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Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim, and Some of His Descendants

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  • Elizabeth Macomber (1686 - 1732)
    Descendant of Mayflower passengers Thomas Rogers and Joseph Rogers Born 1686. Married 1707. Died 1732. She was married only once. Her husband, John Macomber, outlived her and re-married. She was the mo...
  • John Williams (1675 - 1724)
    Descendant of Mayflower passengers Thomas Rogers and Joseph Rogers Williams was born on 27 August 1675 at Taunton. He was the son of Nathaniel Williams and Elizabeth Rogers. John Williams married Hanna...
  • Lighthouse Keeper Abbie Burgess (1839 - 1892)
    Added by E. C. Nickerson about this Ancestor: Lighthouse keeper as her father before her.---From her page on Maine: An Encyclopedia: , Abbie Burgess(1839-1892), an early female lighthouse keeper in Mai...
  • Henry Huttleston Rogers (1840 - 1909)
    Henry Huttleston Rogers was a United States capitalist, businessman, industrialist, financier, and philanthropist. He made his fortune in the oil refinery business, becoming a leader at Standard Oil.Bo...
  • Stephen Williams (1752 - 1847)
    Revolutionary War Soldier DAR A 126674, Pvt. Mass.Please refer to the Thomas Rogers Society for known details: Williams was born on 10 November 1752 at Raynham. He was the son of Edmund Williams and Ly...

Scope of Project

To create one single accurate and well documented Geni Master Profile for Thomas Rogers, "Mayflower" Passenger, his ancestors and descendants.


from: Thomas Rogers (Mayflower Pilgrim)

Thomas Rogers, a Mayflower Pilgrims|Pilgrim and one of forty-one signatories of the Mayflower Compact was among those who did not survive that first harsh Plymouth, Massachusetts winter of 1620-1621.

Thomas Rogers was accompanied by his son, Joseph, but not his wife or other children, who had stayed behind in Leiden. There is record of his wife and other children in the 1622 poll tax of Leiden. Thomas died during the first winter in Plymouth (1621), when Joseph was 18.

from: The Thomas Rogers Society

Thomas1 Rogers, the Mayflower Passenger, who died in the first sickness, made his journey to the new world with his son Joseph, who survived. His wife did not come to America. Gov. Bradford says "The rest of Thomas Rogers came over, & are married, & have many children." According to Bowman, and substantiated by later research, only one of the children who came later has been identified, viz.: John2 Rogers, who married Ann Churchman.

Of Thomas little is known. Born by about 1572, son of William and Eleanor (____) Rogers, Watford, Northamptonshire [TGM 3: 1598 citing The Genealogist] In 1619 he sued a baker and a miller of Leiden to free a lien on his house, and perhaps in preparation for his journey, won the suit and was awarded court costs. (NEHGR 143:207). He had bought this house in 1616/7 and sold it April, 1620 (Ibid.)

Thomas Rogers (William)was born in Watford, Northamptonshire CA 1572.Thomas died 1621 in Plymouth, Barnstable, at 49 years of age.

He married Alice Cosford before 24 October 1597 in Watford, Northamptonshire. Alice, as Joseph Rogers's mother, presented him at his baptism. Alice became the mother of Joseph Rogers before 1602 in England or Holland. Alice became the mother of John Rogers before 1606 in England or Holland. Alice, as John Rogers's mother, presented him at his baptism 06 April 1606. Alice became the mother of Elizabeth or (Lysbeth) Rogers before 1609. Alice, as Elizabeth or (Lysbeth) Rogers's mother, presented her at her baptism 26 December 1609. Alice became the mother of Margaret (Grietgen) Rogers before 1613. Alice, as Margaret (Grietgen) Rogers's mother, presented her at her baptism 30 May 1613.

Governor Bradford's statement that the rest of Thomas Rogers' children came over and married and had children, seems clearly to indicate that more than one of his children came to New England after 1620. We know that his son John came to Plymouth about 1630. Although many other male Rogers immigrants have been claimed as sons of Thomas the Pilgrim, none of the claims has been proved and some have been disproved. Therefore it seems likely that at least one of the Rogers daughters who were living in Holland in 1622 came over. John and Joseph Rogers each named a daughter Elizabeth, perhaps thereby indicating that their sister Elizabeth lived in New England. Unfortunately extensive research has failed to uncover any further evidence.

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Project Profiles

from: Thomas Rogers Biography

Children of Thomas1 Rogers

John2 Rogers (Thomas1), married Ann(a) Churchman.

Joseph2 Rogers married Hannah _____

Lysbeth, living 1622, and may have come over, but no further record

Grietgen (or Margaret) living 1622, may have come over, but no further record.

Children of John2 and Ann(a) Churchman Rogers

John3 Rogers, married, 1st, Elizabeth Pabodie3 (Elizabeth2 Alden, John1); married, 2d, Hannah (Hobart) Brown; married, 3d, Marah (---) Browning, a widow.

(H)Anna3 Rogers, married, 1st, John Tisdale; married, 2d, Thomas Terry; married 3d, Samuel Williams (Taunton Family)

Abigail3 Rogers, married John Richmond as his second wife.

Elizabeth3 Rogers, married Nathaniel Williams.(Taunton Family)

Joseph2 Rogers (Thomas1), and Hannah _______. (She may not have been his only wife, nor the mother of his children MF5G V2:157) A copy of his will is written in the Plymouth Colony Record Book.

Children of Joseph2 and Hannah Rogers

Sarah3 Rogers, died in infancy.

Joseph3 Rogers, married Susanne Deane. No known issue. In a court record of 1660, a John Hawes of Yarmouth was found not guilty of "takeing away the life of Josephth Rogers of Eastham by giveing him a most deadly fall . . .(MF5G V:158)"

Thomas3 Rogers, married Elizabeth Snow3 (Constance2 Hopkins, Stephen1).
Elizabeth3 Rogers, married Jonathan Higgins. His first wife. (See Hannah)

John3 Rogers, married Elizabeth Twining.

Mary3 Rogers, married John Phinney.

James3 Rogers, married Mary Paine4 (Mary Snow3, Constance2 Hopkins, Stephen1).

Hannah3 Rogers, the second wife of Jonathan Higgins, who married her sister Elizabeth for his first wife; (Bowman was uncertain, but MF5G V2:163 accepts it)

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