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Agnes Devereux (Crophull) MP (c.1371 - c.1436)

Agnes Crophull1,2,3,4,5,6,7 F, #21887, b. circa 1372, d. 3 February 1436 Father Sir Thomas de Crophull2,3,4,5,6,7 b. c 1350, d. 18 Nov 1381 Mother Sibilla de la Bere2,3,4,5,6,7 b. 19 May 1338, d....

Alice "the Younger" Devereux (Neville) MP (1371 - d.)

Anne Devereux MP (1345 - 1403)

See Peter Bartrum, (July 5, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) Dame Anne Margaret Devereux 1345–1403 Birth 1345 • Leominster, Hertfordshire, England Death 1403 • Hertford, Hertfordshire, England ...

Anne Leighton (Devereux) MP (c.1570 - 1620)

Lady Anne Herbert (Devereux), Countess of Pembroke MP (1423 - 1486)

See Peter Bartrum, (February 1, 2018; Anne Brannen, curator) Anne Devereux Anne Devereux (c. 1430, Bodenham - after June 25, 1486), was the daughter of Walter Devereux (1411–1459), the Lord Chancel...

Anne Devereux (Ferrers), 7th Baroness Ferrers of Chartley MP (1438 - 1469)

The title Baron Ferrers of Chartley was created on 6 February 1299 for John de Ferrers, son of Robert de Ferrers, 6th Earl of Derby. The daughter of the 6th Baron Ferrers of Chartley, Anne , married Wa...

Catherine Devereux (Arden) MP (c.1558 - 1627)

'Catherine Arden1 --- or was she Katharine ? 'F, #438027, d. 20 November 1627 Last Edited=18 Jul 2010 ' Catherine Arden was the daughter of Edward Arden.2 She married Sir Edward Devereux, 1st Bt....

Cecilia Devereux, b1408 MP (c.1408 - c.1449)

'Cicily Devereux 'F, b. circa 1415, d. circa 1434 Father Walter Devereux, Esq. b. c 1387, d. 1420 Mother Maud Bromwich b. c 1391 ' Cicily Devereux was born circa 1415.1 She married Sir John Bas...

Cecily Devereux (Bourchier), Baroness Ferrer MP (c.1464 - 1493)

Sir Edward Devereux, MP, 1st Baronet of Castle Bromwich MP (c.1544 - c.1622)

No proof this is Elizabeth Devoroys father her parents are Ursula Pitcher and Edmund Devoroys Sir Edward Devereux, 1st Baronet of Castle Bromwich Sir Edward Devereux (c1544-1622) was an English pol...

Lady Elizabeth Anne Devereux MP (1413 - 1475)

'Elizabeth Devereux1 F, #443943 Last Edited=17 Jul 2010 ' Elizabeth Devereux is the daughter of Sir Walter Devereux and Maud Bromwich.1 ' Her married name became Milbourne.1 Citations 1.[S3...

Elizabeth Corbet (Devereux) MP (c.1452 - c.1541)

Elizabeth Devereux1,2,3,4,5,6 F, #11000, d. 1516 Father Sir Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrers2,7,8,4,5,9 b. c 1432, d. 22 Aug 1485 Mother Anne Ferrers2,7,8,4,5,9 b. Nov 1438, d. 9 Jan 1469 Elizabet...

Elizabeth Vernon (Devereux) MP (c.1541 - c.1583)

Notes: Chief Maid-in-Waiting of Queen Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Devereux (Merbury) MP (c.1412 - 1459)

+++++++++++++==Elizabeth Merbury== Elizabeth Merbury (c. 1412) was an English noblewoman. Elizabeth was the daughter of Sir John Merbury, by his first wife, Alice Pembridge. She was married to Walter...

Isabel Devereux MP (deceased)

Isabel Devereux1 F, #438008 Last Edited=2 May 2011 Isabel Devereux is the daughter of Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Lord Ferrers (of Chartley) and Anne Ferrers.2 She married Sir James Baskerville.1 ...

Isabella Devereux (de Cantilupe), Lady of Boketon MP (c.1192 - 1236)

Isabel (Cantelou) (de) Cantilupe B: Abt 1195 Ewyas Harold, County Herefordshire, England

Brig. Gen. James Patrick Sinnott Devereux USMC MP (1903 - 1988)

James Patrick Sinnott Devereux. James P.S. Devereux Birth name James Patrick Sinnott Devereux Born February 20, 1903 Cabana, Cuba Died August 5, 1988 (aged 85) Baltimore, Maryland ...

Joan Burnell (Devereux) MP (b. - 1409)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Joan Devereux: Joan Devereux[1] F, #190989, d. 11 May 1409 Last Edited=6 Sep 2010 Joan Devereux was the daughter of Sir John Devereux, 1st Lord Dever...

John Devereux, 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley MP (c.1461 - 1501)

John Devereux, 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John Devereux, 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley (1463 - 3 May 1501) was an English Peer. Family He was the eldest...

Sir John Devereux, 1st Lord Devereux MP (1350 - c.1393)

Dates held in merged profile: Birth Date c. 1311 Death Date c1359 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * 'Sir John Devereux, 1st Lord Devereux1,2,3,4,5,6 'M, #31173, b. circa 1361, d. 22 February 1393 Father...

Katherine Sibyl Baskerville (Devereux) MP (c.1438 - 1499)

Sybil Devereux1 F, #30486, b. circa 1440, d. before 1499 Father Sir Walter Devereux, Sheriff of Herefordshire & Gloucestershire, Constable of Wigmore, Keeper of Leominster b. c 1412, d. 22 Apr 1459...

Katherine (Devereux) Baskerville MP (c.1520 - d.)

See Peter Bartrum, (March 4, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator) Devereux History The family name Devereux (pronounced Deverooks) arose in Normandy, France around 980 AD. It originally was a contraction o...

Maud (Matilda) D'Evreux (Devereux), of Salisbury MP (1093 - 1142)

See notes on overview of Edward of Salisbury These point out the likleyhood that Maud/Matilda was the daughter of nn #1 wife of Edward and not Matilda fitzHubert Maud (Mathilda or Mahaut) d'Evreux ...

Penelope Blount, Countess of Devonshire MP (1563 - 1607)

This unusual double portrait of the teenage sisters Dorothy (left) and Penelope Devereux (right) hangs at Longleat House, home of Lord Bath. Dorothy was to become Countess of Northumberland upon her ma...

Philippa Walter d'Evreux (le Devereux) (Normandie) MP (c.1037 - 1066)

See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( )

Sir Richard Devereux, MP MP (c.1511 - 1547)

'Sir Richard Devereux1 'M, #139901, d. 13 October 1547 Last Edited=2 May 2011 Consanguinity Index=1.75% 'Sir Richard Devereux was the son of Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford and Lady Mary...

Sir Richard Devereux MP (c.1456 - d.)

Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex MP (1565 - 1601)


Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex MP (c.1590 - 1646)

Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex (11 January 1591 – 14 September 1646) was an English Parliamentarian and soldier during the first half of the seventeenth century. With the start of the English C...

Sir Thomas Devereux MP (c.1458 - d.)

Walter Devereux MP (1332 - 1376)

Sir Walter Devereux, Jr. MP (c.1387 - 1459)

'Walter Devereux, Esq.1,2,3 'M, #23240, b. circa 1387, d. 1420 Father Sir Walter Devereux, Sheriff of Herefordshire, Constable of Builth Castle2,4 b. c 1359, d. 20 Jun 1401 Mother Agnes Crophull2...

Sir Walter Devereux MP (1411 - 1459)

) 'Sir Walter Devereux, Sheriff of Herefordshire & Gloucestershire, Constable of Wigmore, Keeper of Leominster1,2,3,4,5,6 'M, b. circa 1412, d. 22 April 1459 Father Walter Devereux, Esq.7,3 b. ...

Sir Walter Devereux, KG, 1st Viscount Hereford, 9th Baron Ferrers of Chartley MP (c.1488 - 1558)

In May 1501, his father died and Walter succeeded him as the 9th Baron Ferrers of Chartley. On 7 December 1509 he had special livery, although still under age, without proof of age or payment of relief...

Walter Devereux, 1st Earl of Essex. MP (1539 - 1576)

Find-a-Grave Memorial #77266174 --------------------------------------------------------------------- References:

Walter Devereux, Sr. MP (c.1326 - 1402)

Story of Walter The following history on the Devereux family is from various sources including "Medieval English Ancestors of Robert Abell" 01. Sir Walter Devereux, of Bodenham, Weobley and Whitc...

Walter Devereux, IV, 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley MP (1432 - 1485)

Walter Devereux, jure uxoris 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartley (c. 1431 – 22 August 1485) was a minor member of the English peerage and a loyal supporter of the Yorkist cause during the Wars of the Roses. ...

The Hon. Sir William Devereux, MP MP (c.1525 - 1579)

Sir William Devereux1 M, #86801, b. circa 1525, d. before 2 November 1579 Father Sir Walter Devereux, 1st Viscount Hereford2 b. 1491, d. 17 Sep 1558 Mother Mary Grey3 b. c 1494, d. 22 Feb 1538 ...

Sir William Devereux, Kt. MP (deceased)

Devereux MP (1528 - d.)

devereux MP (deceased)

Devereux (Craze) MP (deceased)

A.J. Antelo Devereux MP (1878 - 1940)

Abigail Devereux MP (c.1771 - d.)

Abigail Sewall (Devereux) MP (deceased)

Ada Drage (Devereux) MP (deceased)

adam robert devereux MP (deceased)

Adelaide Ellinor Devereux (Hughes) MP (b. - 1916)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 825

Adeline Magritte Devereux (Bernard) MP (1918 - 2001)

Aden nelson Devereux MP (1907 - 1976)

Agnes S Devereux MP (1910 - 1972)

Agnes Devereux (Cropholl) MP (1344 - 1421)

Lady Agnes Devereux (Cruphull) MP (1366 - d.)

agnus devereux MP (deceased)

agnus devereux MP (deceased)

Alan Devereux MP (deceased)

Alan Devereux MP (deceased)

alan john devereux MP (1895 - d.)

Alexander Devereux MP (1494 - d.)

Alexander Devereux MP (1883 - d.)

Alexander Joseph Devereux MP (1838 - 1890)

Alexander William Devereux, Anzac MP (1888 - 1917)

Alexandra Van Rensselaer Devereux MP (1910 - 1982)

Alfred Andrew Devereux MP (1890 - 1918)

- Enlisted in AIF, probably early 1916 - Service no. 4488, Private, 11 Infantry Bn - 12/2/1916 - Left Fremantle aboard HMAT Benalla A24 -Was a labourer in civilian life

Alice Devereux (de Grandson) MP (c.1245 - 1308)

Alice Gertrude Devereux MP (1880 - d.)

Alice Green (Devereux) MP (c.1889 - d.)

Alice J Devereux MP (1886 - 1887)

Alice Devereux MP (c.1836 - 1884)

alice devereux (parker) MP (1870 - d.)

Alice May Devereux MP (1894 - d.)

Lady Alice Devereux (de Grandison) MP (b. - c.1267)

alison devereux MP (1899 - d.)

Alma Devereux (Hoobler) MP (1892 - 1989)

Alma May Devereux (Acres) MP (1891 - 1981)

Alston Devereux MP (deceased)

Alvin Devereux MP (1791 - 1824)

Alvin Devereux MP (1820 - 1900)

Alvin J Devereux MP (1851 - d.)

Alvin Devereux MP (1889 - d.)

Am Devereux of Ballymagir MP (deceased)

Amanda Kelsey (Devereux) MP (c.1793 - 1824)

Ambrose Devereux MP (c.1566 - d.)

Anan Devereux MP (1843 - d.)

Andrew Devereux MP (deceased)

Angus Deveraux (Devereux) MP (1857 - 1908)

Anita Isidora Dunne (Devereux) MP (deceased)

Ann Cabot Silsbee (Devereux) MP (1812 - d.)

Ann Margaret Devereux (Barre) MP (deceased)

Ann Devereux MP (1882 - d.)

Lady Ann Devereux (Barre) MP (1320 - 1377)

Ann (Goody) Devereux MP (1620 - 1708)

Anna Eliza Hopkins (Devereux) MP (1883 - d.)

Anna Dixey (Devereux) MP (bef.1690 - d.)

Anna Statira Devereux MP (deceased)

Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 456

Anna Maria Devereux (Davy) MP (deceased)

Annabel Devereux (Rickert) MP (1887 - d.)

Annabel Devereux MP (deceased)


Anne Devereux (Flynn) MP (deceased)