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Rabbi Abram Abuś Lewinszteyn MP (1815 - 1868)

Rav Abish, of blessed memory, was one of the great scholars, a great-grandson of the genius Rav Avrahom Abish, of blessed memory, chief of the Jewish court of Frankfurt Am Main, and the renowned genius...

R' Natan Lewinstein, A.B.D. Lubartow MP (1773 - 1834)

Date of Birth based on Zvi Halevi Horowitz, Sefer Kitve haGeonim (Piotrkow 1928) (p. 100). Nathan was born in 1774, A.B.D. Lubartow, and died in Lublin 1834. He was the son of R' Issachar Berish, the...

? Lewinstein (deceased)

Abe Lewinstein (deceased)

Abraham Abisz (Abish) Lewinstein (1887 - 1943)


Abraham (Aba) Abish Lewinstein (c.1869 - 1937)

According to Max Doner and his sister Hadassah, Abish came to New York in 1887, in his youth. HIs father, Rabbi Joseph Lewinstein sat shiva for him, as though he had died when he emigrated. He married ...

Abraham (Abram Abus) Lewinstein (1874 - 1929)

Abraham Lewinstein (1905 - 1905)

Ada Hilda Lipman (Lewinstein) (1894 - 1984)

Anne Lewinstein (nee Rabinovitch) (deceased)

Basha Lewinstein (deceased)

Beila - Rajsla Doner (Lewinstein) (1883 - 1974)

Bajla-Rajsla Duner, from Serock, Poland, arrived in the USA on Nov 10, 1924 on the Leviathan, which departed from Southampton. Manifest Line Number 0019. (Passenger Records from Ellis Island) Since...

Bennet Lewinstein (1832 - 1911)

Blanche Lewin (Bloomah Lewinstein) (1898 - d.)

Blumah Lewinstein (Tobias) (b. - 1908)

Chana Singer (Lewinstein) (deceased)

Charles (Charlie) Lewinstein (1909 - 1999)

Charlie and Mannie made a living selling electrical parts. They both retired to Lake Worth, Florida. Social Security Death Index for "Charles Lewinstein" Charles Lewinstein First Name: Charles Last ...

Charlotte LEWINSTEIN (Cohen) (1914 - 2003)

Daniel Lewinstein (1943 - 2003)

Deborah Usdin (Lewinstein) (1915 - d.)

Dolek Lewinstein (1908 - 1990)

Dora Lewinstein (1895 - d.)

Dvora (Dwojra) Lewinstein (Weinberg) (c.1847 - 1882)

Eleonora Boas (Lewinstein) (1839 - 1914)

Emanuel (Mannie) LEWINSTEIN (1913 - 2006)

Charlie and Mannie made a living selling electrical parts. They both retired to Lake Worth, Florida. Mannie was a US Veteran. He fought in the US ARMY, PFC, WORLD WAR II.

Emmanuel Lewinstein (deceased)

Esther Goodman (Lewinstein) (c.1913 - d.)

Fanny Wolff (Lewinstein) (deceased)

Feiga Lewinstein (deceased)

Fejga Bejla Lewinstein (Szyff) (c.1794 - 1879)

Frances Lenard (Lewinstein) (Perten) (1913 - 2003)

George Lenard (Lewinstein) (1909 - 1987)

Golda Ryfka Preiss (Lewinstein) (1889 - c.1942)

Golda lived in Busko, a health resort and spa town, 100 kms from Krakow on the N73 between Kielce and Tarnów.

Golda Lewinstein (Michelson) (deceased)

2 sons 1 daughter

Golda Ryfka Lach (Lewinstein) (1861 - c.1941)

Yaakov Lach provided the following information on September 21, 2012: "I have the marriage document of Golda and Szlama. It is in Russian, and was translated for me by Dr. Barry Sieger, as follows: ...

Golda Gutman (Lewinstein Leinsztok Kleczewska) (c.1797 - 1879)

Greta Margarete Lewinstein (Katzenstein) (1901 - c.1944)

Hana Lewinstein (Comfort) (deceased)

Harold Lewin (Lewinstein) (deceased)

Harold Lewin (Lewinstein) (1916 - 1993)

Hela Feldblum Lewinstein Saretsky (1920 - 2003)

Hirsch Lewinstein (deceased)

Isaac (Izzy) Loevy (Lewinstein) (1919 - 2014)

Israel Icek Lewinstein (Lewensztein) (1849 - 1916)

Jack Lewinstein (deceased)

Jacob Joshua Lewinstein (Himmelfarb) (1879 - 1951)

The 1901 London census shows Jacob Lewinstein as a member of the household of Israel and Kate Lewinstein. His birthdate is given as 1879 - Poland/Russia . In 1901 he would have been 22 yrs old. He is l...

Jakow Szija Lewinstein (1884 - 1939)

John Kevin Lewin (Lewinstein) (1922 - 2014)

Father of Annette Lewin and Carolyn Lewin

John Lewin (Jonas Jehiel Lewinstein) (1901 - 1988)

Re change of name ; In 1924 John Lewin would have been aged 23 and could have been about to commence medical practice . From the London Gazette, 29 August, 1924 (abbrev.) I, John Lewin, of No. 8 Wils...

Julia E. Lewinstein (Fryman) (deceased)

Julian Max Lenard (Lewinstein) (1879 - 1950)

Kate Lewinstein (Fox) (1856 - 1915)

Lea Lewinstein (deceased)

Leo Lewinstein (deceased)

Leza Lewinstein (Rothenberg) (1887 - 1987)

Margaret Marjorie Joan Lewin (Lewinstein) (1924 - 2012)

Margaret was married to Edward Thomas Gill, with whom she had 3 children. She was also married to Terrance Jonklaas.

Martha Lenard (Lewinstein) (Toffler) (1882 - 1952)

Meir David Lewinstein (deceased)

Miriam (Mushe) LEWINSTEIN (1845 - 1924)

Miriam (Maryjem) Rajca Kaminska (Lewinstein) (c.1890 - d.)

Nana Ginendel Lewinstein (deceased)

Natan Lewinstein (1914 - 1965)

Natan was a printer as well as an artist and an inventor. I have childhood memories of him always trying to invent perpetual motion using weight and gravity. Max Doner and Hadassah told Dorothy Rapha...

Nathaniel Lewinstein (1890 - d.)

Owen Stanley Lewin (Lewinstein) (1928 - 1990)

Rachel Jacobson (Lewinstein) (1895 - 1941)

Rachel Esther Markman (Lewinstein) (1923 - 2014)

Rifka Feigele Lewinstein (Studniberg) (1885 - 1943)

In Polish, her name was Rywka Fajgli Lewenstejn. Rivka came from Szczekociny about 50 miles North of Krakow. Because of the distances (Koszyce is about 30 miles north-east of Krakow), Rivka and her c...

Rosaleen Kathleen Lewin (Lewinstein) (1919 - 2000)

Rosaleen married Mervyn J Byrne and had 5 children, 2 girls, Margaret Ann and Denise Linda Mary and 3 boys, John Patrick, Donal Kevin (known as Kevin) and Colin David. Rosaleen was an accomplished dres...

Rozy (Rachel) Lewinstein (Margolis) (c.1879 - d.)

Ruchel Lewinstein (deceased)

Rudy Lewinstein (deceased)

I don't know much about Rudi, what I do know is from my mother's stories and her uncle Shimon (Gunther) Wertheim stories. Rudy was a very famous doctor who came up with the idea to use alkali to take c...

Samuel (Riga Latvia) Lewinstein (deceased)

Sara Lieberman (Lewinstein) (1895 - c.1942)

Sarah Lewinstein (1859 - 1941)

Shevah Itzhak Lewinstein (deceased)

Sheyne Lewinstein (deceased)

Shulamith Lewinstein (deceased)

Sydney Lewin (Lewinstein) (1910 - 1973)

Sydney immigrated to USA in 1948 with his wife, Sylvia (born 1914).

Tauba Borensztajn (Lewinstein) (c.1814 - d.)

Tauba (Tanya) Minzberg (Lewinstein) (1892 - d.)

Tanya survived the war in hiding.

Tova Rolino (Lewinstein) (deceased)

Vera Lewinstein (c.1889 - d.)

According to the USA census of 1920, Vera immigrated to the USA in 1905 with her parents, who were both also born in Budapest, Hungary. Vera, Abraham and their 2 sons, Charles and Emanuel, lived in New...

Yaakov Lewinstein (deceased)

Zundell (Joe) Lewinstein (deceased)