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Alexander de la Planche Duval MP (deceased)

Antoine DuVal MP (c.1620 - 1651)

Rev. Archibald Bolling Duval MP (1799 - d.)

Catherine Eliza Duval MP (1797 - d.)

Catherine Jemima Rector (DuVal) MP (1818 - 1891)

Chevalier of France Daniel DuVal MP (1665 - 1717)

Daniel was known in France as Chevalier Daniel DuVal. He escaped from Normandy, France during the Huguenot persecution when the protestants were being mass murdered and their possessions taken by the K...

Elizabeth Duval (Ijams) MP (c.1671 - 1742)

Elizabeth's maiden name, Ijams, intrigued me. So I googled it and found a possible ancestral link. If someone has time to pursue it might be interesting. Here's the internet address of the possible fam...

Esther West (Duval) MP (1705 - 1750)

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Jeanne Duval (LaBarbe) MP (1605 - 1657)

Jeanne Lalonde (Duval) MP (1618 - c.1699)

Louise Duval MP (c.1640 - 1694)

Lucie Duval (Claiborne) MP (c.1726 - 1810)

Born in Romancoke Es on 1710 to William Claiborne and Elizabeth Whitehead. Lucy married Samuel Duval and had 8 children. She passed away on 1810 in Henrico, Virginia, USA.

Madeleine Duval, France MP (c.1636 - 1713)

Margaret Duval (Gwin) MP (1800 - 1863)

Marie Duval MP (c.1633 - 1704)

Marie-Françoise Duval MP (1692 - 1786)

Mary Allen (Duval) MP (1730 - c.1809)

Miss Mary married John William Swiger in Bavaria, West Germany (c) 1749. After their marriage, John William and Mary first settled in Bavaria, West Germany, where their first child, Christopher, was ...

Mary J Potter Knight (Duval) MP (deceased)

Michelle Duval MP (c.1651 - 1711)

Miranda Juliette "Julia" Duval MP (1803 - 1862)

Find a Grave Birth: 1803 Maryland, USA Death: Jul. 9, 1862 Edgefield Edgefield County South Carolina, USA (special thanks to Betty McDade for the following info) - Pierce Mason Butler married M...

Nicolas Duval, fils MP (c.1750 - d.)

Philadelphia Duval (Dubois) MP (aft.1677 - bef.1718)

comments Last updated April 2015 Said to have been a relative (niece) of Cardinal Guillaume Du Bois . However no relationship can currently be found. See page 6 for details of that family.

Pierre Duval MP (1604 - c.1675)

Pierre Duval MP (1685 - 1762)

Rev. Samuel Sheppard Duval MP (1798 - d.)

Samuel Duval, Sr. MP (1713 - 1784)

Born in King William, Virginia, USA on 22 Jan 1713 to Daniel Duval and Philadelphia DuBois. Samuel married Lucy Claiborne and had 8 children. He passed away on 1783 in St Johns Mount Comfort Richmond H...

Sheppard Duval MP (1776 - d.)

William Duval's wife MP (deceased)

Mareen Duvall's father MP (deceased)

Mareen Duvall (1625–1699) was a French Huguenot and an early American settler. His parents are Not known. Marin Duval , was born at Nantes, France in 1625 and arrived in the Province of Maryland on...

William DuVal MP (1704 - 1784)

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William Pope Duval, 1st Gov. of Florida Territory MP (1784 - 1854)

William Pope Duval (September 4, 1784 – March 19, 1854) was the first civilian governor of Florida Territory, serving from April 17, 1822 until April 24, 1834. Early life William Duval was bo...

Duval MP (1545 - d.)

Duval MP (1888 - 1944)

fils naturel d'Eugénie Duval demi-frère de Marc et Eliane Moret source: AD 76

Duval MP (1888 - 1944)

(great-grandma) Duval MP (deceased)

(great-grandpa) Duval MP (deceased)

(nn) Duval (Riser) MP (deceased)

(Unknown) O'Connor (Duval) MP (deceased)

. Duval MP (deceased)

? Auzanneau (Duval) MP (deceased)

? Ezely (Duval) MP (deceased)

? Michas (Duval) MP (deceased)

? Duval (Cingria) MP (deceased)

? Duval MP (deceased)

? Duval MP (deceased)

? Duval (Prinseau) MP (deceased)

? Duval (Michas) MP (deceased)

? Duval (Pin) MP (deceased)

? Moreau (Duval) MP (deceased)

? Bonnet (Duval) MP (deceased)

? Duval MP (deceased)

Abel René Duval MP (1910 - 1910)

Abraham Duval MP (c.1657 - c.1702)

Achille Duval MP (deceased)

Ada DuVal (Leslie) MP (1877 - 1938)

Ada Ethel Wills (Duval) MP (1881 - 1968)

Even though she finished school at 13 yrs old. She was completed the academics way before others, but was not, by law allowed to leave. She then helped out the younger kids. She was able to walk throug...

Ada Clairborne DuVal (Morris) MP (1867 - 1935)

Ada DuVal MP (1902 - 1902)

Ada Alice Duval MP (deceased)

Addie M Duval MP (1842 - 1902)

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Dr. Addison McGuire Duval MP (1902 - 1990)

That religion and psychiatry do have much in common and can work together for the good of others is personified in the life and work of Addison M. Duval. An active layman in the Episcopal Church, Dr. D...

Adelaide La Flex (Duval) MP (1859 - 1934)

Adelaide Duval MP (deceased)

Adelaide Duval MP (deceased)

Adelaide Duval (Fortin) MP (deceased)

Adelaine Fex (Duval) MP (1859 - 1931)

Adelard Duval MP (1877 - d.)

Adelard Duval MP (deceased)

Adèle Duval MP (1870 - 1960)

Adèle Carrière (Duval) MP (1911 - 2000)

Adele Duval (Himel) MP (1824 - d.)

Adelia Scorrar Duval MP (deceased)

Adelina Duval MP (deceased)

Adelina Gagnon (Duval) MP (1862 - 1909)

Adeline Marie Sophie Duval (Martel) MP (1847 - 1917)

Adeline Duval MP (deceased)

Adeline Duval MP (deceased)

Adeline Duval MP (deceased)

Adéline Duval dite Dupoleau MP (1810 - 1874)

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Adeline Irene Duval MP (deceased)

Adeline Duval MP (deceased)

Adeline C [Lena] Duval MP (1878 - 1953)

Adèle Mélie DUVAL MP (1821 - 1886)

Adjutor Duval MP (deceased)

Adolphe Duval MP (deceased)

Adrien DUVAL MP (1812 - d.)

Adrien Jean Baptiste DUVAL MP (1769 - 1833)

Adrien Pierre DUVAL MP (1896 - 1969)

Adrien Pierre DUVAL MP (1869 - 1927)

Adrien DUVAL MP (1680 - 1741)

Adrien Duval MP (deceased)

Adrienne Marie, Thérèse Populu (Duval) MP (1913 - 2003)

Adrienne Duval (Tardif) MP (1931 - 2011)

Adèle DUVAL MP (deceased)

Adèle Carrière (Duval) MP (deceased)

Adèle Honorine Dectot (Duval) MP (1842 - d.)

Adèle Désirée Duval MP (1837 - d.)

Adélard Duval MP (deceased)

Adélaïde DUVAL MP (deceased)

Adélaïde Pauline Andrault (Duval) MP (1882 - d.)