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Cristina Federica Victoria Antonia de la Santísima Trinidad de Borbon of Spain (Borbón), Princess MP

Barcelona, Espagña

(( "King of Spain strips his own SISTER of Duchess of Palma title ahead of her upcoming tax fraud trial ... Read more: ... Princess Cristina, 49, has been indicted as part of a probe into her husba...

Mariana Victoria of Spain, Queen consort of Portugal and the Algarves MP (1718 - 1781)

Mariana Victoria of Spain From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Mariana Victoria Mariana by Miguel António do Amaral, 1773 Queen consort of Portugal and t...

Philip II "the Prudent", King of Spain & Portugal MP (1527 - 1598)

(English) Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España1 b. 21 May 1527, d. 13 September 1598 King Philip II of Spain Felipe II von Habsburg, Rey de España was born on 21 May 1527 at Va...

Proistri . of Spain MP (deceased)

Alfonso of Spain (deceased)

Alicia (Maria) Ildefonsa Princess of Spain (deceased)

Amadeo (of Spain) (deceased)

Arannan Prince Of Spain (-1737 - d.)

Argica, King of Spain (687 - 701)

Baltasar Carlos HAPSBURG OF SPAIN (c.1629 - d.)

Catherine of Spain (deceased)

Charles of Spain, III (1716 - 1788)

Charles III (Spanish: Carlos; Italian: Carlo; 20 January 1716 – 14 December 1788) was the King of Spain and the Spanish Indies from 1759 to 1788. He was the fifth son of Philip V of Spain, but e...

Charles III of Spain (1716 - 1788)

Charles IV of Spain (1748 - 1819)

Colpha Swordsman Prince Of Spain (-1731 - d.)

Milesius was said to have had two sons (Aireach and Donn) by his first wife, six more (Amergin, Colptha, Eber, Erannan, Eremon and Ir) by Scota.

Constance, Princess of Spain (1141 - 1160)

Don Carlos HAPSBURG OF SPAIN (c.1571 - d.)

Eleanor [of Spain] (deceased)

Ferdinand VI of Spain (1713 - 1759)

Francisco de Paula Antonio Maria of Spain Duque de Cádiz (of Spain), Duque (1794 - 1865)

HM Queen Maria Pilar (of Spain) (1861 - 1934)

Infanta Elvira Maria Teresa Enriqueta of Spain (1871 - 1929)

Infante Felipe Raimundo Maria of Spain (1862 - 1864)

Infante Luis Maria Felipe Antonio of Spain (1867 - 1874)

Isabella of Spain (deceased)

Julio Perez Cordero of Spain (Perez Cordero) (deceased)

King Philip IV of Spain (deceased)

La Infanta Fantilina of Spain (1700 - d.)

Louis I of Spain (1707 - 1724)

Luis Casarez of Spain (deceased)

Luisa CarlottaMaria Isabella of Spain (of Two Sicilies), Princess (1804 - 1844)

Maria Ambrosia de la Concepcion Infanta of Spain (av Spanien Habsburg) (1655 - 1655)

Maria Luisa of Spain (1745 - 1792)

Petro [of Spain] (deceased)

Philip V of Spain (1683 - 1746)

Phillip V of Spain (1683 - 1746)

Prince Fernando Martinez Of Spain (deceased)

Princess Clarisse Of Spain (deceased)

Queen Sophia of Spain (deceased)

Son of Charles VI of HAPSBURG OF SPAIN (1716 - d.)

Theodora of Spain (440 - 478)

WIFE of R. YECHEZKEL of SPAIN -- R. YECHEZKEL of SPAIN - wife of (deceased)