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  • People Connected to County Galway

    People Connected to County Galway====Republic of Ireland See also >===== County Galway - Main Page >===== County Galway Monumental Inscriptions, Cemeteries and Graveyards >===== People Connected to "Ireland" - unknown Specific Place or County >===== They came from Ireland - Origin Unknown

  • Place projects

    Place projects are projects on Geni that are focused of a specific geographical place or region. Places profiles are also the precursor to the upcoming Place Profiles feature. Place project portals Includes countries and kingdoms, and other top level place project. Geographical Australia Canada Europe Al-Andalus Austro-Hungarian-Empire Belarus Czech Republic-Bohemia Croatia

  • Comerford Family

    Scope and aims ==Father Patrick Comerford has done a lot of research into the Comerford surname , registering it at the Guild of One Name Studies and posting his findings on his blog. He has cut through a lot of the unsubstantiated older family history and has pinpointed two origins for the name and its variants - Comberford in Staffordshire and Quemerford in Wiltshire near Calne. The Irish Com...

  • IRELAND Place Projects

    IRELAND Place Projects= Fáilte! This is a sub-project of International Places Project Index Every person is born somewhere, marries, lives, works and dies somewhere. Places are a key component to family history research. This project aims to be the starting point in your search for a place in IRELAND on Geni to discover more about your ancestors. If a place you are looking for in IRELAND is not...

  • Gildea Family

    Scope== Gildea is an Irish surname coming from the Gaelic Mac Giolla Dhe - son ( mac ) of the servant ( giolla ) of God ( dhe ).The surname is concentrated in Donegal and Mayo, but is also commonly found down the west coast in Galway and Clare. There is a Ballykilladea in Galway and a Ballykildea in Clare.There have been suggestions that the name ultimately has its origins in the English Beniso...