landen MP (c.580 - 640)

"Blessed", "Pepin le Vieux", "Pepin I the Old", "Pepin of Landen", "Pepin the Elder", "Pepin I", "Pippin den äldre", "Peppin", "Pipin", "Pippin", "Pipino", "Pepi..."

Ancestry Unknown - although Wikipedia claims Carloman as his father, according to the Chronicle of Fredegar. The Chronicle of Fredegar is a fascinating document, but internal evidence and comparison to...

2/8/2007 10/29/2010