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  • Y-Haplogroup I2a2a4a (Z2054) Balogh

    Medieval German Ancestry, originated from Altmann von Friedberg Genus Balogh, Wikipedia Genus Balogh, Homepage Country: Kingdom of Hungary, Founded: c. 1046, Founder: Altmann von FriedbergCadet branches: House of Baloghy, House of Szécsi, House of Derencsényi, House of Atfy,

  • Doggerlanders

    Doggerland is a name given by archaeologists and geologists to a former landmass in the southern North Sea that connected the island of Great Britain to mainland Europe during and after the last Ice Age, surviving until about 6,500 or 6,200 BCE and then gradually being flooded by rising sea levels. Geological surveys have suggested that Doggerland was a large area of dry land that stretched fro...