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? Unknown Concubine #2 of Edward of Woodstock (Plantagenet) MP (deceased)

Adam Fitzroy Plantagenet MP (1305 - 1322)

He was NOT the son of Isabella of France, Edward II's wife. Adam FitzRoy was a natural son of King Edward II of England. The identity of Adam's mother is not known. He accompanied his father in the S...

Adewis Plantagenet, d'Anjou MP (c.1132 - 1192)

Agnes Plantagenet MP (c.1130 - 1192)

Alice Plantagenet MP (1410 - c.1437)

Alice Plantagenet was born c.1415 in Crosby-Morton, Kent, England. She was the daughter of Richard Plantagenet of Conisburgh and wife Anne Mortimer. She was the first wife Thomas Musgrave, son of Richa...

Alice Plantagenet MP (1279 - 1291)

ALICE "PRINCESS OF ENGLAND" ~ She died shortly after birth and thus never married.

Alphonso, Earl of Chester MP (1273 - 1284)

Links: Sources: The book, 'Four Gothic King's'

Anne Plantagenet, of York MP (1470 - c.1470)

Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle MP (1464 - 1542)

" Arthur Plantagenet, 1st Viscount Lisle, KG (died 3 March 1542) was an illegitimate son of King Edward IV of England, and an important figure at the court of Henry VIII. The survival of a large collec...

Aveline Plantagenet (de Forz), Countess of Aumale and Lancaster MP (1258 - 1274)

From Edmund m firstly (contract 6 Apr 1269, Westminster Abbey 8/9 Apr 1269) AVELINE de Forz, daughter of WILLIAM de Forz Lord of Holderness, titular Comte d'Aumâle & his wife Isabel de Reviers (Burst...

Beatrice Plantagenet, Princess of England MP (1286 - 1286)

Date of death unknown, but died young. Alternate birth place: Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, France

Berengaria Plantagenet MP (1276 - 1278)

Died before 27 June 1278

Blanche of England MP (c.1392 - 1409)

Links: [ The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

Blanche Plantagenet MP (c.1359 - 1388)

Blanche Plantagenet, of Lancaster MP (1305 - c.1380)

Lady Blanche Plantagenet1 F, #106868, b. circa 1305, d. 10 July 1380 Lady Blanche Plantagenet|b. c 1305\nd. 10 Jul 1380|p10687.htm#i106868|Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster|b. c 1281\nd. 22 ...

Blanche Plantagenet, Princess Of England MP (1290 - 1290)

Blanche de la Tour, Princess of England MP (1342 - 1342)

Bridget Plantagenet, of York MP (1480 - 1517)

Edmund Crouchback MP (1245 - 1296)

"Edmund Crouchback, 1st Earl of Leicester and Lancaster (16 January 1245 – 5 June 1296), was the second surviving son of King Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence. In his childhood he had a cla...

Edmund Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Kent MP (1326 - c.1331)

Edmund, 2nd Earl of Kent (1326 – before 5 October 1331) was a member of the English royal family. He inherited the Earldom of Kent in 1331, a year after his father, Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of...

Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent MP (1301 - 1330)

"Edmund of Woodstock, 1st Earl of Kent (5 August 1301 – 19 March 1330) was the son of Edward I of England, and a younger half-brother of Edward II. Edward I had intended to make substantial grants of l...

Edmund, Earl of Rutland MP (1443 - 1460)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Find A Grave Wikipedia Profile-painting -""The Murder of Rutland by Lord Clifford" artist-Charles Robert Leslie

Edward, the Black Prince MP (1330 - 1376)

"Edward of Woodstock, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Aquitaine, KG (15 June 1330 – 8 June 1376) was the eldest son of King Edward III of England and his wife Philippa of Hainault as well ...

Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick MP (1475 - 1499)

"Edward Plantagenet, 17th Earl of Warwick (25 February 1475 – 28 November 1499) was the son of George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, and a potential claimant to the English throne during the reigns...

Edward of Angoulême MP (1365 - 1372)

from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Edward of Angoulême (27 January 1365 – c. 20 September 1370) was second in line to the throne of the Kingdom of England and heir to the County of Kent and the el...

Edward Plantagenet, of Middleham, Prince of Wales MP (1473 - 1484)

Edward II of England MP (1284 - 1327)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward II King of England Reign: 7 July 1307 – 20 January 1327 Coronation: 25 February 1308 Predecessor: Edward I Longshanks Successor: Edward III of Windsor...

Edward III of England MP (1312 - 1377)

"Edward III (13 November 1312 – 21 June 1377) was King of England from 1327 until his death; he is noted for his military success and for restoring royal authority after the disastrous reign of his fat...

Edward IV of England MP (1442 - 1483)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Edward IV King of England (first time) Reign: 4 March 1461 – 3 October 1470 (9 years,182 days) Coronation: 28 June 1461 Predecessor: Henry VI Successor: He...

Edward V, King of England MP (1470 - c.1483)

another possible birth date is 4 November Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia

Eleanor of England, Countess of Bar MP (1264 - 1298)

according to Wikipedia and another website her living dates are Born (circa) 18 June 1269 died 29 August 1298 most websites give the dates listed on this profile such as: and one ...

Eleanor Plantagenet MP (1306 - 1310)

3. Eleanor, born on 4 May, 1306, she was Edward and Margeurite's youngest child. Named after Eleanor of Castile, she died in 1311.

Elizabeth Plantagenet MP (c.1464 - d.)

Elizabeth Plantagenet1,2,3,4 F, #29505 Father Edward IV Plantagenet, King of England, 4th Duke of York, 7th Earl of March, 9th Earl of Ulster3,5 b. 28 Apr 1442, d. 9 Apr 1483 Mother Elizabeth Way...

Elizabeth Plantagenet, Duchess of Exeter MP (1363 - 1426)

Some sources list her as having been born after 1 January 1363 but prior to 21 February 1363. a short summary from Wikipedia Elizabeth Plantagenet, Duchess of Exeter Spouse: John Hastings, 3rd ...

Emma Plantagenet MP (c.1138 - 1212)

Emma d'Anjou, Princess of Wales From Medlands: EMMA d´Anjou . A manuscript entitled "De Origine Comitum Andegavensium" records that "Gaufridus Plantagenet Comes Andegavensium" had an illegitimate...

Frances Plantagenet MP (1519 - 1558)

parents: Arthur PLANTAGENET (V. Lisle) & Elizabeth GREY (6° B. Lisle) Married John BASSETT ABT 1535 Thomas MONCK (b. ABT 1515 - d. BEF 20 Aug 1583) AFT 1541, Potheridge, Devon, England Ch...

George, Duke of Clarence MP (1449 - 1478)

"George Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Clarence, 1st Earl of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Warwick, KG (21 October 1449 – 18 February 1478) was the third son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and Cecily Nev...

George Plantagenet, of York, Duke of Bedford MP (1477 - 1479)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Ancestral File v4.19 Search Results | Print -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- George Prince Of ENGLAND (AFN: 9...

Grace Plantagenet MP (c.1460 - c.1510)

Illegitimate daughter of Edward IV, King of England. p. 1072. History has not recorded her fate. Source: The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon K. PENMAN issued by Macmillan, London. Added by Y. DROS...

Henry of York MP (1441 - 1441)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Henry Plantagenêt MP (c.1256 - 1257)

[ ] Henry of England was born after 1256. He was the son of Henry III, King of England and Eleanor of Provence. He died circa 1257 young.1 He was buried at Westminster Abbey, Westminster, London,...

Henry Plantagenet MP (c.1268 - 1274)

Henry of England (13 July 1267, Windsor Castle - 14 October 1274, Merton, Surrey) was the fifth child and second son of Edward I of England by his first wife Eleanor of Castile. He was an older bro...

Henry of Lancaster MP (c.1281 - 1345)

"Henry, 3rd Earl of Leicester and Lancaster (c. 1281 – 22 September 1345) was an English nobleman, one of the principals behind the deposition of Edward II of England." ==============================...

Henry III of England MP (1207 - 1272)

a short summary from Wikipedia: Henry III Reign: 19 October 1216 – 16 November 1272 Coronation: 28 October 1216, Gloucester 17 May 1220, Westminster Abbey Predecessor: John Successor: Edwar...

Humphrey, 2nd Earl of Buckingham MP (c.1382 - 1399)

Isabel of Cambridge MP (1411 - 1484)

"Isabel of Cambridge, Countess of Essex (1409 – 2 October 1484) was the only daughter of Richard, 3rd Earl of Cambridge and Anne Mortimer. She was the sister of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, a...

Isabelle Plantagenet, nun MP (1386 - 1402)

Father's IPM states that Isabel was professed a nun of the order of Minoresses in the suburbs of London on 23 April last [1402], when she was aged 16 years and more.

Isabel of Lancaster (Plantagenet) MP (1368 - 1368)

Died young.

Isabella, Countess of Bedford MP (1332 - c.1379)

Isabella Plantagenet MP (1279 - 1279)

Isabella Plantagenet MP (c.1330 - d.)

"Having said so much of the Prince of Wales , I cannot take leave of this subject without paying a just tribute to the memory of the illustrious Spaniard, who was not only his contemporary, but singula...

Isabella (Ida) de Warenne (Plantagenet) MP (1165 - 1203)

Some sources say that it was Hamelin's daughter who married Roger de Bigod. The complete Peerage, that can usually be trusted makes no referenceto this marriage, and nor does Weir. Using Turton as a ...

Isabella of England, Holy Roman Empress; Queen consort of Sicily MP (1214 - 1241)

Isabella of England , also called Elizabeth (1214 – 1 December 1241) was an English princess and, by marriage, Holy Roman Empress, German Queen, and Queen consort of Sicily. Biography She was the f...

Joan of York MP (1438 - 1438)

Links: The Peerage

Joan "of The Tower", Queen of Scots MP (1321 - 1362)

Joan of The Tower Joan of England (July 5, 1321–September 7, 1362), known as Joan of the Tower was the first wife and Queen consort of David II of Scotland. She was born at the Tower of London and wa...

Joan Talbot MP (c.1384 - 1400)

Died in childbirth before her marriage ceremony.

Joan of England, Queen Consort of Scotland MP (1210 - 1238)

Joan of England, Queen Consort of Scotland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Joan of England, Queen Consort of Scotland" redirects here. For other Joans of England, see Joan of England. Joan...

Joan of England, Queen of Sicily MP (1165 - 1199)

Joan of England (October 1165 – 4 September 1199) was the seventh child of Henry II of England and his queen consort, Eleanor of Aquitaine.[1] Joan was born at Château d'Angers in Anjou, and spent he...

Joan Fitzhenry Plantagenet, Lady Snowdon, Princess of Wales MP (c.1188 - 1237)

Joan, Princess of Wales and Lady of Snowdon, (c. 1188 – February 2, 1237) was the wife of Llywelyn the Great, Prince of Wales and Gwynedd and effective ruler of most of Wales. Joan (Joanna) was an il...

Joanna Plantagenet MP (1265 - 1265)

John Lackland, King of England MP (1166 - 1216)

alternate birth location details Kings Manor House, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England several sources also give his birth year as 1167 other possible death date ; 19 October 1216 ===================...

John II (1366-1367) (Plantagenet) of Lancaster MP (1366 - 1367)

John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall MP (1315 - 1336)

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. John of Eltham, Earl of Cornwall (15 August 1316 – 13 September 1336) was the son of Edward II of England and Isabella of France. He was born in 1316 at Elth...

John of York MP (1448 - 1449)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

John Plantagenet MP (c.1266 - 1271)

John Plantagenet of Lancaster MP (1362 - c.1365)

John of Gloucester MP (1470 - 1499)

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia John of Gloucester (aka John of Pontefract ) (died 1499?) was a natural son of King Richard III of England. John is so called because his father was Duke of G...

Juliana Katherine Plantagenet, Princess of England MP (1271 - 1271)

Place of Death: Akko, Hazafon, Israel Born before June 17, 1264. Died young.

Katherine (no childern) Plantagenet, Countess of Huntington MP (1470 - 1487)

On 29 Feb 1484 he covenanted to marry Princess Catherine, daughter of Richard III; but the princess died before the time appointed for the marriage, and Huntingdon married Mary, fifth dauther of Richar...

Katherine of England MP (1253 - 1257)

" Katherine daughter of Henry III ", Westminster Abbey

Katherine Plantagenet, Princess of England MP (1264 - 1264)

Margaret of England, Queen consort of Scots MP (1240 - 1275)

Margaret (Plantagenet) of England, Queen Consort of Scotland Daughter of Eleanor of Provence and Henry III, King of England Margaret was married on 26 December 1251, at York Minster, to King Alexan...

Margaret of England MP (1346 - 1361)


Margaret of York MP (1446 - 1503)

Links: The Peerage Geneall Wikipedia Genealogy4u Margaret of York and Charles the Bold (1468) Despite the protests of France's Louis XI, who was fearful of an alliance between the Engli...

Marie of Shaftsbury d'Anjou (Plantagenet), Abbess of Shaftesbury MP (1140 - 1216)

Marie Plantagenet Abbess of Shaftesbury From Medlands: Comte Geoffroy had three illegitimate children by Mistresses (1) to (3): 4. HAMELIN d'Anjou (1130-7 May 1202, bur Chapter House, Lewes). Ben...

Mary of Woodstock (Plantagenet), Nun of Amesbury MP (1278 - 1332)

MARY "PRINCESS OF ENGLAND" ~ She never married. Mary was sent to Amesbury at the age of 7 to become a Benedictine nun. Source: The book, 'Medieval Queens' (plus, many more)

Mary Plantagenet, of York, Princess MP (1467 - 1482)

Links: Peerage Geneall Lady Mary Plantagenet was born on 11 August 1467 at Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England.1 She was the daughter of Edward IV Plantagenet, King of England and Eli...

Mary Plantagenet, Duchess of Brittany MP (c.1344 - 1362)

Mary Plantagenet From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Mary Plantagenet (10 October 1344 – 1362) was the daughter of Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault. She is sometimes styled as Mar...

Matilda of England, Duchess of Saxony MP (1156 - 1189)

Do not confuse this profile with that of her half sister, Matilda of Barking, who never married. Matilda of England (1156 - July 13, 1189), also known as Maud, was the eldest daughter of Henry II o...

Maud Plantagenet, Countess of Leicester MP (1339 - 1362)

from Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia. Maud of Lancaster (4 April 1339 – 10 April 1362), also known as Matilda, Countess of Hainault , was a 14th-century English noblewoman who married into the Bava...

Philip, Prince of England MP (1160 - 1163)

Richard Plantagenet, Prince of England MP (1247 - 1256)

Richard of England1 M, , b. circa 1247, d. before 1256 Richard of England was born circa 1247. He was the son of Henry III, King of England and Eleanor of Provence. He died before 1256. He wa...

Richard Plantagenet MP (1469 - 1550)

According to research Richard Plantagenet was the illegitimate son of the last Yorkist king who fell at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. are there any credentials or any info stating this is indeed Ri...

Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York MP (1411 - 1460)

"Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, 6th Earl of March, 4th Earl of Cambridge, and 7th Earl of Ulster, conventionally called Richard of York (21 September 1411 – 30 December 1460) was a leading Engl...

Richard Plantagenet MP (1476 - 1477)

Richard II of England MP (1367 - c.1400)

"Richard II (6 January 1367 – c. 14 February 1400), also known as Richard of Bordeaux, was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed on 30 September 1399. Richard, a son of Edward, the Black Pri...

Richard III of England MP (1452 - 1485)

latest news about Richard ========================================================================= A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richar...

Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall MP (1209 - 1272)

Richard Plantagenet, Earl of Cornwall, King of Germany "Richard of Cornwall" (5 January 1209 – 2 April 1272) was Count of Poitou (from 1225 to 1243), 1st Earl of Cornwall (from 1225) and German King ...

Son Plantagenet MP (1280 - 1280)

Stillborn Daughter Plantagenet of England (Plantagenet), Princess MP (1255 - 1255)

Thomas, 2nd Earl of Lancaster MP (c.1278 - 1322)

"Thomas, Earl of Leicester and Lancaster (c. 1278 – 22 March 1322) was one of the leaders of the baronial opposition to Edward II of England." ================================================ Links...

Thomas of Windsor MP (1347 - 1348)

Thomas Plantagenet, of York MP (1450 - 1451)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Ursula Plantagenet, of York MP (1455 - c.1456)

Various unknown Plantagenet, Concubines #5 - #12 of John "Lackland" of England MP (deceased)

William of York MP (1447 - c.1448)

Links: The Peerage Geneall

Prince William of Hatfield MP (c.1337 - c.1337)

Sources: The book, 'Kings & Queens of Great Britain' The book, 'Now I Remember'

William of England MP (1251 - 1256)

There are no records contemporary to William's time confirming his existence. Wikipedia refutes the fact that William was Henry III's son: Arthur Jackson 25 Nov 2009 The book "Britain's Royal Fam...

Édouard II d'Angleterre Plantagenet MP (deceased)

Adelaide Plantagenet MP (deceased)