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  • Anna Maria Eckert (1743 - 1821)
  • Elisabeth Trump (1880 - 1966)
    At the time of Fritt Trump's death his net worth was about $32,000, which translates into over $500,000 in modern currency. Elisabeth Christ Trump and her fifteen-year-old son, Fred Jr. went into the r...
  • Joseph Christ (1832 - ✝)
  • Maria Catherina Yockey (1725 - 1800)
  • Maria Susanna Anna Christ►Lubomirska (1722 - 1771)
    Jan Teodor Lubomirski lengyel herceg adoptálta, így neve ezután: Prinzessin Lubomirska, valójában angol származású, eredeti édesapja John Christ Lubomirski herceg főlovászmestere volt, anyja Anne Elisa...

О фамилии Christ

John Christ came from Germany with one of his brothers. These are the brothers and sisters of John Christ: Anna Christ; Elizabeth Christ-Jensen; Emma Christ; Katheryn Christ; George Christ - George might have married a Mortimer of NY.; Charles Christ. They opened a tailor or upholstery shop in Manhattan, NY. He may have lived in NJ for some time also. He was married to Anna Schickerinsky. They were members of The Order of the Eastern Star. John and Anna had 2 sons. William Charles Christ -born 1891 died 1968; Herbert George Christ -born 1898 died 1967 My 1st cousin David Christ tested with Genebase.com and tested positive for the I1 Y DNA Haplogroup. The following are his numbers. Positive for: M168T; M170C; M89T; Sry10831.1G David Christ had 91 STR Loci tested in the Y chromosome. These numbers are matching with Bedouin, Palestinian, and CMH=Cohen Modal Haplotype of Israelite origins.

Cohan or Cohen is considered to be direct descendents of Aaron, the brother of Moses. Also, "CMH is considered to be the genetic signature in J1 and the Priestly signature." Source: Skorecki 1997.

Of Anglo-Saxon origins: Northern Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, England, Old Norman regions of France, Basques & Sardinians. I1 Norse Peak gradient Sweden I1 UN1 Ultra Norse peak gradient

Linda Lea Christ