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Sarah Taylor MP (c.1822 - 1892)

For more than 15 years, housekeeper to Henry Gurney, banker and benefactor of the Royal Philanthropic Society at The Priory, Nutfield, Sarah married the farm bailiff of the Redhill Farm School and beca...

3/23/2014 3/24/2014

Jesse Robert Jones MP (1861 - 1894)

A student at St Mark College National Training Institution for Schoolmasters, Chelsea, in 1881, Jesse Robert John became housemaster of Gladstone in 1885/6 and remained at the Redhill Farm School until...

3/15/2014 3/17/2014

Tom Barker Benfield MP (1840 - 1911)

Tom Barker Benfield was the natural child of Anna Louisa Barker of Cambridge, who later married George Benfield, one-time tailor and later college servant in Cambridge University. Tom was a master at F...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Henry Mallinder MP (c.1843 - 1907)

Henry Mallinder had enlisted in the army as a 10-year-old drummer boy in the Grenadier Guards in about 1853. He then served in London and Dublin and by 1881 had been promoted to drum major with a subst...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Edward Holman MP (c.1830 - 1882)

Edward Holman was the son of a soldier and, at the end of 1840, joined his father’s regiment, The Royal Corps of Sappers & Miners, as a bugler. He was then just 10 years old. He based at the Royal Engi...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

James Bilcliffe MP (c.1812 - 1880)

James Bilcliffe was Farm Bailiff at the Redhill Farm School from the time the school moved from Southwark (1849) until his death in 1880

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

John Trevarthen MP (c.1837 - 1918)

Secretary to the Royal Philanthropic Society's Redhill Farm School from between 1861 and 1864 until his death in 1918, when he was followed in the post by his youngest son, William

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Jabez Howe MP (1828 - 1909)

Jabez Howe was a student at Terrace House Training Establishment for Schoolmasters, Battersea, in 1851, but when he married Jane Buttery in 1853; he was described as a schoolmaster of Fakenham, Suffolk...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

John Cowen MP (1835 - 1923)

In 1851, aged 16, John Cowen was a teacher at Central School Westminster. When he married in 1859, he was already a master at the Red Hill Farm School. He was still a master there in 1901, but had reti...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

William Hearne MP (1833 - 1915)

In 1862, William Hearne was described as a schoolmaster in Southwark. He had, it was reported, trained at Red Hill and returned to replaced a teacher during 1861. He remained a schoolmaster at Redhill ...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

John Lawrence MP (c.1810 - 1879)

A widower, John Lawrence was a house master at the Farm School in 1861 when he married the school's housekeeper, the widow Hannah Heyler

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

John Butcher MP (c.1822 - 1893)

John Butcher was a schoolmaster at Red Hill prior to 1851 and remained there as head of Garston's House until after 1881. In 1891, he was living on his own means at Lavender Lodge, Earlswood. (A new he...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

George Lawson MP (c.1834 - 1863)

George Lawson was housemaster of Gladstone House. He married twice: both wives died within two years of their marriage to George. Each wife gave him one son. An outbreak of typhoid fever at the school ...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Rev Marshall George Vine MP (1850 - 1918)

Marshall Vine graduated BA from Magdalen Hall, Oxford in 1873. After he was ordained, he was first, curate of Steyning, Sussex (1874-81) and then of Far Headingley, Yorks (1881-86) before becoming the ...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Rev Arthur Gregory Jackson MP (c.1844 - 1887)

He attended Lichfield College and was ordained in 1868 becoming first, curate of Wolverhampton Collegiate Church (St Peter) until 1872, then curate in charge of St Andrew, West Bromwich, until 1875, fo...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Rev Edwin Gyles MP (1828 - 1880)

Graduated BA in 1856 from St John’s College, Cambridge (MA 1865) and was ordained. He was curate of Saint Barnabas, Liverpool, for a year before being appointed Chaplain superintendent at the Redhill F...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Rev Charles Walters MP (bef.1827 - 1882)

Charles Walters attended Trinity College Dublin where he was Primate’s Hebrew Prizeman in 1848 and Archbishop King’s Divinity Prizeman two years later, He graduated in 1851 and gained his masters in 18...

3/15/2014 3/15/2014

Reverend Sydney Turner MP (1814 - 1879)

Sydney Turner graduated BA from Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1836 (MA 1839). He was ordained and was the curate of Christ Church, Southwark, from 1838 to 1841. The following year he became chaplain t...

3/14/2014 3/14/2014

John Joseph William Edgell MP (1850 - 1907)

Edgell, John Born 28.10.1850, DOA Redhill 26.12.1861, Notes: To Natal Reference 2271/10/13 Folio 17 Births Dec 1850 Edgell John Joseph William Keynsham 11 122 Joseph Edgell in ...

3/5/2014 3/5/2014