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von Stackelberg Family History

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Many of us would like to find out more about the von Stackelberg family history. So far, they seem to be a big link in history for many of us researching our ancestors. Many ancestors and relatives (famous and not famous) seem to be related to this important family on www.geni. Please feel free to add information and www.geni name/website links to these lists below. By sharing our research and knowledge we can help each other. Please feel free to also correct anything which gets "lost in translation" with the Estonian, German and Russian website links listed below.... Google Translate is not always reliable as we all know!

Many thanks to you all for your information supplied so far. Please say if you want your name accredited next to a reference.

Other von Stackelberg related projects on www.geni:

Useful websites: the von Stackelberg family:

LOOK UNDER BARON STACKELBERG for a number of name entries. (From Alex Moes: "The Amburger Database about foreigners in pre-revolutionary Russia is based on Professor Erik Amburger's (1907 – 2001) name catalogue, which contains more than 90,000 index cards. The database has served as the basis for countless books and articles. Its particular strength lies in its great genealogical integrity. It was digitised at the then Institute for Eastern Europe in Munich during the 1990s with support from the Volkswagenstiftung, Thyssenstiftung and the Federal Ministry for Home Affairs.")

Berndt Otto Stackelberg (older): Otto Stackelberg his son (Warmarchalk): Berndt Otto Stackelberg (younger). See below for www.geni profile of Berndt Otto Stackelberg.

Old von Stackelberg residences: There must be many buildings and towns named after the von Stackelberg family and it would be nice to know about these and where they are.  

(These links are to a hotel and spa named the Von Stackelberg Hotel in Tallinn. This property was originally owned by Baron von Stackelberg and only opened in 2006/7.)

  • (Eivere Manor had various owners until 1838, when Patrick von Stackelberg gained ownership of the estate. The manor was bought from Friedrich von Patkul by Patrick William von Stackelberg. In 1859 Patrick died and manor was passed to his oldest son, Wolter von Stackelberg, who was born in 1835, and his wife Maria von Engelhardt. They had two sons, Reinhold and Ernst. Ten years later, in 1869, Wolter died and Maria remarried Arnold von Stackelberg, Lord of the Rawaküll manor.)
  • (Estonian mansion names in German).
  • There is more detailed information on Wikipedia (much more text in Estonian than in English) and the links listed are endless.
  • Estonian Manors: (available also in German)
  • Besides the manors, the von Stackelbergs owned other types of property. There were properties owned by the von Stackelbergs in Tallinn and in Läänemaa, Rakvere and Paide Counties ( (Source links: thanks to EppE)
  • The Old Manor Isenhof in Lüganuse (Luggenhusen), Ida-Viru district (Ida-Viru County) in Estonia was in family ownership from 1731 to 1918. Major masters of the fortress were diplomat Ernst von Stackelberg Gustav and Major Genera Otto Magnus von Stackelberg .
  • The Manor House Hördel in circles Raplamaa (Rapla maakond) in the municipality of Rapla in Estonia was acquired in 1842 by Georg Wolter Stackelberg and remained until 1919 within the family.
  • The estate Fähna in Harju county (Harju) in the community of Harku in Estonia was built in 1784 by Otto von Stackelberg Christian Englbrecht.
  • The new mansion of Castle Well Kaltenbrunn which was located in the municipality in the district Roosna-Alliku Järva (Järvamaa) in Estonia was completed in 1786 by Otto Friedrich von Stackelberg. It was left up to the expropriation in 1919 of the family property. (Source links: A recent family visitor says: "Kaltenbrunn Manor is great. It is beautiful and you can feel what a lot of work had been done to the place - a living museum, used as school and place for the head of town and so on."
  • From Anne Menert:" I am interested in the history of Estonian manors and their owners as I spent my childhood holidays in one. One of may favourite manor houses in Estonia is Taagepera Castle, which from 1674 to1806 belonged to Otto von Stackelberg. This house was designed by the architect Otto Wildau (1873-1972), who also designed the manor house, Läänemaa at Illuste; where I spent all my summers from 1966 to1975. Recently I visited Vääna Mõisakool (in the manor house of Fahna) and added photos to www.geni from the school website, , as well as those photos that are available in the Estonian national archives at"
  • * Castle Alt-Isenhof (Purtse)
  • *See:

Famous von Stackelbergs:

Royal connections (to most of the European royalty past and present), for example:

Variations on the von Stackelberg surname on www.geni:

  • Some of the von Stackelbergs have "a.d.H. Hördel" added to their surname ; this addition to the surname is because the family came from the property at Hördel .
  • Freiin von Stackelberg: there are 45 profiles within the von Stackelberg www.geni 1,040 profiles.
  • von Stackelberg, H. Fegefeuer. 1 profile on www.geni (but am not totally sure if this is a variation on the surname or not).
  • There are 44 profiles of the Frhr Von Stackelbergs within the 1,040 profiles on www.geni and under this surname variation you will find 3 further interesting documents on the von Stackelbergs.

The von Stackelberg diaspora: current countries of residence of the family: Estonia, Latvia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, England, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Holland, France, South America (Chile, Argentina, Paraguay), USA, Canada