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  • Jews of New York

    An umbrella project for all projects related to New York Jews.* Jews of New York * Early Jewish Settlers of Monsey and Spring Valley, NY * Yizkor Books Online at New York Library * Center for Jewish History New York City * Ackman Ziff Genealogy Institute Center for Jewish History in New York City >>==Famous New York Jews# Woody Allen

  • Bukharian Jewish WW II deaths

    The purpose of this project is to keep track of Bukharian Jewish soldiers killed/MIA in WW II. Just add the profile to this project.

  • Bukharian Jews Population

    The purpose of this project is to count profiles of Bukharian Jews on, both alive and deceased, by adding them to this project. The profile that qualified being added must have at least one full Bukharian parent, father or mother.

  • Jewish Families of Warsaw

    Warsaw was built on the banks of the Vistula River. The city has been capital of various reorganizations of Poland's territory since the 16th century, when Zygmunt III, commemorated in the famous Zymunt Column, moved the capital of Poland from Krakow.The history of Warsaw spans over 1400 years. In that time, the city evolved from a cluster of villages to the capital of a major European power, t...

  • Jewish Diaspora Portal

    Please Join Us as we Trace Our Jewish Ancestors' Odyssey to Establish Contemporary Israeli & Diaspora Communities >>>>>> Spanish Jewish Odyssey YouTube =- A -* African Jewry, A Microcosm of the Jewish Diaspora * Al Andalus - The Golden Age of Jews in Sepharad * Mokum Wondrous Jewish Amsterdam * Aleppo's Venerable Jewish Community

  • Former Jewish Residents of China (Igud Yotzei Sin)

    JEWISH DIASPORA IN MODERN CHINA 2em>The history of Jewish Diaspora in modern China has a much clearer beginning, starting in the second half of the 19thcentury when China was forced to open her doors to Western powers. Jews came in several waves. First came Sephardic Jews, originally form Baghdad and Bombay, to look for business opportunities in newly-opened Chinese cities such as Shanghai ...

  • Jews of Florida

    This is an umbrella project for all projects related to Jews from Florida .* Jewish Florida * History of Jews in Southern Florida Wikipedia===Notable Floridian Jews* Moses Elias Levy

  • Inquisição Portuguesa (Portuguese Inquisition)

    O termo Inquisição refere-se a várias instituições dedicadas à supressão da heresia no seio da Igreja Católica. A Inquisição foi criada inicialmente para combater o sincretismo entre alguns grupos religiosos, que praticavam a adoração de plantas e animais e utilizavam mancias. A Inquisição medieval, da qual derivam todas as demais, foi fundada em 1184 no Languedoc (sul da França) para combater ...

  • Latvian Jews

    Family Tree for all Jews in Latvia As a hobby, I hope to create a family tree for all Jews in Latvia, as far as I can go back. It started researching the family of my grandparents, I discovered how much Jews in Latvia linked among themselves. Up to now, as of 04/23/2011.I added over three thousand names of the Jews of Latvia, the work is still long, multi, I would be happy to cooperate with the...

  • Eesti Juudid - Estonian Jews - Эстонские Евреи

    Jews of Estonia History of the Jews in Estonia Family Name Directory General Family Names List Louis Kahn Prominent Architect Eri Klas International Concert Conductor Yuri Lotman Renowned semiotician, and cultural historian. Moses Wolf Goldberg Famous Chemist (Wikipedia) --------------------------------------- This project will be used to collect informatio...

  • Tallinna Vana juudi kalmistu (Siselinna k osa)

    Seni Genis eraldi puudunud kalmistu, mis on vaid Tallinna Siselinna kalmistu projektis mainitud/До сих пор в Geni не было отдельного проекта для кладбища, которое упоминалось только в Таllinna Siselinna kalmistu sidusprojekt.

  • Jewish Families from Ostrava (Mährisch Ostrau), Moravia, Czech Republic

    This project seeks to list representatives of all of the Jewish families from the Moravian town of Ostrava (Mährisch Ostrau) in the Czech Republic.OSTRAVA (until 1929 Moravska Ostrava; Ger. Maehrisch-Ostrau), city in N. Moravia, Czech Republic; after Prague and Brno the third largest Jewish community in Czechoslovakia between the two world wars. The town was prohibited to Jews in the Middle Age...

  • Ellis Island Arrivals: 1901-1910

    This project is the second sub-project in the Ellis Island series. Please add profiles for this time period.==afterwards we will work on a master project or portal; collaborators needed!====Summary==* Immigration timeline The experience for Asian immigrants in this period was quite different. In 1882, Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, severely restricting immigration from China. Since ...

  • Croatian Jews

    Židovi u Hrvatskoj / Croatian Jews list from wikipedia A Vladoje Aksmanović (Viktor Axmann) Moša Albahari Alfred Albini Srećko Albini Alexander family from wikipedia Oskar Aleksander Samuel David Aleksander

  • Mittelsinn, Burgsinn, Würzburg Region Jews ( Bavaria )

    General Mittelsinn and Burgsinn are communities in the Main-Spessart district in the Regierungsbezirk of Lower Franconia (Unterfranken) in Bavaria, Germany and members of the Verwaltungsgemeinschaft (Administrative Community) of Burgsinn.No later than the 19th century, there were Jewish families living there who formed their own community and built a synagogue. This was destroyed on Kristallnac...

  • Dunera Boys / Internees

    Dunera Boys / Internees===The hired Military Transport Dunera was a British passenger ship built as a troop transport in the late 1930s.As the storm clouds of war gathered in the late 1930s, thousands of German refugees - either Jewish or politically opposed to the Nazis - fled to Britain for sanctuary. Little did many of them know they would soon be deported to Australia in one of the more not...

  • A Recife de Maurício de Nassau (1637-1644) / Recife at Nassau's time

    Recife is a Brazilian city that was once the administrative center of the Dutch colonial domination in northeastern Brazil. During seven years (1637-1644) it was at the vanguard of freedom of religion, science, arts and progress, ruled by Maurice de Nassau.Em 1632 João Maurício de Nassau , príncipe alemão entusiasta da arquitetura, começou a construir a luxuosa Mauritshuis , em Haia, um projeto...

  • Jews of Illinois

    This is an umbrella project for all projects related to Jews from Illinois .Subproject: Jews of Chicago Virtual Jewish World: llinois, United States The first known permanent Jewish resident was John Hays , grandson of an early New York Jew, who settled in Cahokia in 1793. Farmer, trader, and soldier, Hays served as the county's postmaster until 1798, when he was appointed sheriff. The only oth...

  • The Jews of Zakharino, Chislavichi District of Smolensk Region, Russia 1942

    The Jews of Zakharino, Chislavichi District of Smolensk Region, Russia shot by the Nazis on May 9, 1942 (before 1918, Zakharino was in Mstislavl uezd, Mogilev gubernia) Compiled by Shlomo Gurevich General note. The following is transliteration from Russian of the list of the Jewish residents of Zakharino which was found at Yad Vashem archives in Jerusalem. The found document is a typewritten c...

  • Czech (Bohemian) American Jews

    Bohemian and Czech Jews in American History Miloslav Rechcígl, Jr. Jews have lived on the territory of the historic Czech Lands for some 1,000 years. They have played an important role in the social, economic and cultural development of the country since the times of the Duchy and the subsequent Kingdom of Bohemia, through the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, and the Successor State...

  • Jewish Community of Viekšniai

    Town Viekšniai (Vecksna, pronunciation for English speakers: Veksh-ney) is located in the Šiauliai (Shavli) District, Kaunas (Kovno) governorship, Lithuania. This project aims to share records, useful links, and family facts (described within the "About" section in profiles) to help genealogical research for families that lived in the Viekšniai Jewish community . If you have persons in your f...

  • Guxhagen Jews

    GeneralGuxhagen is a community in Schwalm-Eder district in northern Hesse, Germany. See And in German Guxhagen In German Wikipedia There was a small community of Jews Death people of WW1 :# Baruch Katz , # Moritz Katz , # Hermann Lichtenstein,# Daniel Speyer 1842: inhabitants 1081, 10 % JewishBy the time when Paul Arnsberg wrote his book about the Jewish communities in Hesse, the leader of the ...

  • Jews of Connecticut

    This is an umbrella project for all projects related to Jews from Connecticut .* Jews and Judaism in Connecticut . Wikipedia* Jews of Norwich Connecticut * A Century of Jewish Life in Norwich Connecticut * Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford * Tracing the Jewish “pioneers” of Greenwich * Back to the Land: Jewish Farms and Resorts in Connecticut, 1890-1945

  • Holocaust in Ukraine

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum tells the story of one survivor of the Einsatzgruppen in Piryatin, Ukraine, when they killed 1,600 Jews on April 6, 1942, the second day of Passover:>>I saw them do the killing. At 5:00 p.m. they gave the command, "Fill in the pits." Screams and groans were coming from the pits. Suddenly I saw my neighbor Ruderman rise from under the soil … His eyes w...

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