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Aaron Skaggs MP (1739 - 1796)

Ann Skaggs (Woolard) MP (1640 - aft.1740)

Ann Woolard England Marriages, 1538–1973 Marriage: Oct 31 1734 - Saint Sepulchre, Cambridge, Cambridge, England Husband: Thomas Skaggs

Long Hunter Charles Skaggs MP (c.1737 - 1815)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia (Soldier). DAR Ancestor #A104570 (served with Captain Daily Trigg, took the oath of allegiance, and furnished supplies) charles skaggs will feb 9 181...

Elizabeth Skaggs (Thompson) MP (c.1751 - d.)

Elizabeth Hankins (Skaggs) MP (1740 - bef.1820)

Elizabeth Hammons (Skaggs) MP (1770 - 1840)

Elizabeth Skaggs (Wells) MP (c.1735 - 1811)

“Long Hunter” Henry Skaggs MP (1724 - 1810)

In the name of God amen. I Henry Skaggs of the County of Green & State of Kentucky do make thos my last will and testament on manner and form following this wit: I leave all my estate both real a...

Rev. James Thomas Skaggs MP (1742 - 1820)

James Thomas Skaggs II, Was an Indian fighter and in the Revolutionary War. (As given in 8th Virginia Report on Revolutionary soldiers now in the file under Illinois Papers in Richmond, VA. Library.)

Capt. James Skaggs MP (1700 - 1769)

Was born on a ship en route to America About his sons The following is taken directly from the book "The life of Daniel Boone", written by Lyman C Draper, LL.D., a noted historian: Henry, Charl...

Rev. John Skaggs MP (1728 - 1829)

Wounded at Battle of King's Mountain 1780. He first joined Edmond's Company under Col. Arthur Cambell and switched to Bowens Company at Wolf Creek at the engagement of King's Mountain. He was wounded...

Lucinda Skaggs (Thompson) MP (1742 - 1820)

Lydia Harman (Skaggs) MP (aft.1736 - 1814)

Birth: 1755 Death: Oct. 2, 1814 wife of Mathias Harman--d/o James Skaggs & Rachel Moredock Family links: Spouse: Mathias Tice Harman (1736 - 1832)* Calculated relationship Burial:...

Martha Whitt (Skaggs) MP (1791 - 1855)

Mary Skaggs (Thompson) MP (1739 - 1820)

Long Hunter Moses Skaggs MP (1733 - 1811)

"The life of Daniel Boone", written by Lyman C Draper, LL.D. "Henry, Charles, and Richard SKAGGS and three other brothers were grandsons of an Irishman who fled from Ireland of Londonderry in 1688-'8...

Nancy Despain (Skaggs) MP (aft.1770 - 1841)

Family researchers have indicated that the mother of William Perry DeSpain in NOT Nancy Skaggs despite several references as such. Researcher Denise "Micki" Behl seems to have sought the answer to th...

Nancy Melba Meredith (Skaggs) MP (1763 - 1840)

Nancy Skaggs, born April 22, 1763 in Virginia; died 1840 in Grayson Springs, Grayson County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Charles Skaggs and Lucinda Thompson Joseph Abraham Meredith, born 1760 in ...

Rev. Peter L. Skags Sr. MP (1765 - 1841)

Genealogists refer to him as Old Peter...He chose Martha Cathrin, Cherokee Indian at age 17, she being a mere 13 or so the calculated ages go. He called her "Patsy" as did all her friends and relatives...

Rachel Skaggs MP (1766 - bef.1876)

5th Great Granddaughter of Pocahontas

Rachel Susannah Skaggs (Moredock) MP (1700 - 1756)

Only child. Was orphaned at a young age. (Both parents died in 1700.) Tip to researchers: look for guardianship records for her. Problems This profile needs work. Some issues: Rachel currently ...

Rachel Whitt (Skaggs) MP (1761 - c.1846)

By oral tradition: Rachel Skaggs (White name) was the daughter of Chief Cornstalk. By most accounts, she was Indian. When she was adopted into the colonists' family after his death, she was given the s...

Long Hunter Richard Skaggs MP (1738 - 1818)

These families were the forerunners of the "foot-washing" Baptists which subsequently moved into Kentucky and established many of the Baptist Churches of the frontier land. Among the leaders was the Sk...

Susannah Skaggs (Moredock) MP (1742 - 1813)

Susannah Whitt (Skaggs) MP (1730 - 1797)

Children of Rev Richard P Whitt and Susanna Skaggs are: +Dr. Richard Thomas Whitt Deskins?, d. date unknown. Abijah Whitt, b. 1757, d. date unknown. Rachel Whitt, b. 1759, d. date unknown. +H...

Wife of Aaron Skaggs (Thompson) MP (deceased)

Zachariah Skaggs (Scaggs) MP (bef.1751 - 1818)

DAR Ancestor # A204564 , soldier Va. Montgomery County Militia.

Skaggs MP (c.1755 - d.)

Skaggs MP (deceased)

Skaggs MP (deceased)

!!!! Stewart (Skaggs) MP (deceased)

"Little" Felix Skaggs MP (1886 - 1970)

(?) Skaggs MP (deceased)

(N.F.N.) (N.M.N.) Skaggs MP (bef.1785 - bef.1805)

(N.F.N.) (N.M.N.) Skaggs MP (bef.1785 - bef.1805)

<Private> Skaggs (Hampton) MP (deceased)

? Skaggs (Harp) MP (deceased)

? Skaggs MP (1930 - 2000)

? Skaggs MP (deceased)

A.D. Skaggs MP (deceased)

Aaron Skaggs MP (deceased)

Aaron Skaggs MP (deceased)

Aaron Skaggs MP (deceased)

Aaron Skaggs MP (1867 - 1923)

Aaron Skaggs, Sr MP (1760 - 1809)

Aaron Skaggs [died young] MP (1693 - bef.1709)

Changed unknown date of death to "Before 1709" because his brother Aaron was born that year.

Aaron Skaggs MP (1795 - 1860)

Aaron Skaggs MP (deceased)

Aaron Skaggs, Jr MP (1795 - 1860)

Aaron Skaggs MP (deceased)

Abednego Skaggs MP (c.1769 - 1821)

abednego skaggs MP (deceased)

Abner Skaggs MP (1847 - d.)

Abraham Moredock Skaggs MP (c.1783 - d.)

Abraham Skaggs MP (deceased)

Abraham M Skaggs MP (1792 - 1861)

Abraham Moredock Skaggs was a soldier in War of 1812 under General Harrison. He was present when the Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh, was killed. His father and grandfather Skaggs were Colonial and Revolutiona...

Abraham Jefferson Skaggs MP (deceased)

Abraham Davis Skaggs MP (1810 - 1893)

Residence : 1840 - Not Stated, Grayson, Kentucky* Residence : 1850 - Grayson county, Grayson, Kentucky* Residence : 1860 - Grayson, Kentucky, United States* Residence : 1870 - Kentucky, United States* ...

Abram Bolivar Skaggs MP (1828 - 1854)

Ada Skaggs MP (c.1918 - c.1918)

Ada Skaggs MP (1886 - 1887)

Ada Skaggs (Fannin) MP (deceased)

Ada Roberta Bentley (Skaggs) MP (1866 - 1958)

Ada White / Skaggs (Ferrell) MP (1889 - 1968)

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Ada Skaggs MP (deceased)

Addie Victoria Jaco (Skaggs) MP (1916 - 1963)

Addie Skaggs MP (deceased)

Addie Dillon (Skaggs) MP (1878 - d.)

Addie V Skaggs (Jaco) MP (1916 - 1963)

Adeline Skaggs MP (deceased)

Adolpha Skaggs MP (deceased)

Alabino Downing (Skaggs) MP (1866 - 1935)

Alafair Delaney Salyer (Skaggs) MP (1870 - 1951)

Alanzo Ferando Skaggs MP (1850 - 1945)

Albert Franklin Skaggs MP (1907 - 1973)

Albert Wesley Skaggs MP (1916 - 1962)

Albert Skaggs MP (1878 - 1944)

Albert Augustus Skaggs, Jr. MP (deceased)

Albert Augustus Skaggs, Sr. MP (1843 - 1898)

Albina Josephine Holland (Skaggs) MP (1851 - 1938)

Alcinda V Skaggs (Dix) MP (deceased)

Alcinda Skaggs (Dix) MP (deceased)

Alexander Skaggs MP (b. - 1792)

Alferd Skaggs MP (1876 - 1942)

Alferd Skaggs MP (1876 - d.)

Alfred R. Skaggs MP (1866 - 1954)

Alfred Ennis Skaggs MP (1866 - 1954)

Alfred C. Skaggs MP (1915 - 1982)

Alfred Skaggs MP (deceased)

Alfred Skaggs MP (deceased)

Alice R. Skaggs MP (1863 - d.)

Alice Skaggs MP (1864 - d.)

Alice Dee Witt Swink Skaggs MP (1900 - 1977)

Alice Skaggs MP (c.1906 - c.1925)

Fern Skaggs MP (b. - 1979)

Alice Skaggs (Whitaker) MP (1862 - 1931)

Alice Sarah Skaggs MP (1871 - 1948)

Alice Skaggs MP (1863 - d.)

Alice Etta Skelton (Skaggs) MP (deceased)

Alice A Fletcher (Skaggs) MP (1866 - 1943)

Photo by: Susan Ritter, added June 22, 2010 to Find A Grave Memorial# 54017184 She was the third wife of Jackson Fletcher, married sometime after his 2nd wife, Margaret, died in 1894 Alice A. Ska...