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Rabbi Abraham ben Yehiel Michel Catz HaCohen of Lask MP (b. - 1799)

A common mistake connects Avraham as a son of his BROTHER Shmuel. This is a big mistake. Abraham, Shmuel, and Elazar HaCohen of Lask - were 3 sons of Yechiel-Michel Catz, HaCohen of Lask (The grandson ...

Abū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel ben Shmuel haKohen, Gaon of Sura MP (c.940 - d.)

Son of Shmuel Ben Hofni HaGaon, brother-in-law of Hai Gaon Israel ben Samuel Gaon ha-Kohen Abū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel ben Samuel Gaon ha-Kohen was the son of Samuel ben Hophni. During his father’s tenure as ...

HaGaon Rabbi Akiva HaCohen Katz, [of Budin] MP (c.1460 - 1496)

Akiva Ha-COHEN There was a man here in Prague that was great in Torah, wealth and Yichus that came to Prague from those that were exiled from the holy congregation of Uban (Budapest) because of a lib...

Rabbi Akiva Hakohen Katz, ABD Saloniki (Alter of Salonika) MP (c.1360 - c.1450)

Direct dec of Eli HaKohen—Kohen Gadol and judge at Shiloh, teacher of Shmuel HaNavi. Speculative Evidence: R’ Akiva HaCohen Katz of Salonika As it turns out there is a tantalizing factoid in the ...

Avraham Menahem HaCohen Rapaport (Rapa von Porto) MP (1520 - 1593)

PORTO (Rafa-Rapaport), ABRAHAM MENAHEM BEN JACOB HA-KOHEN (1520–after 1594), one of the important rabbis of Verona. In his youth he studied in Venice where he became acquainted with Elijah *Levita and ...

Azariah ibn Abū ʾl-ʿAlā Israel Gaon, haKohen MP (c.973 - d.)

HaGaon Chaim HaCohen-Katz, ABD Posen and Frankfurt MP (c.1582 - 1635)

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see chart of family Latzko Rabbi of Frankfurt am Main Rabbi Haim KATZ from Poznan (in polish) = Posen (in german) (descendant of MAHARAL) married his relative ...

Rabbi Chaim Lajser Wartski HaCohen, zt"l,hy"d MP (1890 - 1944)

son of haZadik haNistar rabbi Benjamin menachem (Benasz) Wartski ztvk"l,Which was one of the36 righteous and malka rivka(nee halter-direct descendant to The Maharal of Prague). Husband of Gitel Feiga, ...

Eliyahu Hakohen MP

Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District, Israel

מר אליהו הכהן - יליד נווה צדק בתל-אביב ונחשב "הכהן הגדול" של חקר תולדות הזמר העברי. הוא הקדיש למעלה מיובל שנים מחייו לפעילות זאת. ערך והגיש עשרות תכנית רדיו וטלוויזיה, המגוללות את סיפורו של היישוב היהו...

Rabbi Ephraim HaCohen Fischel, [of Lvov] ABD Lukow MP (c.1570 - 1653)

See this link: Fischel was considered a Gaon, he was chief-rabbi of the city of Lukow.Jewish settlement in Lukow started in the 15th century.At the time of the Polish-Ukrainian war (1648) the Jewish co...

Hananya "Dayan of the Gate" ben Haninai al-Nahr Paqod (ben Haninai bar Adai), Gaon of Sura MP (c.660 - c.736)

GAON of SURA from 689 to 694 He was previously designated as kohen, but see discussion:- For him to be a descendant of a Bostnai, he is neither kohen nor levi. The profiles ought to be checked agai...

Harav Shlomo HaCohen (Kagan), of Vilna MP (1828 - 1905)

Shlomo Hacohen, the dean of the Vilna Rabbanim, served as a Rabbi for nearly 40 years. He was famous throughout the Diaspora for his commentary Cheshek Shlomo on the Talmud and his responsa Binyan Shlo...

Yisrael Meir HaKohen (Chofetz Chaim) MP (1838 - 1933)

Yisrael Meir (Kagan) Poupko (1838 - 1933) known popularly as The Chofetz Chaim was an influential Eastern European rabbi, Halakhist, posek, and ethicist whose works continue to be widely influential in...

Hasmon HaCohen - חשמון הכהן MP (deceased)

He was a Levite from the lineage of Yo-arib, but his ancestry is unknown. History of Mattathias: The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly family fr...

Ḥophni "Hakhnochi" Yosef ben Yakob haKohen Bar Saṭya, ABD, Gaon of Sura MP (c.902 - c.969)

Bar Saṭya, Joseph ben Jacob In the Epistle of Sherira Gaon (Heb. Iggeret Rav Sherira Ga’on), Joseph ben Jacob is described as “a son of geonim, grandson of the officiants, the priests,” from which ...

Idaiah HaCohen - ידעיה הכהן MP (deceased)

A Levite Priest of the lineage of Yo-arib, ancestor of the Hasmoneans Dynasty History of Mattathias: The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly famil...

Israel Izo Wartski, (HaCohen) MP (1926 - 1997)

direct descendant of the holy rebbe menachem mendel morgenstern ztk"l -the kozker rebbe and the holy rebbe dovid morgenstern ztk"l - the admor of Kotzk from his daughter Rivka wajzngott(morgenstern),so...

Jachin HaKohen יכין הכהן MP (deceased)

A Levite ancestor the lineage of Yo-arib, and the Hasmoneans Dynasty History of Mattathias: The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly family from Mo...

Joarib HaCohen יהויריב הכהן MP (deceased)

A Levite House of Yo-arib, ancestor of the Hasmoneans Dynasty History of Mattathias: The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly family from Modi'in. ...

Jonathan Aristobulus III Last Hasmonean High Priest MP (-53 - -36)

Aristobulus III (53 BCE – 36 BCE ) was the last scion of the Hasmonean royal house, brother of Herod the Great's wife Mariamne, and paternal grandson of Aristobulus II. He was a favorite of the peopl...

Joseph Cabi ben Simon, High Priest MP (deceased)

Joseph Cabi ben Simon was a Herodian-era High Priest of Israel in Jerusalem, Iudaea Province, appointed (and deposed) by Herod Agrippa II. “ . . . the king [Agrippa] . . . gave the high priesthood to...

Rabbi Meir Hakohen Katz Ashkenazi MP (c.1589 - c.1642)

Sources: Meir Ashkenazi in Hebrew Books Hebrew Books ספר ״גבורות אנשים״ ב Pupil of Jesue Falk (Sema) and of Maharam Lublin. Instructed his famous son in his early Talmudic learning (iv 5). ...

Rabbi Meir HaCohen Katz, Shach s.#4 (youngest) MP (bef.1655 - d.)

became Gdol Hador and an author Possible ancestor of Rabbi Meir HaKohen ABD Lublin

haZadik haNistar Rabbi Benjamin Menachem (Benasz) Wartski,(HaCohen) ztk"l MP (1830 - 1907)

rabbi benjamin menachem(Benasz ) wartski ztvk"l from Kalisz,poland,was one of the 36 righteous people== 1:he was married twice: his first wife was:rachela tencer2.: his second wife was:malka rivk...

Rabbi Menachem Hacohen MP

Video of Rabbi Menachem Hacohen talking about his meeting with the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Wikipedia Article Menachem Hacohen (Hebrew: מנחם הכהן‎‎, born 26 July 1932) is an Israeli rabbi, writer, thinke...

1-Miryam (Catz) Landa/2 - Daughter of Itshak Plocker MP (1772 - 1843)

על פי רשימות משפחת הורוויץ בעברית: מרים כ"ץ נפטרה בפלוצק בתאריך יט' ניסן תר"ג. בעלה הראשון היה יעקב-שלום ליפשיץ. בעלה השני היה דן לנדא. ילדיה מדן לנדא היו: חנה לנדא מפלוצק אסתר לנדא מפלוצק אברה...

Rabbi Mojzesz (Moshe) Majer (Meir) Wartski HaCohen, Parnas in Kalisz MP (1804 - c.1868)

נישא לריבקה לבית קרול ב 1823 ככל הנראה התאלמן ונישא שנית בוורשה ב 15.3.1851 צאצא של האדמו"ר מגור(דרך משפחתה של אמו)? צאצא ישיר של רש"י ע"ה-דוד המלך ע"ה פרנס ומנהיג בק"ק קאליש direct descendant of ras...

Moshe Hakohen Katz, ABD Brisk, Slutzk & Lewitzk MP (1570 - d.)

Known as Moshe Ha-Cohen Katz of Brest Litovsk 1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg. 39 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association-אילן יח- הג"מ משה הכהן אבד״ק בריסק לוצק Reference: MyHeritage F...

Rabbi Moshe HaKohen Katz, ABD Podhajce, Podolia] Shach s.#1 MP (aft.1638 - 1686)

ור״מ דק"ק מינסק Rabbi in Poodeiz. Outstanding Talmudic scholar. Advanced two of his grandfathers' works to print. (Nekudot Hakesef and Tokfe Kohen). (With silver dots on the work of Kohen) (i...

Rabbi Naftali Zvi Hirsch HaCohen, Nassi Eretz Hakodesh MP (c.1550 - 1626)


Rabbi Naftali Hirsch HaCohen Katz II, ABD Frankfurt, Posen - [Smikhat Hakhamim] MP (c.1650 - 1719)

KATZ, NAPHTALI BEN ISAAC (Ha-Kohen; 1645–1719), rabbi and kabbalist. Katz was born in Stepan (Volhynia), where his father was rabbi. In his youth he was taken captive by the Tatars but managed to escap...

Nechama Ashkenazi (Cohen) MP (1630 - d.)

Orit Farkash - Ha'Cohen (Farkash ) MP

עורכת דין ישראלית שכיהנה כיו"ר רשות החשמל

R' Moshe Katzenellenbogen MP (c.1420 - d.)

Rabbi Raphael HaCohen Katz, [Chief Rabbi of Altona-Hamburg-Wandsbek] MP (1722 - 1803)

עברית Wikipedia Hebrew English Wikipedia Biography - English Jewish Encyclopedia תולדותיו: 'Hebrew Books

R' Meir Simcha Ha-Kohen of Dvinsk "Or Sameyach" MP (1843 - 1926)

Rabbi Meir Simcha of Dvinsk (1843–1926) was a rabbi and prominent leader of Orthodox Judaism in Eastern Europe in the early 20th century. He was a kohen, and is therefore often referred to as Meir Simc...

HaRav Shabty Ashkenazi HaCohen Katz, the "SHaCH" MP (1622 - 1663)

Rabbi Shabse HaCohen was born in Vilna, in the year 5382 (1622), that is, a little less than 350 years ago. His father Rabbi Meir was Av Beth-Din (Head of the Jewish Court). In Vilna Shabti became the ...

Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen, Gaon of Sura MP (c.920 - c.1013)

Wikipedia: Samuel ben Hofni Gaon רב שמואל בן חפני גאון. Samuel ben Ḥophni (d. 1013) was the gaon of the Sura yeshiva and an original exegete, theologian, and halakhist who continued in the Judeo-Ar...

Rabbi Shmuel HaKohen Lasker MP (1712 - 1792)

For all information: In spite of the common mistake, Shmuel never had a son by the name of Abraham. He did have a young brother by the name of Abraham.This profile will be curated, so that this mistake...

wife, Shmuel Catz (Goldes daughter #1), of Lask (Lasker) MP (deceased)

For all information:In spite of the common mistake, Shmuel and his wife never had a son by the name of Abraham.Shmuel did have a young brother by the name of Abraham.This profile will be curated, so th...

Rabbi Yaakov HaCohen MP (deceased)

Rabbi Yishmael HaCohen MP (1851 - 1929)

ר' ישמעאל הכהן אמו: מרת רבקה. אשתו: רבקה (בזיווג שני), ראשה (בזיווג שלישי). אחיו: ר' שמעון. מורו: ר' יוסף חיים - הבן איש חי. נולד בשנת ה'תרי"א בעיר יזד (איראן). נשא לאישה את נכדתו של הרב אברהם פאלאג'...

Rabbi Isaak Majer HaKohen Lewin MP (1893 - 1971)

Yitzhak-Meir LevinRabbi Yitzhak-Meir Levin (Hebrew: יצחק-מאיר לוין‎, born 30 January 1893, died 7 August 1971) was an Haredi (ultra-orthodox Jewish) politician. He had political roles in Poland and Isr...

Rabbi Yitzchak HaCohen Katz, II [of Stopin and Lublin] MP (c.1608 - c.1670)

Av Beis Din in Stefan "Die Familie Wolf"- by Ernst Wolf 1924 "Unbroken Chain", by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, page 451 G6.6. R. Isaac Katz, Darshan of Parague and later ABD of Stepan in Volhynia. He a...

Yitzhak HaKohen Katzenellenbogen, [of Ellenbogen] MP (1445 - 1530)

Subject: סדר הדורות אבותיו של מהר"ם מפדואה עד רש"י: [%D7%9E%D7%94%D7%A8"%D7%9D מפדואה]* יצחק קנצנלנבוגן [%D7%A0%D7%A9%D7%90 את יוליה מלכה, בת יחיאל לוריא השני]* יחיאל לוריא השני עבר מאלזס לבריסק* א...

Rabbi Yitzhak haKohen Katz, [Maharal law] MP (1550 - 1624)

Notes Isaac bn Shimshon k"ts z"l 1623/24 Rabbi Yitzhak (Issac) (Jizchak) KATZ (COHEN TZEDEK) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague) son of Rabbi Shimhson (Samson) COHEN first married Lea LOEW daughter of the Mahara...

Rabbi Yitzhak HaCohen Katz, [of Buda and Galanta] MP (c.1400 - aft.1466)

Name: Itzhak Ha-Cohen KATZ Birth: ABT 1400 in Salonika, Central Macedonia, Greece Death: in Constantinople Occupation: Head of the rabbinic court in the districts of Galata and Pera in the capita...

Yocheved Frenkel Charif MP (deceased)

A descendent writes about her and the history of his family: "Yocheved Katz, one of the daughters of Shmuel Katz-Lasker. She married R' Yehuda of Lissa, author of "Beit Yehuda", whose surname was Fra...

Yohannan HaCohen, High Priest MP (deceased)

History of Mattathias: The father of Judah and the other Maccabee leaders, Mattathias was from a rural priestly family from Modi'in. Like all fit priests, he served in the Temple in Jerusalem. He w...

Hacohen Weisfish (deceased)

Efraim אפרים Fishel פישל kohn הכהן (Kohn) (1754 - d.)

מתוך רב של שמחה, פ"ז גליקסמן,

לא בן שמואלRabbi Abraham Ha Kohen (למחוק ברבות הימים) (deceased)

Definitely wrongly set as son of Shmuel; actually Shmuel is his younger brother . Here is his accurate profile in GENI: Rabbi Abraham ben Yehiel Michel Catz HaCohen of Lask Died in Safed, then Turkis...

'Haïa Liberman (Rozenwasser) (b. - 2000)

(Menashe?) haCohen Seidman (c.1830 - c.1885)

R' Abraham HaKohen LIPSKER [Leipziger], CATZ Ha Cohen of Lask (b. - 1888)

----------------------------- previously death year was 1870 - but the grave information is as follows: cemetery Warszawa (Okopowa) sector 32 row 20 number 30 sex M surname Lipsker first name heb...

(אוזן) הכהן א (deceased)

אהרון שמעון הכהן (deceased)

אהרן הכהן (deceased)

אומה-בתיה הכהן (deceased)

אליהו הכהן (deceased)

אליעזר הכהן (deceased)

אלעזר הכהן (deceased)

אסתר אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

ברוך יצחק הכהן (deceased)

ברוך יצחק הכהן (deceased)

גולדה הכהן (deceased)

גולדה הכהן (deceased)

דוד אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

האדמו"ר דוד אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

הרב יהודה אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

חננאל הכהן (deceased)

טויבא הכהן (deceased)

יוסף הכהן (deceased)

יעקב הכהן (deceased)

ירמיהו הכהן בורנשטיין (deceased)

לא זכור אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

מבני בניו של פנחס הכהן (deceased)

מרגלית שמעון הכהן (deceased)

מרדכי הכהן (deceased)

מרים אלחדד הכהן (deceased)

מרים לונה הכהן (1840 - 1924)

נפתלי צבי הכהן יעקובזון (deceased)

פנחס הכהן (1798 - 1895)

ר' אברהם הכהן (deceased)

ר' מאיר הכהן (deceased)

רבי רפאל שלום חי הכהן (1840 - 1900)

רבינו אברהם הכהן (deceased)

רבינו אליעזר הכהן (deceased)

רבינו יהודה הכהן (deceased)

רבינו יהודה הכהן (deceased)

רבינו מאיר הכהן (deceased)

שמחה הכהן (deceased)

תרזה הכהן- ספן (deceased)

. HaCohen Rubin (deceased)

. HaCohen Rubin (deceased)

. הכהן (deceased)

1 Kohn (deceased)

1st Wife Persits (deceased)

2 Kohn (deceased)

2nd wife of Shmuel ben Hophni haKohen, of Sura (deceased)