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  • Anthropologists & Archaeologists

    Please add profiles for professional anthropologists to this project. What is Anthropology? Anthropology is the study of humans, past and present. To understand the full sweep and complexity of cultures across all of human history, anthropology draws and builds upon knowledge from the social and biological sciences as well as the humanities and physical sciences. A central concern of anthro...

  • Talvik, Alta, Norway.

    This project contains genealogical information about people born in Alta area and Talvik area, Finnmark, Norway. Genealogy / Slektsforskning, wikipedia Norwegian immigrants to United States. Goldminers in Alaska. Shipwrecks along the Norwegian coast. Genealogyproject on Geni . Northernlights route, pictures and history, Tromsø University Northernlights observatory on Haldde - Alta - N...

  • Geni as Illusion?

    This Project sheds light on who we are as a civilization. It illuminates the world tree on where some profiles in it are fictional. The persons' names are added to profiles in the tree. When we also read the links Connected to this Project one will get a meaningful Learning. Contents: 1. Geni as Illusion ? 2. Fictional profiles 3. Profiles without written Sources 4. How to ...

  • Fossils of the human family

    This is a collection of different biologic human find. -> (This site needs username and password) > )