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(Unknown) Plummer MP (c.1616 - d.)

This is NOT "Sir Walter Plummer" of Bermuda.

(Unknown) Plummer MP (deceased)

Abiezer Plummer MP (c.1718 - c.1770)

Later male-line descendants have the Y-DNA haplotype R1b1a2. Updated from [undefined WikiTree] via Samuel Plummer by SmartCopy : Oct 22 2014, 22:10:39 UTC Per email from Rose Mangan: "Notes for...

Ada Plummer (Robinson) MP (b. - 1974)

Amanda Plummer MP

Amanda Michael Plummer (born March 23, 1957) is an actress best known for her work on stage and for her roles in films such as The Fisher King (1991) and Pulp Fiction (1994). Life and career ...

Anne Samson (Plummer) MP (c.1620 - bef.1668)

Anne Plummer married Mayflower Pilgrim Henry Samson; he died in 1684 at Duxbury. The will of Henery Sampson of Duxburrow dated 24 Dec. 1684, sworn 5 March 1684/85, names sons: Stephen executor, John,...

Anne Plummer MP (deceased)

Araminta Alice Hinton (Plummer) MP (1890 - 1965)

Birth: Aug. 17, 1890 Fleming County Kentucky, USA Death: Dec. 3, 1965 Flemingsburg Fleming County Kentucky, USA Family links: Parents: John Seth Plummer (1842 - 1921) Rebecca Elizabeth Johnso...

Christopher Plummer MP

Became the oldest winner of an Oscar at the age of 82 in 2012. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer, CC (born De...

Benjamin Rawley Plummer MP (1590 - d.)

Deborah Jaques (Plummer) MP (1665 - c.1701)

Deborah Plummer, daughter of Samuel Plummer (ca 1619-Dec 1701) & Mary Bitfield (-ca 1701), in Newbury, MA. Born on 13 Mar 1664/5 in Newbury, MA. Sources Genealogical and Family History of the Sta...

Dorcas Libby (Plummer) MP (deceased)

Eliza Plummer Reams Veazey MP (1850 - 1931)

Birth: Feb. 13, 1850 Buckhorn (Austin County) Austin County Texas, USA Death: Jul. 11, 1931 Batson Hardin County Texas, USA Wife of Eliza Veazey. Mother of Clara Jane Fabriquze, John G. Bell, Leona...

Elizabeth Ijams (Plummer) MP (1678 - 1762)

Elizabeth Plummer Iiams Find A Grave Memorial# 117594106 All Hallows Church Cemetery, Birdsville, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, USA Find A Grave

Elizabeth Plummer (Stockett) MP (aft.1670 - 1736)

Due to the inexact timing of her birth, she might be the daughter of Thomas Stockett or George Yate - or biologically the daughter of Thomas Stockett while legally the daughter of George Yate (i.e., po...

Elizabeth Plummer (Turner) MP (1700 - 1760)

Elizabeth Plummer (Driver) MP (1570 - 1640)

1570 Birth Bromland, Somerset, , England 1592 Age: 22 Marriage to John Plummer 1640 Age: 70 Death Plymouth, Devon, England

Elizabeth Plummer (Smith) MP (c.1646 - bef.1706)

BEWARE: Elizabeth Smith and Elizabeth Stockett/Yate have been confused for *centuries*. Elizabeth Smith was born in 1646 in (presumably) Anne Arundel, MD. She died between 1694 (husband's death, ment...

Elizabeth Plummer (Smith) MP (c.1670 - 1736)

Emla Anderson (Plummer) MP (deceased)

Ephraim Plummer MP (1654 - 1715)

Ephraim’s and Hannah’s children: Mary, b. Feb 19, 1681 Hannah, b. Oct 12, 1682 Samuel, b. Oct 27, 1684 Elizabeth, b. Nov 21, 1686 John, b. Nov 7, 1688 Ruth, b. Nov 5 1690 David, b. Mar 10, 1693 Richa...

Florence Constance Louise Whitely (Plummer) MP (1895 - d.)

Frances Plummer (Cary) MP (aft.1544 - d.)

Francis Plummer, of Newbury MP (c.1594 - 1673)

Francis Plummer birth: 1594 in England or Wales. "of" Woolwich, England Wives: Ruth, Ann, widow of William Palmer, Beatrice, widow of William C. Cantlebury death: 17 Jan 1673 in Newbury, Essex...

George Plummer MP (c.1700 - bef.1754)

Never married, reasons unknown. Liber 29, folio 78 8 July 1753 [PLUMMER, GEORGE, Prince George's Co.] To Abyzer Plummer, my horses, colts, & mares, except a horse to George Plummer, s. o. [widow of...

Hannah Plummer (Jaques) MP (c.1655 - 1731)

5. Hannah Jaques. Born ca 1656 in Newbury, MA. Hannah died on 16 Mar 1731 in Newbury, MA. On 15 Jan 1679 Hannah married Ephraim Plummer, son of Samuel Plummer (ca 1619-Dec 1701) & Mary Bitfield (-ca ...

Harriett Bartlett (Plummer) MP (1805 - d.)

Helen F Plummer MP (1900 - d.)

James Plummer MP (c.1702 - bef.1772)

Jane Elizabeth Holness (Plummer) MP (1884 - 1942)

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Jerome Plummer MP (1697 - 1751)

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John Plummer, of London MP (1570 - 1625)

1625 Age: 55 Death St Giles Cripplegate, London, England London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 Richard Plommer (1570-1640) was perhaps his brother and probably a close male-li...

John Orme Plummer MP (c.1894 - 1977)

John Plummer MP (c.1704 - c.1739)

Joseph Plummer MP (c.1635 - 1708)

In this work the birth is listed as 1630 and the death as 12/11/1683 "He settled on the south side of the Parker River" Likely the son of Francis Plumer, an original setller of Newbury, MA •~ J...

Ladd Plummer (Robinson) MP (deceased)

Lydia Morse (Plummer) MP (1668 - 1689)

Margaret Riley (Plummer) MP (c.1672 - bef.1698)

Margaret Plummer Birth: ABT 1672 Death: between 1694 & 1698 Father: Thomas Plummer d 1694 Mother: Elizabeth Smith Marriage Hugh Riley b: 1652 in Piscataway, Charles, MD Married: ABT 1...

Margaret Plummer MP (c.1710 - c.1740)

Martha Harriman (Plummer) MP (1697 - 1733)

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Mary Plummer (Bitfield) MP (c.1625 - c.1701)

Mary Bitfield Birth: 1625 -  England Parents: Samuel Bitfield, Elizabeth Parker Husband: Samuell Plumer Death: Circa 1701 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts Marriage: Circa 1646 - Newbu...

Mary Plummer (Thomas) MP (aft.1590 - d.)

Mary Barnes (Plummer) MP (1614 - 1651)

Mary Plummer was born unknown and died on the 2 JUN 1651 in Plymouth,Massachusetts. married; on 12 SEP 1633 at Plymouth, Massachusetts to John Barnes (-5 MAR 1672). He married 2nd to Jane "Joan" ...

Mary Jackson (Plummer) MP (1673 - bef.1712)

Mary Bennett (Plummer) MP (1634 - 1682)

Mary Plumer, daughter of Francis Plumer. Burial: September 27, 1682. Cause of Death: related to childbirth Children of DAVID BENNETT and MARY PLUMER are:  ii. ELIZABETH BENNETT17, b. January 10, ...

Mary Plummer (Ouchtalong) MP (b. - aft.1772)

Mary Plummer (Harris) MP (c.1720 - d.)

Micaiah Plummer MP (c.1715 - d.)

Philemon Plummer MP (1709 - 1744)

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Phoebe Williams (Plummer) MP (c.1713 - d.)

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Priscilla Plummer (Lamar) MP (deceased)

Priscilla Ouchtalong (Plummer) MP (c.1711 - d.)

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Priscilla Plummer (Dorsey) MP (1719 - 1818)

Ruth Haseltine (Plummer) MP (1660 - 1702)

Ruth Plummer (unknown) MP (1600 - 1647)

FRANCIS PLUMER, Newbury 1635, linen weaver, came in 1633 from Woolwich, near London, but another source says from Wales; we know not in which town he first inhabited but he was a freeman. In 14 May 163...

Samuel Plummer MP (c.1619 - bef.1702)

Samuel Plummer was born in England about 1619 and came to Newbury, MA, with his father and mother about 1634 or 1635. He was a yeoman and lived most of his life in Newbury. Samuel's and Mary's childr...

Samuel Plummer MP (1692 - 1759)

His male line descendant(s) tested as Y-DNA haplotype G (probably G2a3b1) Samuel married Sarah Miles. His brother Thomas married Sarah Wilson. Religion : Quaker (Bush Creek, Fred. Co., Md) Upda...

Sarah Plummer (Cheney) MP (1636 - 1676)

Sarah Plummer (Pearson) MP (1672 - 1735)

Sarah Plummer (Wilson) MP (1694 - 1788)

Sarah Plummer (Miles) MP (c.1700 - 1788)

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Sarah E Plummer (McClellan) MP (1871 - 1925)

Sarah A Plummer MP (1901 - d.)

Susana Swanson (Plummer) MP (c.1674 - 1720)

Tammy Grimes MP

Tammy Lee Grimes (born January 30, 1934) is an American actress and singer. Early life Grimes was born in Lynn, Massachusetts, the daughter of Eola Willard (née Niles), a naturalist and spiri...

Thomas Plummer, III MP (c.1694 - 1773)

Later male-line descendants have the Y-DNA haplotype R1b1a2. Married Sarah Wilson, not Sarah Miles.

Thomas Plummer II, of Prince George's MP (1669 - 1726)

Three male-line descendants (one well-documented, two less so) tested y-DNA haplotype G/G2a3b1. Two other lines tested R1b1a2. ====================================== THIRD GENERATION 3. Thomas Pl...

Thomas Plummer, of Anne Arundel MP (aft.1635 - aft.1694)

Place and date of birth are undocumented and highly conjectural. He was probably not the son of Sir Walter Plummer, but may have been related to the "Thomas Plummer (or Plomer), merchant" who signed th...

Sir Walter Plummer MP (c.1590 - c.1639)

So far the only evidence for this person's existence is his persistent appearance in various family trees. To be a "prominent merchant" and a Knight, he would have to have been born a minimum of ten ...

William Plummer MP (1540 - d.)

William Plummer (Abt 1540-) Frances Cary (Abt 1544-) Sir Walter Ploumer (Abt 1616-1650) Died 1639, Bermuda [bogus genealogy below this point] Thomas Ploumer (1642-1694) Family Lin...

William Thomas Plummer MP (c.1707 - c.1756)

Anne Arundel Plummers: Y-DNA haplotype G. Massachusetts Plummers: Y-DNA haplotype R1b1a2 (the usual) These Plummers: Y-DNA haplotype I2b2. Chances that any of them were related in the male line...

Sheriff Henry Plummer MP (1832 - 1864)

Henry Plummer (1832–1864) was a prospector, lawman, and outlaw in the American West in the 1850s and 1860s, who was known to have killed several men, some in what was considered self-defense. He was ...

Yate Plummer MP (c.1717 - 1764)

Updated from [undefined WikiTree] via Samuel Plummer by SmartCopy : Oct 22 2014, 22:10:39 UTC He was married only once, to a Priscilla whose last name is not on record. She has been traditionally i...

Plummer MP (deceased)

Plummer MP (deceased)

Plummer MP (deceased)

Plummer MP (1570 - d.)

! Plummer MP (deceased)

. Plummer MP (deceased)

. Plummer MP (deceased)

10 Children Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer (?) MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (c.1814 - d.)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Harris (Plummer) MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

? Plummer MP (deceased)

?? Plummer MP (deceased)

?Anne Davis aka Davies (? Plummer) MP (deceased)

?Frederick Plummer MP (c.1847 - 1892)

Arrived Pegasus 1865: 1865 at brother Charles Plummer's house in Albertland. Apprehends a thief. 1866 in Criminal Court for burglary. Escaped. Draper, 22: 1866/7 more burglary:

?Isaac? Plummer MP (c.1710 - d.)

?Sir Walter? II Plummer MP (c.1580 - 1639)

?Thomas? Plummer MP (c.1636 - d.)

?Thomas? Plummer MP (c.1605 - 1639)

Aaron Plummer MP (1830 - c.1889)