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South African Stamouers/Progenitors - Making that connection

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A South African Stamouers/Progenitors Geni community support project

Objective - Connecting the missing links 1600 - 1850

Geni allows us to look at genealogical data in a way never really possible before and our Tree is turning into an intricate multidimensional web as we move down the tree connecting spouses - which in the time before computers could only be represented one dimensional BY Surname.

In theory we would in the future be able to make connections by elimination, which is of course is not possible when you don't have all the data in one single tree. The debate and research around the Rossouw and Niemand trees is a very good example of how Geni forces the issue for the tree to be correct. The puzzle needs to fit exactly and if something does not make sense it's often very evident.

*In the future it will become interesting to see if we can work together to trace the remaining missing links..


  • There are many uncompleted links in our tree where spouses have not been connected. This is a fun project to help us move this aspect of building our tree's forward.

To clarify, here is an example.

Cornelis Jacobus Minnaar x Johanna Cecilia Roos is not linked to her tree but may already be in the "Roos" tree.

This project is about making these links..

Every time a link is made the "CANOPY" forms thicker. The implication is that anyone linking to a linked couple in future have the link done and mistakes will get less and less.

What to do

  • Link profiles from 1650-1850 that you come across that are similarly unconnected to this project:
  • When you work on a surname, put a litte effort in to see if you cannot make all the links at least down to 1800. It would maybe help if we are working on a particular surname to make it routine to go down the tree and link all the connections not made to the project.
  • Either come back to see if you can help make the link or leave it available for anyone who feel like they want to help make the connection.
  • Sometimes the corresponding tree may not have been completed such that the connection can not be made and so the profile will be an orphan until someone eveventually completes the missing link.
  • Please help. Do maybe even just one profile a week or month. But do one..
  • This is a good way for Geni newbies to bring a profile to the attention of those who may be able to help solve the link So go ahead and post it here. You never know who comes around and help to complete your tree.

If you've made a connection. Please transfer it to