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Rapaport coat of arms showing a raven and hands directed outward in the form of a priestly blessing, with the middle and ring fingers separated. The raven perhaps refers to "Rappe" in middle high German. The two caryatids may refer to the Italian city of Porto.


Welcome to all Rapoport, Rappoport, Rapaport, Rappaport, Rappa, Rapa, רפא כייץ, Раппа, Раппу, Раппе, Рапа, Раппопорт, Рапопорт, Раппапорт, Рапапорт cousins, whichever of the dozens of different ways that our family has spelled its name!

This project is meant to provide a platform for collaboration on a Geni family tree recording the Rapoport family from Eastern Europe and other regions. Many members of the extended Rapoport family have entered their branches onto Geni aready; our objective is to enter additional branches of the tree and to connect all known Rapoport branches to the best of our knowledge. To accomplish this task, cooperation of all family members on Geni is needed!

We would be very interested to hear from Rapoport family members who have been tested by Family Tree DNA or other DNA test providers. Knowing what haplogroup your Y chromosome falls into would be of enormous help in unwinding the enormous and complicated Rapoport tree. If you have not yet been tested, and wish to be, please contact family member Adam Brown, a Geni Curator who lives in Englewood, NJ USA.

This is a 100% collaborative project, meaning that all who have joined are welcome to make improvements to this page and to make additions and corrections.


. . . "I am the Edward Rappaport listed on the site in the section "List of persons with the surname Rappaport." and would like to learn more about the group's progress, status and plans, and to help where I can".
. . . "Based on several years of research, my family descends from the Warsaw Rapoports who I can trace back there to circa 1777. I would be happy to share my family tree."
. . . "I've taken the ftDNA, and 23andme DNA tests and am willing to discuss the relevant output. Best regards, Ed Rappaport Pembroke Pines, FL email:"


Rappaport Early History

Rappaport / Bick Dynasty from Mainz


The names of Rapa or Rappe ha-Kohen -Tzedeq (Rapa Katz) first appears on or about 1450. At that time Meshullam Kusi (abbreviated from "Jekuthiel") Rapa ha-Kohen Tzedeq, the earliest known member of the family, lived on the Rhine, probably in Mainz, Germany.
Several decades later the family disappeared from Germany, probably on account of the Jews' expulsion from Mainz on October 29, 1462. In 1467, in Mestre, near Venice, the wealthy Chayyim Rappe is found as alms' collector for the poor of the Holy Land. In Venice, the physician R. Moses Rap was exempted in 1475 from wearing the Jew's badge.
In the middle of the 16th century there appeared in Italy a Kohenitic family of the name of Porto. On March 18, 1540, R. Isaac Porto ha-Kohen obtained from the Duke of Mantua permission to build an Ashkenazic synagogue. The name of the family was not derived from the Portuguese city of Porto, nor from the Bavarian city of Fürth as some authors have suggested, but instead from Porto, near Mantua, where the above-named Isaac Porto ha-Kohen lived. An alliance between the Rabe and Porto families explains the combination of the two family names in Rapoport; in 1565, officiating in the above-mentioned synagogue of Mantua, there is found a Rabbi Solomon ben Menahem ha-Kohen Rapa of Venice, while a Rabbi Abraham Porto ha-Kohen (1541–76) was parnas of the community.

  • ▪ R Yakov Moshe Kohen Rapa (15th century)
  • ▪ R. Abraham Menakhem Kohen Rapa
  • ▪ R. Gershon Kohen Rapa (born 1538), Porto, Italy
  • ▪ R. Simcha Katz Rapa
  • ▪ R. Moses Jeremiah Katz Rapoport, rabbi in Vienna
  • ▪ R. Meir haKohen Rapoport (d. 1600), rabbi in Belz
  • ▪ R. Nakhman Rapoport (d. 1674), rabbi in Kamenets-Podolsky, Poznań, Dubno
  • ▪ R. Simkha haKohen Rapoport (d. 1717)
  • ▪ R. Khaim haKohen Rapoport (died 1771), head of the Jewish Court in Lviv
  • ▪ R. Arieh Lieb Rapoport (d. 1759), rabbi in Prezwork
  • ▪ R. Dov Berish Rapoport (d. 1823), rabbi in Medzhybizh, married into the Emden family
  • ▪ Rapoport-Bick (rabbinic dynasty)

The Rapoport-Bick dynasty was the most important of all the non-chasidic rabbinic dynasties of Medzhybizh, in Ukraine. The Rapoport dynasty traces its roots back to Rabbi Jacob Emden (1697–1776) who was involved in the Frankist debates of 1757 and his father Rabbi Tsvi Hirsh Ashkenazi, known as the Chacham Tsvi (1660–1718).

The Rapoports themselves are a long distinguished rabbinic family that traces its roots back to Central Europe and Northern Italy in the 15th century.

During the same time period, a branch of the family settled in Prague in central Europe, as evidenced by burials with the name Porta in 1589 and Port in 1598.[1]

Rapoport - Jewish Encylopedia

  • click link above for full bios.
  • Abraham Rapoport (Schrenzel) Polish Talmudist (1584 - 1651)
  • Arnold Rapoport, Edler von Porada - Tarnow 1840
  • Aryeh Loeb Baruch Rapaport - German 18th century Rabbi
  • Baruch b. Moses Meir Kahana Rapoport - Polish Rabbi d. 1746 Furth, Bavaria
  • Benjamin b. Simcha ha-Kohen Rapoport - Galician preacher at Brzezany
  • Benjamin Zev Wolf ben Isaac ha-Kohen Rapoport - Hungarian rabbi ( 1754 - 1837 )
  • Elijah Rapoport aka Elijah b. Menachem Rapa
  • Hayyim b. Ber Rapoport - Rabbi Ostrog, Russia
  • Hayyim b. Simhah ha-Kohen Rapoport - Leading Polish rabbi (1700 - 1771)
  • Aryeh ha-Kohen Loeb - Head of Yeshiva in Lemberg d. 1759
  • Nachman ha-Kohen Rapoport - rabbi of Glogau. Daughter #1 married Joel Katzenellenbogen, #2 married Aaron ha-Levi Ettinger.
  • Hayyim ha-Kohen Rapoport of Ostrog, Volhynia author of "Mayim Hayyim".
  • Isaac b. Judah ha-Kohen Rapoport - author of "Beit Kehunnah".
  • Jekuthiel Susskind (Sussel) Rapoport - Russian communal leader (1802 - 1872 ) one daughter married Israel Meisels, rabbi of Siedice.
  • Menachem Abraham b. Jacob Ha-Kohen
  • Moritz Rappaport - Austrian poet and physician
  • Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport - Austrian rabbi and scholar ( 1790 - 1867 ) Rabbi at Prague

Eastern European branches

The Polish branch of the family explains its name through the following legend: one Easter a certain Jew, to prevent his enemies from smuggling the body of a Christian child into his house, closed all possible entrances and openings except the chimney. Down the chimney however, the dreaded corpse fell, but when a crowd stormed the house nothing but a partridge (Old German, "Rephuhn" or "Raphuhn") was found in the fireplace. But the "Von den Jungen Raben" (the house shield name of Judengasse "From the young crow (cf. raven)") in the signature of Abraham Menahem ha-Kohen Rapa von Port at the end of his Pentateuch commentary, and the additional fact that the coat of arms of the family bears a raven, clearly show that signifies "Rabe" (Middle High German, "Rappe"). The family name, therefore, at the end of the 16th century seems to be clearly established as Ha-Kohen Rabe.

By the middle of the 17th century authors belonging to the Rapa-Port family were living in Poland and Lithuania, the name having meanwhile undergone the following modifications: Rapiport, Rapoport, Rapperport, and Rappert. The family spread principally from Cracow and Lemberg (Lviv); in the latter place, in 1584, was born the famous Talmudist Abraham Rapa von Port (called also Schrenzel). In 1650 Rapoports lived in Dubno and Krzemeniec; in the 18th century descendants of R. Judah Rapoport are found in Smyrna and Jerusalem. About 1750 there were two Rapoports in Dyhernfurth (Silesia) — one named Israel Moses Rapoport and the other R. Meïr Rapoport: the former came from Pińczów, the latter from Krotoschin. Both found employment in the printing establishment at Dyhernfurth.

A notable scholar of this branch included R. Khaim haKohen Rapoport, who lived in Lviv and died there in 1771. He was one of the key "talmudists" involved in the Frankist debates set up by the Archbishop Dembowski in 1757. R. Khaim's descendants include the Rapoport-Bick dynasty. R. Khaim's pedigree is known from his personal and his descendants' writings. It is reconstructed here:[citation needed]

From The Center for the Study of the Rapaport Family

in 1380 we find the family in Regensburg in southern Germany and afterwards in Mainz. Following the numerous expulsions they wandered about Italy. From there, this family of rabbis, physicians, scientists, holders of titles of nobility and bankers spread northward to Vienna, Bohemia and Moravia (today the Czech Republic), Poland, Galicia, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania. They also moved eastward to Hungary, Besserabia and Romania.
From East and Central Europe, at the beginning of the 20th century, the family looked to the Anglo-Saxon world – United States, Canada, England, Australia, South Africa and Israel.

List of persons with the surname Rappaport

  1. Alfred Rappaport, Austrian diplomat and writer
  2. Andrew S. Rappaport, American Silicon Valley venture capitalist
  3. Ben Rappaport, American actor
  4. Bruce Rappaport, international banker and financier
  5. David Rappaport, English actor
  6. Edward Rappaport, acting director of the National Hurricane Center
  7. Gerbert Rappaport, Austrian screenwriter and film director; often spelled Herbert Rappaport
  8. Helen Rappaport, English historian
  9. Mark Rappaport, American film director
  10. Richard Rappaport, American painter
  11. Roy Rappaport, anthropologist
  12. Solomon Anski, Yiddish writer (born Solomon Zangwill Rappaport, Rappoport)
  13. Emil Stanisław Rappaport, Polish Supreme Court judge

List of persons with the surname Rapaport

  1. Alexandra Rapaport, Swedish actress
  2. David Rapaport, Hungarian psychologist
  3. Martin Rapaport, American entrepreneur
  4. Michael Rapaport, American actor and comedian
  5. William J. Rapaport, associate professor, University at Buffalo

List of persons with the surname Rappoport

  1. Jon Rappoport (born 1938), American journalist and author
  2. Xenia Rappoport, actress
  3. Ernst Rappoport (also known as Rapaport), founder of the IAF

List of persons with the surname Rapoport

  1. Aaron Rapoport, American photographer
  2. Abraham Rapoport (Schrenzel), (1584–1651) Polish Talmudist
  3. Amos Rapoport, professor of Architecture
  4. Anatol Rapoport (1911–2007), mathematical psychologist
  5. Bernard Rapoport, American entrepreneur and philanthropist
  6. Chaim Rapoport
  7. David C. Rapoport, UCLA Professor Emeritus of Political Science
  8. Eduardo H. Rapoport, Argentinian ecologist
  9. Henry Rapoport, American chemist
  10. I. C. Rapoport
  11. Isaac ha-Kohen Rapoport, 18th century rabbi
  12. Lev Pavlovich Rapoport
  13. Lisa Rapoport, Canadian Architect
  14. Michael Rapoport, a German mathematician
  15. Nathan Rapoport (1911–1987), sculptor
  16. Paul Rapoport, American attorney
  17. Paul Rapoport (music critic), Canadian music critic
  18. Samuel Mitja Rapoport (1912–2004), physician, biochemist
  19. Solomon Judah Loeb Rapoport (1790–1867), Galician rabbi and Jewish scholar
  20. Sonya Rapoport, American artist
  21. Tom Rapoport, cell biologist at Harvard Medical School
  22. Vladimir Rapoport, Soviet cinematographer
  23. Gedalya Rapoport, DMD, Monsey, NY
  24. Leo Port (Rapoport - changed on arrival to Australia), Lord Mayor of Sydney 1975-1978


This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Jewish Encyclopedia. 1901–1906.

Beider, A., Jewish Surnames in Prague, Avotaynu, Inc., 1995, ISBN 0-9626373-5-1, p. 17.

Bibliography, External links & Other articles

Rapoport - Jewish Encyclopedia
Rapa: Elijah ben Menahem Rapa Elijah ben Menahem Rapa, or Elijah Rapaporto - Jewish Encyclopedia Portorapa: Simchah ben Gershon ha-Kohen Rapa (Portrapa) - Jewish Encyclopedia Rapa Porto: Menahem Abraham ben Jacob ha-Kohen Rapa (Porto) ; Menahem Rapoport - Jewish Encyclopedia The Center for the Study of the Rapaport Family Chapin, David A. and Weinstock, Ben, The Road from Letichev: The history and culture of a forgotten Jewish community in Eastern Europe, Volume 1. ISBN 0-595-00666-3 iUniverse, Lincoln, NE, 2000..

DNA Evidence

Documentary, anecdotal and DNA evidence has confirmed that the Rapoport surname is present in numerous branches not sharing a single male ancestor. One of the objectives of our collaboration is to fully map the known connections between these far-flung branches.

Y Chromosome Haplogroups Found Among Modern Rapoports

E1b1b1a1b Amnon Rapoport, Family Tree Kit 110792

E1b1b1c1 Rapoport", FamilyTreeDNA Kit 174859

J2a4b3 Rapoport, FamilyTreeDNA Kit 968

J2a4h2 Rapoport", FamilyTreeDNA Kit 178824

Q David Rapoport, Latvia, FamilyTreeDNA, Kit 223622

R1b1a2a1a1a4a "Dan Rappoport, Kiev" Line: Yehezkiel Rappoport of Kiev Region"

"Untested Pleshchenitsy" Line: Henia Tzira Rapoport of Pleshchenitsy

[ To Be Completed with Additional Lines ]

Data for the Pleshchenitsy Rapoport Line being researched by Adam Brown:

1834 Borisov Revision List

  1. RAPOPORT Shapshel 1796 147.09 X M Pleshchenitsy
  2. RAPOPORT Yuda 1804 147.09 X M Pleshchenitsy
  3. RAPOPORT Berka ben Yuda 1829 147.09 H M Pleshchenitsy
  4. RAPOPORT Girsha ben Shapshel 1821 147.09 R M RA Pleshchenitsy
  5. RAPOPORT Kusel 1804 147.07 X M Pleshchenitsy
  6. RAPOPORT Izrail ben Kusel 1829 147.07 H M Pleshchenitsy

1874 Borisov Revision List

  1. RAPPOPORT Girsh 1822 668.02 X M RA Pleshchenitsy
  2. RAPPOPORT Elkum Girsh 1847 668.02 H M Pleshchenitsy
  3. RAPPOPORT Ita 1849 668.02 W F Pleshchenitsy
  4. RAPPOPORT Girsh 1822 668.03 X M RA Pleshchenitsy
  5. RAPPOPORT Wulf Girsh 1847 668.03 H M Pleshchenitsy
  6. RAPPOPORT Feyga 1848 668.03 W F Pleshchenitsy
  7. RAPPOPORT Isko 1823 668.08 X M Pleshchenitsy
  8. RAPPOPORT Borukh Isko 1848 668.08 H M Pleshchenitsy
  9. RAPPOPORT Itka 1849 668.08 W F Pleshchenitsy