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  • Editors

    Editor: A person who is in charge of and determines the final content of a text, particularly a newspaper or magazine

  • Jewish Comic Book Artists

    It’s not exactly a Huge Secret that the Jews Began and to this day still Dominate Hollywood….…it just happens to be a fact!!! Jews seem to have dominated many of the other arts also …The World of Music particularly Tin Pan Alley, The most famous Comedians are/were Jews, The most Famous Magicians were/are Jews. The immigrant’s from the Eastern Europe of the 1890’s while searching for "Der go...

  • Harry Potter Tree {Fictional}

    Description: This is a sub-project of the FAKE Profiles. The main goal is to merge all of the Harry Potter profiles & maintain them, while keeping this tree DISCONNECTED from real profiles Main Harry Potter Tree: Link to Main Tree Note to those wanting to manage these profiles You are most welcome to come & help us keep them accurate & prevent them getting smerged into other tre...

  • Lawrence G Green - Book Index

    [ Lawrence G Green The idea behind this initiative was formulated by Steve Hayes Lawrence G. Green ] was a prolific author and raconteur who wrote stories about people and places, mostly in Southern Africa. Some of his books can be useful in family history research, as they mention family members, or places where they lived. Purpose of Project : To index the books of Lawrence G.Green an...