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Adline Knowles (Sweeting) MP (deceased)

Alexander Knowles MP (1604 - 1663)

Freeman, Massachusetts October 1636. Magistrate for Fairfield May 1654 and May 1661; Assistant, Connecticut Colony 1658; War Committee for Fairfield 1654. Wife's name is unknown. Will (date gone) n...

Alice Pierce Knowles (Tiffany) MP (1890 - d.)

Ann Knowles (Ridley) MP (1711 - d.)

Ann Veazey (Knowles) MP (1937 - 2001)

Birth: Sep. 16, 1937 Death: Jul. 9, 2001 Married 11/14/70. Burial: Hillview Memorial Park and Mausoleum Alexander City Tallapoosa County Alabama, USA Created by: Dana Cook Record added: A...

Anna Maria Knowles (Hesketh) MP (1804 - d.)

Anna Hinman (Knowles) MP (1688 - 1720)

Anna Rich (Knowles) MP (1723 - 1785)

Asa Knowles MP (1802 - 1898)

THE FOLLOWING IS FROM LEVIN WILSON'S ADDRESS TO THE KNOWLES FAMILY REUNION ON SEPTEMBER 24, 1896 It was the 5th day of March, 1802, that James and Patience had born unto them their ninth son, and the...

Azubah Sears (Knowles) MP (1713 - 1762)

Barbara Mayo (Knowles) MP (1656 - 1714)

Bethenia Giles (Knowles) MP (1669 - 1711)

Henrico County, VA Court Records 1712 Richard Saywell, lessee of John Giles, plaintiff and Christopher Branch and Anne his wife, defendants, LB 100 damage claimed by reason of the defendants ejecting...

Bethia Knowles (Atwood) MP (1714 - 1789)

Bethia Mayo (Knowles) MP (deceased)

Bethia Knowles (Brown) MP (1685 - 1750)

Beyoncé Knowles MP

New York, New York County, New York, United States

Beyonce's father is African-American, and her mother is of Creole descent (French, African and Native American). Beyonce's maternal grandparents were French-speaking Louisiana Creoles, and Beyonce's na...

Charlotte Knowles MP (deceased)

Charlotte was an enslaved woman on Long Island, The Bahamas in the 1700 and 1800s. She was listed as a "mulatto girl" in the estate of James Knowles of The Crossing, Long Island, along with 49 other pe...

Christina Knowles (Cooke) MP (c.1690 - 1775)

Culling Eardley Knowles MP (1830 - d.)

Attended Trinity College at Oxford.

Tina Knowles MP

Célestine Ann "Tina" Knowles (née Beyincé; born January 4, 1954) is an American fashion designer known for her House of Deréon and Miss Tina by Tina Knowles fashion brands...

Deborah Babcock (Knowles) MP (1683 - 1773)

Dorothy Knowles (Barker) MP (deceased)

Edward Knowles MP (1671 - 1740)

Eleanor Knowles (Newman) MP (1788 - 1879)

The Bahamas DNA Project has verified records showing that Eleanor (Elinor) Newman Knowles was born in 1788 to Arthur Newman (originally of Nassau, later Long Island) and his unknown wife -- previously ...

Eleanor Martha Tasker (Knowles) MP (1855 - 1920)

Elizabeth Smith (Knowles) MP (1700 - 1761)

Elizabeth Knowles (Brown) MP (b. - 1711)

Elizabeth Knowles MP (1643 - d.)

Not a known child of Capt. John Knowles . Disconnected April 2014 Ref: the will of John Knowles:

Elizabeth F. Rogers (Knowles) MP (1630 - 1673)

Elizabeth Knowles was born in Fairfield, CT in 1630. She died in October 1673 in Milford, CT and is buried in Milford in the Milford Cemetery. She was the daughter of Alexander Knowles (1610 - 1663) an...

Elizabeth Folsom (Knowles) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Knowles (Willis) MP (c.1621 - 1684)

Savage's _Genealogical Dictionary_ says the following about Rev. Knowles: [KNOWLES,] JOHN, Watertown, the sec. min. of that town, was b. in Lincolnsh. bred at Magdalen Coll. Cambridge, where he was m...

Enos Knowles MP (1712 - 1784)

Eunis Knowles (Mayo) MP (1738 - 1819)

Frances Sherwood (Knowles) MP (deceased)

Frances Cornell Knowles (Ranger) MP (1972 - d.)

George Bourne Knowles MP (1890 - d.)

George Knowles Sr. MP (1786 - d.)

George Richard Knowles, Sr. was born February 12, 1786 in the Bahamas to James Knowles and Hannah (Campbell) Knowles. According to the records at Christ Church in Nassau, he was baptized there on April...

Grace Knowles (Clavell) MP (1570 - 1607)

Hannah Knowles (Campbell) MP (1745 - 1828)

Hannah (Campbell) Knowles was born in 1745 at an unknown birthplace. On October 7, 1777, she became the second wife of James Knowles through a ceremony at Christ Church, Nassau, New Providence, The Bah...

Hannah Eyres (Knowles) MP (1645 - d.)

Not a known child of Capt. John Knowles . Disconnected April 2014 Ref: the will of John Knowles:

Hannah Locke (Knowles) MP (1678 - 1769)

History of the town of Hampton, New Hampshire, from its settlement in 1638 to the autumn of 1892 (1893) Vol.2 Pg.822 William Locke b. Apr. 17, 1677; m. Hannah Knowles; d. Jan. 22, 1768; son of ...

Henry Knowles, of Rhode Island MP (1608 - 1670)

from History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: BiographicalNY: The American Historical Society, Inc. 1920: Henry Knowles, immigrant ancestor and progenitor of all of the family...

Isadora Patricia Pinder (Knowles) MP (1919 - d.)

James Knowles Sr. MP (c.1723 - 1806)

James Knowles was a mulatto plantation owner on Long Island, The Bahamas. He was born c. 1723 in an unknown location (likely Eleuthera) to John Knowles, listed as white or European, and an unknown Afri...

Janet Knowles MP (deceased)

From the English Wikipedia page for William Gordon, Bishop of Aberdeen: ) In 1549 the Scottish provincial council convened to reform the Scottish church.[2] Bishop Gordon was, arguably, part of the...

Jemima Knowles (Austen) MP (1641 - 1705)

Jemima was christened on the same day as her sister Keziah but we do not know if they were twins or not. They were christened January 24, 1641 Birth: Jan. 24, 1641 Hampton Rockingham County New Hampsh...

Jerusha Nickerson (Knowles) MP (1736 - d.)

Jesse Knowles MP (1723 - d.)

Joanna Fish (Knowles) MP (1660 - 1744)

Capt. John Knowles, of Henrico MP (1631 - 1685)

44. Capt. JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES) * (JOHN KNOWLER (KNOWLES), ROBERT KNOWLER , GEORGE, ROBERT, THOMAS (III), THOMAS (II), THOMAS (I), JOHN) was born about 1631/1635. He died 1676 in Henrico Co, VA. �...

Captain John Knowles MP (1640 - 1675)

Added by Elwin C. Nickerson about my Ancestor.Family Records. Killed by Indians in Defense of Taunton , Massachusetts during the King Philip War. Orderd in to Service with others From Eastham , Barnsta...

Col. John Knowles, II MP (1673 - 1757)

John Knowles MP (1692 - 1753)

page 62 of Olcott family of Hartford, Connecticut, in the line of Eunice (Olcott) Goodwin, 1639-1807 by Starr, Frank Farnsworth. 1n Published 1899.  "Children of John and Mary (Blackleach) Olc...

John Knowles MP (1635 - 1705)

John Knowles, Sr. and his wife, Jemima (Asten) Knowles, settled in Hampton, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire, in the 1660's. John was the progenitor of many descendants who are now scattered all over th...

John Knowles MP (deceased)

Rev. John Knowles MP (1596 - 1681)

From: Rev. John Knowles, immigrant ancestor, was born in Lincolnshire, England, and educated at Magdalen College. He came to New England about 1636 and was admitted to the church as a “studyen...

Lt. John Knowles MP (1698 - 1752)

Joseph Alexander Knowles Sr. MP (1782 - d.)

The Bahamas DNA Project records show that Joseph Alexander Knowles was born December 2, 1782 at The Crossing, Long Island, The Bahamas. He was the son of James Knowles and Hannah Campbell. Around 181...

Joshua Knowles, Jr. MP (1730 - 1779)

Joshua Knowles MP (1696 - 1786)

Josiah Knowles MP (1735 - 1786)

Katherine Hart (Knowles) MP (1755 - 1804)

Lydia Snow (Knowles) MP (deceased)

Marcy Knowles (Harding) MP (1711 - 1761)

Martha Knowles (Cobb) MP (1681 - 1763)

Martha Higgins (Knowles) MP (1746 - 1817)

Martha Elizabeth Knowles (Knapp) MP (c.1618 - 1679)

Martha Wright (Knowles) MP (1713 - 1755)

Eliza Turnquest Knowles MP (1815 - 1858)

Melbourne U. Knowles of Paradise Point relays this oral family history as he learned it from his father, Samuel Reuben Knowles: From 1792 to 1798 Britain tried to take northern Haiti from France, w...

Mary Knowles (Porter) MP (1654 - 1732)

Mary, February 5, 1654-55, married Eleazer Knowles; Sources  New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: A Record of the ..., Volume 4.  edited by William Richard Cutter. �...

Mary Wing (Knowles) MP (1709 - 1793)

Mary Knowles (Sears) MP (1672 - 1775)

Mary Knowles (Atkins) MP (1738 - 1824)

Mary Knowles (Porter) MP (deceased)

A History of the Chief English Families Bearing the name of Knapp says William Knowlys of London who was bur. at Bredfield. He m. 1750 at S. Sepulchre's London, Mary Porter of St. Andrew's, Holborn...

Mary Knowles (Harding) MP (1735 - 1801)

Mary Walker (Knowles) MP (1642 - 1674)

Mathew Knowles MP

Mathew Knowles (born January 9, 1952) is an American talent manager and businessman. He is best known for being the former manager of Destiny’s Child. He also managed Beyoncé and Solang...

Matilda A. Knowles (Montgomery) MP (1809 - 1857)

Birth: Jun. 23, 1809 Gibson County Indiana, USA Death: Jun. 13, 1858 Gibson County Indiana, USA First wife of Asa KNOWLES. Married 7 Jun 1828. Daughter of Walter Crockett & Nancy (ROBERTS) MONTGOME...

Mehitable Knowles (Walker) MP (c.1700 - 1752)

Mehitable Brown (Knowles) MP (1653 - 1721)

Mercy Doane (Knowles) MP (1642 - 1690)

Mary Knowles1 F, #89316, b. circa 1642, d. 1692 Father Richard Knowles2 b. 17 Sep 1614, d. 1 Feb 1682 Mother Ruth Bowers2 b. c 1616, d. c 1687 Mary Knowles was born circa 1642 at Plymouth, Plym...

Mercy Knowles (Freeman) MP (1659 - 1737)

Mercy Rich (Knowles) MP (1681 - 1732)

Mrs. Knowles MP (1608 - d.)

Nancy Knowles MP

Capt. Paul Knowles MP (1728 - 1802)

Paul Knowles MP (1702 - c.1775)

Phebe Knowles (Young) MP (1707 - 1787)

Phebe Knowles (Paine) MP (1699 - 1748)

Rachel Knowles (Olcott) MP (1701 - 1739)

Rachel Olcott Birth 28 Oct 1701, Hartford, Hartford, CT Death 30 Dec 1739, Hartford, Hartford, CT dau of John Olcott and Mary Blackleach Spouses John Knowles, son of Samuel Knowles and ...

Rachel Beatty (Knowles) MP (deceased)

Rebecca Knowles (Chanle) MP (b. - 1773)

Rebecca Sparrow (Knowles) MP (1726 - 1809)

Rebecca Knowles (Higgins) MP (1734 - 1790)

Lt. Richard Knowles MP (1688 - 1769)

Richard Knowles MP (1614 - 1682)

Richard Knoelrs was a Mariner,a Ships Master.. He was married to Ruth Bower,daughter of george and Barbara Bower. Ruth was also sister of Rev. Bower or Bowers . Richard first appeared in Plymouthre...

Robert Knowles MP (1663 - d.)

Robert Knowles, I MP (deceased)

Robert Knowles, II MP (b. - 1679)

Ruth Ticknor (Knowles) MP (1735 - 1771)