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  • Bilohorodka (Volhynia)

    Coordinates : 50°00'N 26°38'E Modern Region: Khmelnytski (Khmel’nyts’ka Oblast’) Country: Ukraine Town History Early 1600s: Jews in small numbers were present. Belogorodka then in the Kingdom of Poland. 1747: Blood Libel court case in Zaszlav regarding a murder that took place at the Zachaliska Inn, located on the main road between Belogorodka and Mishnow (now Mykhniz). One of the defen...

  • Kupel, Ukraine Virtual Shtetel

    Coordinates : 49°36' N, 26°31' E Modern Region: Khmelnytski (Khmel’nyts’ka Oblast’) Country: Ukraine Kupel (aka Kupil, Kippel) – Shtetl (village) located in Wolyn province of western Ukraine, 187 miles W/SW of Kiev. Population 4,333 in 1897 (2,727 Jews = 63%); app. 2,200 in 2012. Known to have had Hebrew publications as far back as 1796. “Many of the Jews in Kupel made their living by buying ...

  • Kloper Brown from Ritziv, Russia

    Looking for information about the Kloper and Brown family from Ritziv Russia.