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Adalbéron de Luxembourg MP (b. - c.1072)

Princess Alix, Dowager Princess of Ligne MP

Charles Frederic Louis Guillaume Marie de Luxembourg (Borbon), Prince of Luxembourg MP (1927 - 1977)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Johann The Younger #3273 Wikipedia

Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1316 - 1378)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia King of Bohemia: Reign 26 August 1346 – 29 November 1378 Coronation 2 September 1347, Prague Predecessor: John of Bohemia Successor: Wencesla...

Cunigunda, countess of Trèves & Ardennes MP (c.890 - c.923)

Her mother is known, but her father is uncertain. He was possibly Regnier I . See Stewart Baldwin's analysis at (visited June 23, 2011). Cunégonde de France Cunégonde, née ...

Erminsende Countess of Luxembourg MP (c.1084 - 1143)

Conrad I of Luxembourg, Count of Luxembourg, b abt 1048, d 10 Aug 1086. He md Clemence of Poitou abt 1075. She was b abt 1056. Child of Conrad I of Luxembourg and Clemence of Poitou was: Ermesinde ...

Ermessinde, comtesse de Luxembourg MP (c.1080 - 1141)

Ermesinde I van Namen was de dochter van Koenraad I van Luxemburg. Zij was achtereenvolgens gehuwd met Albert van Moha-Dasburg en sinds 1109 met Godfried van Namen. Toen zij na het overlijden van haar ...

Gerard van Limburg, seigneur de Durbuy MP (1223 - 1303)

Giselbert de Luxembourg, comte de Longwy MP (c.957 - 1004)

Giselbert of Luxembourg, Count of Salm & Longwy, Count of Luxembourg MP (c.1005 - 1059)

Giselbert of Luxembourg (c.1007 - 14 August 1059) was count of Salm and of Longwy, then count of Luxembourg from 1047 to 1059. He was the son of Frederick of Luxembourg, count of Moselgau, and perhap...

Gisèle de Luxembourg MP (c.1010 - c.1055)

Vital Statistics Married Rudolf van Gent who died 1052 or after Daughter of FREDERIC Graf im Moselgau & his wife [--- von Hammerstein] Died 21 May, 1058 or after Rudolf van Gent and GISELA de...

Guy de Luxembourg, comte de Saint Pol et de Ligny MP (1340 - 1371)

Guy of Luxembourg Born: c. 1340 Died: 1371 Father: •Jean of Luxembourg (c. 1300-1364) Mother: •Alix of Flanders (Dampierre) (c. 1322-1346) Married: 1354 to Mahaut of Chatillon (c. ...

Henri de Namur, comte de Luxembourg MP (c.1120 - 1196)

Henry IV (c.1112 – 14 August 1196), called the Blind (l'Aveugle or der Blinde), was count of Luxembourg from 1136 and count of Namur from 1139 until his abdication in 1189. He was the son of God...

Heinrich (990-1047) II count of Luxembourg & (VII) Duke of Bavaria MP (c.990 - 1047)

Heinrich VII. (Bayern) aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche Heinrich II. von Luxemburg oder Heinrich VII. von Bayern (* ca. 1005; † 14. Oktober 10...

Henry V "the Blondell", Count of Luxembourg MP (1216 - 1281)

Henry V Count of Arlon as Henry V Reign 2 July 1226 – 24 December 1281 Predecessor Waleran III Successor Henry VI Lord of Ligny as Henry I Reign 1240 - 24 December 1281 Predece...

Ermengarda di Lussemburgo MP (1000 - c.1055)

IRMTRUD [Imiza] of Luzembourg (-after 2 Aug 1055, bur Altomünster). daughter of Friedrich I Comte de Luxembourg and Irmtrud? [von Hammerstein] heiress of Gleiberg, daughter of Heribert Graf im K...

Isabelle de Luxembourg MP (c.1243 - 1298)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Isabelle of Luxembourg (1247-1298) was a daughter of Henry V of Luxembourg and his wife, Margaret of Bar. Isabelle was a member of the House of Luxembourg. [...

Jacques I de Luxembourg, seigneur de Richebourg MP (c.1426 - 1487)

Voir Wikipedia...

Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Countess Rivers MP (c.1416 - 1472)

"Jacquetta of Luxembourg, Countess Rivers (1415/1416 – 30 May 1472) was the eldest daughter of Peter I, Count of Saint-Pol, Conversano and Brienne and his wife Margaret de Baux (Margherita del B...

Jean de Luxembourg, comte de Saint Pol MP (1370 - 1397)

ean de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Beaurevoir et Richeburg M, #3497, b. circa 1370, d. circa 1397 Jean de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Beaurevoir et Richeburg|b. c 1370\nd. c 1397|p350.htm#i3497|Guy de Luxe...

Jean II de Luxembourg, comte de Ligny MP (1392 - 1441)

Jean "Hennequin" de Luxembourg, seigneur de Haubourdin MP (c.1400 - 1466)

See Wikipedia...

Jeanne de St. Leger (de Luxembourg) MP (c.1382 - d.)

Jutta of Lower Lorraine MP (c.1036 - 1082)

FRIEDRICH [II Comte de Luxembourg] (-28 Aug 1065, bur Stablo). The Vita Adelheidis names "Heinrici magnifici ducis et Adhelberonis Metensis episcopi, Friderici ducis fratrumque suorum" as grandsons...

Louis de Luxembourg, comte de Saint Pol MP (1418 - 1475)

Louis de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol Louis de Luxembourg, Count of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, de Ligny, and Conversano (1418 – 19 December 1475) belonged to the Ligny branch of the House of Lux...

Luitgard of Luxembourg MP (c.963 - 1005)

Lutgardis of Luxembourg, also known as Liutgardis, Liutgarde and Lutgard, (955 - c 1003 or possibly later) was a daughter of Siegfried of Luxembourg and Hedwig of Nordgau. Her sister was Cunigunde ...

Marguerite d'Enghien, comtesse de Brienne MP (1365 - c.1394)

Marguerite was born in 1365, the eldest daughter of Louis of Enghien, Count of Brienne and of Conversano, Lord of Enghien, Titular Duke of Athens, and Giovanna of Sanseverino. She had three younger sis...

Marguerite de Savoie MP (1439 - 1483)

Titles Margravine of Montferrat Countess of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, de Ligny, Marle and Soissons Marguerite of Savoy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marguerite of Savoy (1439- 9 March ...

Marie de Luxembourg, reine de France MP (1304 - 1324)

Marie de Luxembourg (1305 - 1324) ) Marie de Luxembourg, née vers 1305, morte le 21 mars 1324 à Issoudun, fille de l'empereur Henri VII de Luxembourg et de Marguerite de Brabant. Le...

Marie de Luxembourg, comtesse de Saint Pol MP (1472 - 1547)

Marie de Luxembourg (v. 1472 † 1er avril 1546 La Fère), fille de Pierre II de Luxembourg, comte de Saint-Pol, et de Marguerite de Savoie (1439 † 1483) Fille ainée de ses p...

Mathilde de Luxembourg MP (c.1068 - c.1110)

Pierre II de Luxembourg, comte de Saint Pol MP (1448 - 1482)

Pierre II de Luxembourg From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pierre II de Luxembourg (?-25 Oct 1482), Count of Saint-Pol, of Brienne, Marle and Soissons, was the second eldest son of Louis de Luxe...

Pierre I de Luxembourg, comte de Saint Pol MP (1390 - 1433)

Peter I of Luxembourg Peter of Luxembourg (1390 – 31 August 1433) was a son of John of Luxembourg, Lord of Beauvoir, and his wife Marguerite of Enghien. His inheritance included the counties o...

Sigismund /Žigmund, Holy Roman Emperor MP (1368 - 1437)

) Sigismund von Luxemburg Zsigmond magyar király Zikmund Lucemburský Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor; King of the Romans, Bohemia, Italy, Hunga...

Thibaut de Luxembourg, comte de Brienne MP (1410 - 1477)

Theobald (Thibaut) de Luxembourg, Seigneur de Fiennes, Bishop of Le Mans1,2,3,4 M, #48428, d. 1 September 1477 Father Sir Pierre of Luxembourg, Count of St. Pol, Conversano, & Brienne, Seigneur d'E...

Unknown father of Cunigunda de Luxembourg MP (c.870 - c.910)

Adalberon de Luxembourg, præpositus Saint Paul de Trêve (971 - d.)

Agnès de Luxembourg (b. - 1297)

Alix de Dampierre, dame de Richebourg (1322 - 1346)

André de Luxembourg (1364 - 1396)

Évêque de Cambrai (1389-1396) En 1392, Philippe le Hardi arbitre un différent entre l'évêque et le chapitre sur des questions de change. Le 8 septembre l'év&...

Anna de Luxembourg (1319 - 1338)

Anne of Bohemia (1323–1338) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Anne of Bohemia also known as Anna of Luxembourg (1323–3 September 1338) was a daught...

Anne de Luxembourg (d'Arvilliers) (deceased)

Antoine de Luxembourg, comte de Ligny (c.1515 - 1557)

Antoine I de Luxembourg, comte de Brienne (c.1450 - 1519)

Antoine de Luxembourg, seigneur de Luxemont, Bastard of Brienne (b. - 1538)

Antoinette •Bâtarde de Luxembourg (deceased)

Baldwin of Luxembourg, Archbishop-Elector Balduin of de Luxembourg (Trier), Erzbischof (1285 - 1354)

Barbe de Luxembourg (deceased)

Baudoin de Luxembourg, Seigneur de la Planque (deceased)

Béatrice de Luxembourg (c.1277 - 1321)

Béatrice de Luxembourg (1305 - 1319)

Beatrice, dame de La Marche (deceased)

Catherine de Luxembourg (1422 - 1489)

Catherine de Luxembourg (1395 - d.)

Catherine of De Luxembourg (1422 - 1489)

Catherine Antoinette de Luxembourg (1314 - d.)

Catherine de Luxembourg (b. - 1366)

Catherine de Luxembourg, dite de Fiennes (deceased)

Charles de Luxembourg, comte de Ligny (1488 - 1530)

Charles de Luxembourg (deceased)

Charles de Luxembourg (b. - c.1509)

Charles de Luxembourg, comte de Ligny (1562 - 1608)

Charles de Luxembourg, seigneur de Beaufremez (deceased)

Charlotte de Luxembourg (1484 - d.)

Claude de Luxembourg, dame du Bois d'Esquerdes (c.1255 - d.)

DuBois --- Geoffri DuBois born about 1046 married Idoine Tesson of the Cotentin Penisula. Geoffri was one of the Chevaliers who accompanied William the Conqueror for the invasion of England in 1066. As...

Clemence de Luxembourg (de Aquitaine) (1060 - 1142)

Colette de Luxembourg (deceased)

Conrad de Luxembourg (1076 - d.)

Conrad II, comte de Luxembourg (c.1110 - 1135)

Conrad I, Comte de Luxembourg (1040 - 1086)

Cunigunda de Luxembourg, Comtesse de Treves & d' Ardennes (c.890 - c.923)

Cunigunde de Luxembourg, Kaiserin des Heiligen Römischen Reiches (c.975 - 1033)

Saint Cunigunde of Luxembourg (c. 975 – 3 March 1040 at Kaufungen), also called St. Cunegundes and St. Cunegonda, was the wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Saint Henry II. She is the Patroness of L...

Eleanore de Luxembourg (deceased)

Elisabeth de Luxembourg (1273 - d.)

Elisabeth Isabela Margaret Anna Jacquetta Schwarzkopf (de Luxembourg) (deceased)

Elizabeth de Luxembourg (deceased)

Eliška Lucemburská (de Luxembourg) (1319 - 1324)

Ermentrude de Luxembourg (972 - d.)

Erminsende de Namur (de Luxembourg) (1080 - 1143)

Ermisende de Luxembourg (c.1084 - 1143)

Ermisende de Luxembourg (c.1084 - 1143)

Eve of de Luxembourg (975 - 1040)

Felicitée de Luxembourg (1276 - 1336)

Francoise de Luxembourg, Markgräfin zu Baden-Baden (1475 - 1566)

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François de Luxembourg, comte de Ligny (b. - 1613)

François de Luxembourg (b. - 1472)

François de Luxembourg, vicomte de Martigues (b. - 1553)

François de Luxembourg, vicomte de Martigues (deceased)

Françoise de Luxembourg, dame d'Enghien (b. - 1523)

Giles De Luxembourg (deceased)

Gilles Bâtard de Luxembourg, Evêque et comte de Chalons, Pair de F (deceased)

Guillaume, Comte de Luxembourg (c.1080 - 1130)

Guillaumette de Luxembourg (c.1440 - 1501)

Guillemette de Luxembourg (deceased)

Guyotte, châtelaine de Lille (1280 - 1338)

Guyotte de Lille ° 1275/77 + 07/081338 Châtelaine et dame de Lille, Haubourdin, Emmerin, Phalempin, La Bassée et Herlies (elle vend la châtellenie de Lille au duc de Bourgog...

Helwide de Luxembourg (1055 - d.)

Henri II de Luxembourg (1281 - d.)

Henri III, comte de Luxembourg (1312 - d.)

Henri de Luxembourg (1344 - 1366)

Henri de Luxembourg (deceased)