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WULFSBERG, Einar - MA Hv Arty 2nd Reg Co G. Born “Frantz Einar Wulfsberg” in Drammen, Norway, on 21 Dec 1841. He was a son of Jacob Wulfsberg and Manzine Margrethe Seeberg. Einar came to ...

8/19/2013 7/30/2016

Simen Amundsen Mockrud (1844 - 1912)


Baptismal record: MOCKRUD, Simen A. - Civil War: Private. Buried at Coon Prairie, Westby, Wisconsin; stone reads “5 Jul 1844 – 14 Oct 1912”. Sources: (Wisconsin Cemetery Record...

5/7/2013 7/17/2016

Simon Christensen Roland (1833 - 1923)


Baptismal record: ROLAND, Simon - Minnesota 2nd Cav Co E. Civil War: Residence: Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota. Born in Norway. Age 29. Enrolled 19 Dec 1863. Mustered 31 Dec 1863. Private. S...

7/5/2016 7/5/2016

John Gudmundsen Wasrud (1838 - 1867)

"Jon", "Vasrud", "Waserud", "Wasarud", "Vasserud"

1857 (4 April) left Øyer, Oppland, Norway for America. WASARUD, John - Wisconsin 15th Inf Co I. Residence: St. Lawrence, Waupaca County, Wisconsin. Born 22 Aug 1838 at Vasrud, Oiers Prestegj...

9/7/2008 7/1/2016

Simon Torgersen Blihovde (1829 - 1898)


Baptismal record: Emigration record: 1849 (19 Jan.) Simen Torg. Lille-Blihovde (07.10.1829) left Oyer, Oppland, Norway for America. BLIHOVDE, Simon - WI 47th Inf Co D. Residence: New Hope, Port...

5/26/2016 7/1/2016

John Arnesen Malum (1830 - 1905)

"Johan", "Johannes"

JOHN A. MALUM, G.A.R., of Eustis, was born February 28, 1830 in Norway, died December 9, 1905, and was buried Greenwood Cemetery, Eustis. He married first, about 1866, Mary E. (mnu) born about 1840 i...

3/19/2012 6/14/2016

Christian Christiansen Brendum (1830 - 1905)


Baptismal record: CHRISTIANSON, Christian - WI 17th Inf Co A. Residence: Vernon City, Wisconsin. Born 1830 in Oyer, Oppland, Norway. Came to Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, in 1848. Civil War: Farmer. A...

6/29/2012 6/7/2016

Mathias Knudsen Strom (1845 - 1925)

"Matthias", "Matias"

1860 census Kning Strom (born 1820 Norway), Mary Strom (born 1825 Norway) & Mathias Strom (born 1846 Norway) are living at Fox Lake Township, Blue Earth County, Minnesota, United States. STROM, Mat...

5/26/2016 6/6/2016

John Nordahl Brown (1840 - 1864)

9/18/2014 6/6/2016

Erik Olsen Hoilien (1829 - 1881)

"Erick", "Erich", "Olson", "Høylien"

OLSON, Erik - Wisconsin 15th Inf Co G. Residence: Coon Prairie, Bad Ax County, Wisconsin. Born 18 Jan 1829 in Øiers, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Came to Coon Prairie in 1852. Married on 20 May 185...

5/27/2016 5/27/2016

Anton Hendriksen Hendrickson (1832 - d.)

"Anthoni", "Anthon", "Aas"

HENDRICKSON, Anthony - Illinios 46th Inf Co B. Residence: Rock Grove, Stephenson County, Illinois. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 32. Blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, 5’11”...

11/6/2014 5/26/2016

Hans Larsen Larson (1835 - 1903)

"Larsen", "Galtrud", "Larson", "Lawson"

Fra Voss og Lom - Til Laukli og Klubbstein Utvandret til Amerika: 17.04.1857 LARSON, Hans - WI 17th Inf Co F. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 31. Gray eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5&...

5/25/2016 5/25/2016

Knud "Knute" Johannessen Johnson (1840 - 1918)

"Knut", "Knute"

1854 left Norway for Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA. BJORGE, Knut - From Oier, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Civil War: Private. Lived in Spring Valley, (Fillmore County), Minnesota. Sources: (Ulvestad p272...

6/19/2010 5/25/2016

Arne Pedersen Pederson (1829 - 1900)

"Pedersen", "Glomen"

Baptismal record: PEDERSON, Arne - WI 6th Inf Co B. Residence: Whitestown, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Married. Age 35. Blue eyes, light hair, flush complexion, 5&#...

5/25/2016 5/25/2016

Lauritz Olsen Olsen (1841 - 1909)

"Laurits", "Louis", "Lewis", "Oleson", "Lauritch", "Lauretz", "Skotselv"

MN Lt Arty 2nd Battery. Residence: Winona County, Minnesota. Born 1841 in Drammen, Norway. Came to Utica, Winona County, Minnesota, and worked as a wheelwright. Civil War: Age 21. Blue eyes, light ha...

9/13/2015 9/13/2015

Ole Knudsen Flaaten (1838 - 1918)


KNUDSON, Ole - WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Winneshiek County, Iowa. Born in Næs, Hallingdal, Norway. He came to US in 1860. Civil War: Age 24. Unmarried. Enlisted for three years on 8 Jan 186...

9/12/2015 9/13/2015

Porter Chamberlain Olson MP (1832 - 1864)

Olson Porter C. (Lt. Col., Co. F, 36th IL INF) Porter C. Olson, son of Ole Olson Hetletvedt and Sarah (Chamberlain) Olson, was born April 11, 1832 in Niagara Falls, NY. In America, Porter's fat...

7/13/2013 9/10/2015

Johannes "John" Stephanus Olsen Irgens (1832 - 1902)

"John", "Johan"

Baptismal record: Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Modum, Klokkerbok nr. I 3 (1832-1842), Fødte og døpte 1832-1833, side 1-2. Permanent sidelenke: Permanent bildelenke: He came to Amer...

12/18/2014 12/18/2014

STENSRIED, Ole A. A. - WI 43rd Inf Co I. Residence: Vermont, Dane County, Wisconsin. Enlistment credited to Dunn, Dane County. Born in Sondre Aurdal, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 38. Married. Blue ey...

4/22/2013 12/17/2014

John Amundsen Storbakken (1832 - 1908)

"Amunson", "Ronshaugen"

Baptismal record: Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Fron, Ministerialbok nr. 3 (1828-1838), Fødte og døpte 1833, side 66. Permanent sidelenke: Permanent bildelenke: Marriage record: Ki...

11/21/2014 11/22/2014

Baptism record: Kildeinformasjon: Oppland fylke, Fron, Ministerialbok nr. 4 (1839-1848), Fødte og døpte 1842, side 41. Permanent sidelenke: Permanent bildelenke: 09.04.1862 Gift mann Am...

11/22/2014 11/22/2014

Peder "Peter" Nielsen Spangberg (1822 - 1862)

"Peter", "Spanburg", "Spaunburgh"

1839 Peder Nilsen Spangberg moved to Oslo from Stange. 1847 living at Lillehammer. 1860 census Peter Spanberg (born 1827 Norway) is living at Precinct No 1, Dallas, Texas, United States. 1861 (13...

7/13/2013 9/1/2014

Hendrik Olsen Dahl (1827 - 1873)

"Hendrick", "Hendrich"

1851 (8 Aug.) Henrik Olsen Dahl (24 år) left Romedal, Hedmark, Norway for Amerika. Born “Hendrick Olsen Dahl” on 28 Nov 1827 at Hjernstad, Stange, Norway. From Hedemarken, Norw...

9/14/2013 8/29/2014

BERG, Lewis C. - WI 28th Inf Co K. Residence: Delafield, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Born “Ludvig Christian Emil Berg” on 23 Aug 1838, at Kongsberg, Buskerud, Norway, son of Peter Berg,...

8/24/2014 8/24/2014

Transcribed birth record: US Union Civil War: LINNEVOLD, Andrew A. IA 12th Inf Co G. Residence: Frankville, Winneshiek County, Iowa. Born 1 Oct 1841 at Lier prestegjeld, Drammen, Norway, a son of...

2/23/2014 8/9/2014

Nils "Nels" Andersen Anderson (1826 - 1890)

"Nils", "Niels", "Nels"

1856 (7 June) Nils Andersen Horne 29yrs & Karen Marie Johnsdatter 24yrs left Eiker, Buskerud, Norway for America. Civil War Veteran. Drammen (1 may 1866)-Quebec (7 jun. 1866) on the Rhea (bark) to ...

10/19/2008 8/7/2014

Nels Johnsen Aastrud (1837 - 1892)

"Nels Johnson Aastrum"

Co. E 2nd MN Inf. Civil War 1880 United States Federal Census: Nils (43yrs) & Siri (31yrs) Aasterud living at Martel, Pierce County, Wisconsin, USA.

8/8/2009 8/7/2014

Edward "Ed" Eriksen Sands (1845 - d.)

"Edvard", "Ed"

ERICKSON, Edward - MN 1st Inf Co ?. Residence not shown. Born in Norway. Civil War: Age 18. Enrolled 29 Feb 1864. Mustered the same day. Private. Promoted to Corporal. Wounded in Battle at Gettysburg, ...

5/25/2013 8/7/2014

Johan (John) Olsen Sonju (1846 - 1914)


Civil War veteran, enrolled in Rochester, MN March 28,1865 as a Private with Company H, !st Minn. Infantry. Mustered out July 14 1865 in Jeffersonville, IN. He married Annie Sorine Helgerson in Rock De...

12/3/2011 8/7/2014

Olaus Olsen Senjem (1841 - 1926)


Olaus Olson, (changed name to Senjem after the Civil War), a Civil War Veteran, he enrolled in Holden Twp., Goodhue County and was mustered-in at Fort Snelling as a Private in Company D, 10th Minneso...

12/3/2011 8/7/2014

Ole Johannesen Johnson (1834 - 1914)

"Ola", "Johannesson", "Johannessen", "Lagethon"

14 April, 1858 Ole Joh. Lageton (b. 19 Feb., 1834 is recorded as leaving Øyer, Oppland, Norway for America. 8 August, 1858 Eline Olsdatter Botterud has son Ole Olsen baptized (born 20 July, ...

3/17/2013 8/7/2014

Thor P. Slaaen (Sloan) (1834 - 1864)

"Tor", "Tord", "Thord"

SLOAN, Thor Paulsen - WI 15th Inf Co E. Residence: Skogdalen (Timber Coulee), Upper Coon Valley, Buchanan, LaCrosse County, Wisconsin. Born in Nord Fron, Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 28. Blue eyes, d...

3/11/2012 7/29/2014

Torger P. Paulson (1831 - c.1890)

PAULSON, Torger - WI 6th Inf Co B. Residence: Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Married. Age 33. Gray eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, 5’10”. Draf...

3/11/2012 7/29/2014

Even Johansen Skofstad (1837 - 1909)


SKOFSTAD, Even - WI 15th Inf Co D. Born 4 Jun 1837 in Drammen, Norway, son of Johannes Evensen Skofstad and Bertha Olsdatter Kallerud. He came to America with his parents and two brothers, Ole and Al...

8/19/2013 3/1/2014

George (Jorgen) Magnus (Magnusen) Linnevold (1836 - 1925)

"Jorgen", "Jørgen", "Linnevoll", "Anderson"

When the Linnevold family emigrated to the United States from Norway they began using Anderson as their surname. After the Civil War they resumed using the Linnevold surname. Birth record: Kildeinfor...

1/7/2013 2/23/2014

Simon Eriksen Erickson (1828 - 1863)


1853 (13 April) Simen Eriksen Stavslien left Øyer (Øier), Oppland, Norway for America. 1860 census Simon Erexsen (31yrs) is living at Viroqua, Bad Ax (Vernon) County, Wisconsin, USA, ...

2/8/2012 1/8/2014

Gilbert Jackson (1838 - 1862)

1835-38 living on Svenne og Svennesund (plads) in Flesberg, Buskerud, Norway. 1849-53 living in Eiker, Buskerud, Norway. 1851 Iver Jacobsen Overd & Catrine Gulbrandsdatter moved from Flesberg to th...

6/28/2010 12/23/2013

Magnus "Marshall" Nielsen Nelson MP (1842 - 1903)


NELSON, Marshall - WI 28th Inf Co C (Whitaker Guards). Residence: Summit, Waukesha County, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Unmarried. Age 19. Blue eyes, sandy hair, light complexion, 5&...

5/13/2013 5/14/2013

Nils Arnesen Arneson MP (1840 - 1911)

"Niels", "Nels"

ARNESON, Niels WI 15th Inf Co A. Residence: Chicago, Illinois. Born in Drammen (Eiker), Norway. Civil War: Age 24. Married. Enlisted for three years on 31 Oct 1861 at Chicago. Mustered 15 Nov 1861 at M...

4/24/2013 4/25/2013

Mr. Anderson was a World War veteran, and funeral rites were held in charge of the American Legion. Roster of the Men and Women who served in the Army or Naval Service (including the Marine Corps) of...

2/5/2011 4/14/2013

Lars Larsson Hjelter, II (1822 - 1899)

Emigrated in 1862. Served in the American Civil War and is listed in the book "Nordmændene i Amerika" (Martin Ulvestad) book (page # 291)

1/11/2010 3/30/2013

Krykke Lars (c.1840 - c.1930)

"Louis Malloney"

(part 1 about Lars,is found above Colonel Heg on this link.) who was Lars ????? 3 difrent wifes,has been mentioned. Edna Krokstad

8/31/2012 8/31/2012

Mathias Pedersen Bagstad (1846 - 1907)


Wisconsin 16th Inf Co H. Born “Mathias Pedersen Bakstad” on 28 Mar 1846 at Øyer, Oppland, Norway, son of Peder Jonsen Bakstad and Maren Iversdatter Ekern. He came to America wi...

3/4/2012 7/24/2012

John Johannessen Bergh (1843 - 1904)


Baptism record: BERGH, John J. - Wisconsin 25th Inf Co K. Residence: Bloomingdal, Vernon County, Wisconsin. Born 1842 in Oiers Prestegjeld, Gudbrandsdalen, Norway. Came to America in 1853 to Coon P...

3/4/2012 7/24/2012

Hjalmar R. Holand, Coon Valley: An Historical Accounty of the Norgwegian Congregations in Coon Valley., ((La Crosse, Wisconsin: Litho-graphics, 1928/1976)), p. 206-207: "Simen Lienlokken was born in ...

2/7/2012 7/24/2012

Halvor "George" Georg Paulsen Poulson (1843 - 1912)


24 apr. 1857 from Stange to Nes, Romerike, later to Norse, Texas, USA (1862 Civil War prisoner) - Bosque County, Texas. PAULSEN, George H. TX 15th Inf Co K. CSA. Born “Halvor George Paulsen Vi...

12/27/2011 7/24/2012

Casper Andreas Paulsen Poulson (1841 - 1930)

"Kasper", "C. A. Poulson"

24 apr. 1857 from Stange to Nes, Romerike, later to Norse, Texas, USA (1862 Civil War) - Bosque County, Texas. PAULSEN, Casper Andrew TX 31st Cav Co B. CSA. [31st Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Hawpe's) ...

12/27/2011 7/24/2012

Andrew Christoffersen Holst (1841 - 1915)


Andrew C. Holst, farmer, P. O. Bloomer, Chippewa county, was born in Eker, Norway, June 28, 1841, a son of Christopher N. Holst and Annie Evenson, natives of the same place. He attended school until ...

1/23/2011 7/24/2012

Hans Hansen Hansen (1828 - 1865)

Baptism: Kildeinformasjon: Buskerud fylke, Modum, Ministerialbok nr. 5 (1824-1841), Fødte og døpte 1829, side 171-172. Permanent sidelenke: Permanent bildelenke: 1862 left Eiker, Bu...

1/23/2011 7/24/2012

6/23/2011 3/1/2012

Ole Heg (1831 - 1911)

HEG, Ole WI 15th Inf. Residence: Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin. Born in Lier, Drammen, on 21 Jun 1831, son of Even Hansen Heg and Sigrid Olsdatter Kallerud. He came to America with his parents,...

11/30/2011 12/3/2011

Hans Jacob Olefsen Osen (1842 - 1887)

1864-65 in Co.E of the Thirteenth Regt. of Infantry of Wisconsin with brother Berger Osen. 1880 living at Martel, Pierce Co., Wisconsin. WI 13th Inf Co E. Residence: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Born i...

6/27/2010 12/3/2011

Berger "Berver" Olefsen Osen (1840 - d.)

"Berver", "Borger"

1864-65 in Co.E of the Thirteenth Regt. of Infantry of Wisconsin with brother Hans J. Osen. WI 13th Inf Co E. Residence: Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Born in Norway. Civil War: Farmer. Age 23. Unmarried. G...

6/27/2010 12/3/2011

Henry Andersen Anderson (1843 - 1862)


In the 1860 US Census Henry was living with his brother's (Nels Anderson) family in Winneconne, Winnebago County, Wisconsin. He participated in the American Civil War - WI 15th Inf Co D. Residence: But...

10/19/2008 12/3/2011

Oberst Hans Christian Heg HEG, Hans Christian WI 15th Inf. Residence: Waterford, Racine County, Wisconsin. Born Lier, near Drammen, Norway, on 21 Dec 1829, son of Even Hansen Heg, an innk...

5/17/2009 12/3/2011