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  • Smith Families of Jamaica

    The Smith families of Jamaica are very diverse group. We will discuss the origins of these families. This project is to research and find out more about the Smith and other related families originating in Jamaica, West Indies. The early migration of the Smith families started with... Interviews Marjorie Sterling mentioned that her Smith surname came from the Haddad family of Lebanon. Smit...

  • Jackson Family of Georgia

    Description: Trying to meet and find out more about the Jackson, and other related families originating in (Washington County), Georgia, USA. Share your family history and tree with other relatives or could be relatives. The Different Jackson Branches Links and References

  • Armstead/Armistead and connected Families

    Christing date, Country , Parish, Plantations, ImmigrationYr, Marriage, ________ A Armistead William Mitchell, july 16 1816 (christing)() Armistead Mary () Armistead Charles () Armistead John () Armistead Mary Elizabeth () Mary Elizabeth () Armistead Constant () Armistead Richard Scudimore ,feb 4th 1785 (christing)() Armistead Catherine, Nov 15th 1772 () B Berry C Campbell Carte...