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  • Warsaw Uprising in 1944

    If in your family tree you have people who participated in Warsaw Uprising, please add them to this project. It would be great if within the profile description there would be a brief biography added.Within opened profile page use the 'Actions' button to "Add to project". Select this project - Warsaw Uprising in 1944 . You must be among collaborators within this project - in order to see it on ...

  • Jewish Families of Warsaw

    Warsaw was built on the banks of the Vistula River. The city has been capital of various reorganizations of Poland's territory since the 16th century, when Zygmunt III, commemorated in the famous Zymunt Column, moved the capital of Poland from Krakow.The history of Warsaw spans over 1400 years. In that time, the city evolved from a cluster of villages to the capital of a major European power, t...

  • Warsaw Cemetery, Warsaw, Minnesota

    The Warsaw Cemetery Association was organized in 1862, the first officers being Philander Griffith, Secretary and Treasurer; and Miles Hollister, President. The site was selected on J. F. Weatherhead's place, and laid into lots. The first burial was the wife of the president of the association, Miles Hollister. This cemetery is located in the village of Warsaw, Section 18, Warsaw township, Rice...

  • Genealogia warszawska

    Masz przodków z Warszawy? To dobrze się składa! Tutaj wspomagamy się w szukaniu przodków z Warszawy, ich grobów oraz wydarzeń z życia.

  • Oakwood Cemetery, Warsaw, Indiana

    The cemetery is located on 421 North Maple Avenue, Warsaw, Kosciusko County, Indiana. Find a Grave Billion Graves

  • Riverside Cemetery, Warsaw, Missouri

    This project is for those buried in Riverside Cemetery, Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri. Find a Grave

  • Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery, Warsaw, New York

    Warsaw Pioneer Cemetery in Warsaw, Wyoming County, New York, was established in 1804. It "closed" in 1850 and was then subsumed into the Warsaw Cemetery. The original Pioneer section consisted of 2 acres of land. It was considered by Warsaw's citizens as the "old burying ground". "Warsaw's first settlers had not chosen land for a cemetery. No doubt they were occupied with cutting timber, buil...

  • The Collision of the Steamboats "America" and "United States"

    Historical Marker #720 in Gallatin County notes the tragic steamboat collision between the “America” and the “United States” on the Ohio River in 1868. The disaster, which occurred near Warsaw, Kentucky, resulted in a significant loss of life and property damage.The collision occurred on the night of December 4, 1868, on the Ohio River near the town of Warsaw. That night, the “America,” headed ...

  • Illinois Mormon War

    After Joseph Smith's assassination, the agitation against Mormons continued. The conflict escalated into what has sometimes been called the " Mormon War in Illinois ." Opponents of the Mormons in Warsaw and Carthage began to agitate for the expulsion from Illinois of the Latter Day Saints. In October 1844, a great gathering was announced in Warsaw. Although it was purported to be a "wolf hunt,"...