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Catherine Blanquet (Prevost) MP (1605 - 1631)

MARIE Blanquet's MOTHER WAS NOT MARIE LEMAITRE. She was Catherine Prévost (Mimi's right). Date de naissance Vers 1605 Remarques Catherine Prévost avait épousé Adrien Leclerc à Ocqueville le 25-11...

Charles Prevost, SV/PROG MP (c.1650 - 1688)

Charles PRVOT-14909 1 NAME Charles /Prévot/ 2 GIVN Charles 2 SURN Prévot 2 SOUR S33 3 PAGE p1066 3 QUAY 3 Under van der Merwe, Pama spells his surname Provo from Prvot, under Vivier he sp...

David Prevost, b1 MP (1675 - 1685)

Richard Ball - notes "Botha, C.G. - The French Refugees at the Cape page 81 David Pruvost, born at Marcq, March, 1675, died 1685 Boucher, M -The Cape Huguenots from the Calaisis, in Familia p. 15 T...

Sir George Prévost, 1st Baronet MP (1767 - 1816)

Sir George Prévost, 1st Baronet (19 May 1767 – 5 January 1816) was a British soldier and colonial administrator. Born in Hackensack, New Jersey, the eldest son of Swiss French Augustine Prévost, he j...

Guillaume Prévost MP (1746 - 1816)

Guillaume Prévost MP (1777 - 1837)

Isabelle Prévost / Provost MP (1646 - 1722)

Elisabeth was a "Fille du Roi" who immigrated to New France in 1669. She was the sister of Marguerite Provost who married Martin Poisson.

Jean Pascal Prévost MP (1660 - 1694)

Jean : born in Québec on January 31st, 1660 he was baptized on February 14th. He married Françoise Cadieux, daughter of Charles and Madeleine Michelle Macard in Québec on May 4th, 1690. He died in ...

Jean-Baptiste Prévost MP (1662 - 1737)

Fils de Martin Prévost, Jean-Baptiste porta au baptême 14 enfants nés du premier mariage avec Marie-Anne Giroux en1683 et 11 enfants du deuxième mariage avec Geneviève Sédillot. C'est de ce deuxième ma...

Jeanne Prévost MP (1632 - 1699)

Notes Location info: Isle de France, France (birth,marriage), Québec (death) NOTE: Date of death inferred from date of burial. Place of death inferred from place of burial. NOTE: Selon les rece...

Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol MP (1829 - 1870)

Lucien-Anatole Prévost-Paradol (8 August 1829, Paris – 20 July 1870, Washington, D.C.) was a French journalist and essayist. Contents [show] Background[edit] Prévost-Paradol was born in Paris, Fran...

Marguerite Prévost MP (1726 - 1726)

Marguerite Prévost MP (1562 - 1575)

Marie Prevot b2 MP (1678 - aft.1678)

Richard Ball - notes "Boucher, M -The Cape Huguenots from the Calaisis, in Familia p. 15 Marie Prevost, born at lower Marck on February 10, 1678, was baptized at Calais on February 17 of that year." ...

Marie Prévost MP (c.1651 - 1711)

Marie was born in St.Paul, év. d' Orléans(Loiret), France, daughter of Antoine Prévost and Marie Penneau. She was a 'fille du Roi' or King's daughter, one of the 774 girls who were brought from Franc...

Marie Prevost MP (1898 - 1937)

Marie Prevost Marie Prevost (November 8, 1898 – January 21, 1937) was a Canadian-born film actress. During her twenty-year career, she made 121 silent and talking pictures. Prevost began her career...

Marie-Anne Prévost MP (1665 - 1690)

Marie-Françoise Prévost- Provost MP (c.1690 - 1775)

Marie-Madeleine Prévost MP (c.1639 - 1700)

Marie-Marguerite Prévost MP (c.1655 - 1732)

Marguerite was a King’s daughter

Marie-Thérèse Prévost MP (1665 - 1743)

Thérèse: born and baptized in Québec on June 3rd, 1665. She married Michel Giroux, son of Toussaint and Marie Godard, on August 18th, 1683 in Beauport. They had 12 children.

Martin Prévost MP (1538 - 1610)

Notes Location info: a possiblement vécu à Montreuil-sous-Bois, Isle de France, France

Martin Prévost MP (1611 - 1691)

Sources Location info: Québec , Beauport Notes Photographie du memorial irrigé par l'Association des Prévost-Provost d'Amérique Inc sur les terres de Martin Prévost en 1994 et visité par Suza...

Nicolas Prévost MP (1601 - 1653)

Notes Location info: Isle de France, France (birth) Était un marchand . NOTE: Date of birth inferred from date of baptism. Place of birth inferred from place of baptism.

Pierre Prévost MP (1574 - c.1646)

Notes Location info: Île-de-France, France (birth)

Prevost MP (deceased)

?? Prévost MP (deceased)

"N"... PREVOST MP (deceased)

(Constant ) Paul Prévost MP (1859 - d.)

? Prevost MP (deceased)

? 1 Prevost MP (1764 - 1765)

? 2 Prevost MP (1764 - 1766)

? Someone Le Prevost MP (deceased)

? Labouret MP (1739 - 1806)

Aaron Prevost MP (1910 - 2001)

Achille Prevost MP (deceased)

Adela Prevost Galera MP (1900 - d.)

Adela PREVOST MP (deceased)

Adelaide Prevost (Bourgeois) MP (c.1808 - c.1870)

adelaide Prevost MP (deceased)

Adelaide Fafard (Prévost) MP (aft.1838 - d.)

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Adelaide Marie Prevost (Boissonnault) MP (1835 - 1873)

Adelaise Prevost MP (deceased)

Adele "Jane" Marcotte (Prevost) MP (c.1852 - d.)

Adeline Deschenes (Prévost) MP (1831 - 1913)

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Adéle Zelie PREVOST MP (1846 - d.)

Admiral James Prevost MP (deceased)

Adolph John Prevost MP (deceased)

Adolphe Prévost MP (deceased)

Adolphe Prévost MP (1926 - 2003)

Adora Prevost MP (deceased)

Adrien Prévost MP (deceased)

Adrien Prévost MP (c.1620 - d.)

Adrien Le Prevost de Basserode MP (deceased)

Adrien Prévost MP (deceased)

Adéfinir Verraest (Prévost) MP (deceased)

Adélaide Prevost (Ouimet) MP (deceased)

adélard prévost MP (deceased)

Adélaïde Vigogne (Prévost) MP (1828 - 1906)

Adélaïde Prévost MP (1755 - 1844)

Adélaïde Prévost MP (c.1886 - d.)

Agathe Henri (Prevost) MP (deceased)

Agnes Prevost (Walker) MP (b. - 1971)

Agnès Prevost MP (deceased)

Aime Prevost MP (deceased)

Aime Prevost MP (1908 - 1982)

Aime Ferdinand Prevost MP (1921 - 1977)

Alain George Prevost MP (1950 - 2016)

Albert Prevost MP (deceased)

Albert Prévost MP (1885 - 1954)

Albert Prévost MP (deceased)

Albert Prevost MP (1905 - 1995)

Alberta Prévost MP (deceased)

Albina LeMay (Prevost) MP (deceased)

Alderic Prevost MP (1903 - 1993)

Alex Prevost MP (1867 - d.)

Alexander Prevost MP (deceased)

Alexandre Prévost MP (1882 - 1977)

Alexandre Champion Prévost MP (deceased)

Alexandre Prevost MP (deceased)

alexina prévost MP (deceased)

Alexis Prevost MP (1780 - d.)

Alexis Prevost MP (deceased)

Alexis-Sylvia Prévost MP (1750 - 1820)

Alexria Glaude - Prevost MP (1871 - 1929)

Alfred Prevost MP (deceased)

Alfred Prévost MP (deceased)

Alfred Prevost MP (c.1877 - d.)

Alfred Prevost MP (deceased)

Alfred Prevost MP (deceased)

Alfred Prevost MP (deceased)

Alfred Prevost MP (deceased)

Alice Roufosse (Prevost) MP (deceased)

Quêtier MP (1911 - d.)

Alice Prevost Dumberry MP (deceased)

Alice Anna Prévost MP (1859 - d.)

Alice Emilienne Dumay? (Prévost) MP (1891 - 1983)

Alice, Germaine, Hélène PREVOST MP (deceased)

Alida Prevost (van Vers) MP (deceased)

Alix Le Prevost MP (deceased)