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  • Notable Koreans- Historical People & Events

    Notable Koreans The historic list of Koreans which contributed to the Korean peninsula. Gojoseon/고조선 Dan-gun Wang-Gum (Korean: 단국왕검), the believed ancestor of all Koreans, founder of Gojoseon (Korean: 고조선). Silla/신라 (57 BC - 892 AD) Goguryeo/고구려 (37 BC - 918 AD) Baekje/백제 (18 BC - 936 AD) Balhae/발해 (698 - 926) Kings of Balhae (698 - 926) Go of Balhae (K...

  • European Political Leaders

    (Index, under construction) . Political Timeline by Country European Union (EU) Leaders of the European Union Index to projects on Political Leaders per EU country Recipients of the Charlemagne Prize European Countries (outside the European Union)