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Abiah West (Sprague) MP (1688 - c.1721)

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Abiel Sprague MP (1710 - 1773)

Abigail Sprague (Jeffers) MP (1772 - 1846)

Alice Eames (Sprague) MP (1592 - c.1668)

Soon after the death of her father Alice married Richard Eames and moved to the Dorchester area to live near Puddletown. Ralph followed and went to Fordington. Links

Alice Sprague (Brown) MP (1691 - 1791)

Ann Lawrence (Sprague) MP (1614 - d.)

Some sources list the husband of Ann/Anna Sprague as perhaps Robert Lawrence; Eugene Aubry's "Plymouth Colony" lists her husband as William Lawrence.

Ann Maria Sprague (Miles) MP (1836 - 1917)

Ann Maria Miles Birth: Apr 14 1836 - Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts Death: after 1910 Parents: Daniel C. Miles, Mary Curtis Husband: Samuel Hazen Sprague Children: Theodocia M. Sprag...

Anthony Sprague, Sr. MP (1635 - 1719)

He resided on his paternal homestead in Hingham Center, MA. 1676, April 19 or 20- The Indians in King Phillip's War burned his home along with five others. 1688, 1692, 1700- Selectman. Siblings: ...

Rev. Daniel Green Sprague MP (1796 - 1873)

Note: Included in sources is the corresponding documentation for the marriage date of 1/4/1826 to Lucy Danielson. It would appear that the ceremony was repeated in several locations over the course of ...

Daniel Sprague MP (1712 - 1788)

Born 28 March 1712/3. Justice of the Peace many years. 1738/9, February- Freeman of Providence, RI. 1748- He was a citizen of Highway Dist. 1, Smithfield, RI. 1753: Captain, 3rd Company, Provid...

David Sprague MP (1683 - 1773)

David Sprague (William, William) was born in Hihgham 23 Dec. 1683, and married, 13 June 1706, Sarah Jordan of Milton (History of Milton, p., 172). Source: "The brothers Ralph and William Sprague and ...

David Sprague MP (1742 - 1789)

David Sprague was a farmer; owned and managed a saw-mill; was at one time Sheriff of Albany Co., and was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He served as private in Col. Killian van Rensselaer's (4th) ...

Deborah Bucknam (Sprague) MP (1670 - 1756)

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Dorcas Earle (Sprague) MP (1638 - 1702)

Dorcas Hatch (Sprague) MP (1672 - d.)

Dorothy Green Brown Sprague MP (1714 - d.)

Dorothy Greene is the daughter of Jacob Flagg Greene and Dorothy Lynde. She married 1st Ephraim Brown (Josiah and Susannah Goodwin) of Reading and they lived in Stoneham, MA. Their children are: Doro...

Ebenezer Sprague MP (1682 - 1731)

Circa 1695- His mother with her second husband, James Bick, removed to a farm in the south part of the Inman Purchase in now North Smithfield, RI about 2 miles south of Woonsocket Hill. 1707/8- He so...

Lt. Ebenezer Sprague MP (1740 - 1776)

Ebenezer Sprague MP (deceased)

Rev. Edward Payson Sprague, D.D., Ph.D. MP (1843 - 1902)

Edward Payson Sprague, D.D., Ph.D. Son of the Rev. Daniel Greene Sprague and Caroline Wood; born at Westchester, Conn., October 18, 1843; united with the Presbyterian church, South Orange, N. J., i...

Edward Sprague MP (c.1576 - 1614)

Alternate death date 6/16/1614. Please see this article about his origins: The Sprague Family of Charlestown, Massachusetts, D. L. Kent The preceeding was taken from "The New England Historical a...

Capt. Edward Sprague MP (1663 - 1715)

Edward Sprague was a miller by trade, owned a corn mill situated on the three mile brook near Ell Pond, and became an important factor in the life of this new and growing community. The power which sup...

Elizabeth Sprague (Hyde ?) MP (1716 - 1789)

Detached from Jabez Hyde and Elizabeth Bushnell. Their daughter, named Elizabeth, married Simon Tracy. This is NOT their daughter.

Elizabeth Sprague (Poole) MP (1761 - 1808)


Elizabeth Sprague (Green) MP (1672 - 1747)

Elizabeth Green, daughter of John Green (Greene) of Malden and Mary Green Wife of Ensign Phineas Sprague John Green, was the the eldest son of James and Elizabeth Green. He was probably born in Mal...

Elizabeth Sprague (Wilder) MP (1679 - 1755)

          ii.  Elizabeth, Apr. 12, 1679, m. May 17, 1705, Josiah Sprague. Citations (From "The Genealogy of the...

Elizabeth Sampson (Sprague) MP (1657 - 1727)

Daughter of John Sprague and Ruth Bassett. Wife of George Sampson married 1678 and mother of: Joseph Sampson b 1679 Abigail Sampson b 1680 Judeth Sampson b 1682 Ruth Sampson, Mrs Nehemiah S...

Elizabeth Sprague (Bartlett) MP (c.1643 - 1713)

Siblings: Benjamin born before 6 June 1633, Rebecca born before December 1634, Mary born circa 1634, Sarah, Joseph born circa 1639, Lydia born 8 June 1648, and Mercy born 10 March 1650/1. Elizabeth Mar...

Elizabeth Whipple (Sprague) MP (1694 - 1735)

Elizabeth Sprague Whipple Birth: May 26, 1694 Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts, USA Death: 1735 She died about 1735, perhaps following, and a result of, the birth of her 17th child. Ch...

Elizabeth Sprague (Harding) MP (deceased)

Emma Jane Bowren (Sprague) MP (1867 - 1937)

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Eunice Sprague (Gilson) MP (1706 - 1774)

Francis Sprague, of Duxbury MP (c.1590 - 1676)

Francis Sprague Birth: 1598/99 - London, England Death: From 1675 To 1676 - Duxbury, Plymouth County, MA Parents: unknown Wife: Lydia or Ann Sprague Children: Ann(Anna) Lawrence (born Sprag...

Frank J. Sprague ("Father of Electric Traction") MP (1857 - 1934)

Link to grave Frank Julian Sprague (July 25, 1857 in Milford, Connecticut - October 25, 1934) was an American naval officer and inventor who contributed to the development of the electric motor, el...

George Frederick Sprague MP (1902 - 1998)

George Frederick Sprague (September 3, 1902 – November 24, 1998) was an American geneticist and maize researcher. He was a faculty member at the Iowa State University and the University of Illin...

Hannah Sprague (Harris) MP (1668 - 1714)

Hannah Sprague MP (c.1653 - c.1658)

Hannah Stowers (Sprague) MP (1670 - 1721)

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Hannah Love Sprague (Swain) MP (1769 - 1856)

Hezekiah Sprague MP (1774 - c.1847)

Jabez Sprague MP (1625 - 1650)

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Joanna Church (Sprague) MP (1644 - 1678)

See Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 18, Part 1, Third Edition, published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants 2004, pages 30-31.

Joanna Sprague (Lynde) MP (1696 - 1739)

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Joanna White (Sprague) MP (1711 - c.1756)


Brevet Maj. General John W. Sprague (USA) MP (1817 - 1893)

John Wilson Sprague (April 4, 1817–December 27, 1894) was an American soldier and railroad executive. He served as a general in the Union Army in the Western Theater of operations during the A...

Lt. John Sprague, of Duxbury & Lebanon MP (1656 - 1728)

(Lieut.) John Sprague Birth: Circa 1657 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts Death: Mar 6 1727 - Lebanon, New London, Connecticut Parents: John Sprague, Ruth Bassett Married: 1) Lydia 2) Lois S...

Deacon John Sprague MP (1709 - 1777)

John Sprague MP (1669 - 1669)

Capt. John Sprague, of Malden MP (1624 - 1692)

Link to grave from "The Sprague Family: From Dorset, to Massachusetts & Gibraltar", by Joan Watkins, 1992, correspondent In 1623 Ralph Sprague married Joanna Warren whose father Thomas Warren w...

John Sprague, Jr. MP (1651 - 1703)

notes 'John Sprague Military King Philip's War  served with Major Simon Willard's company  "The Spragues of Malden, Massachusetts", by George Walter Chamberlain, page 110: John ...

John Sprague MP (1755 - 1846)

"Supplement to Sprague Families in America", by Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague, page 181. Memorials or original petitions written by the applicants themselves in Kings Co., New Brunswick, Canada, copied fr...

Deacon John Sprague MP (1708 - 1795)

"The Ralph Sprague Genealogy", by E. G. Sprague, page 62. John Sprague moved to Killingly, CT in 1752. The first record of birth in town was of this family. He was deacon of the South Society of Kill...

John Sprague, of Hingham & Mendon MP (1638 - 1683)

John Sprague Christen: Apr 1638, Hingham, Plymouth, MA [231] Death: 23 Oct 1690, Hingham, Plymouth, MA [231] Father: William Sprague (1609-1675) Mother: Melicent Eames (~1616-1696) Marriage...

John Sprague, Jr. MP (1789 - d.)

John Sprague MP (1633 - 1676)

Notes for JOHN SPRAGUE: The book, "Saints and Strangers", by George Willison says of John: "(He) was a spark of the old flint, it appears, and spent hours in the stocks for highly misdemeaning himsel...

Jonathan Sprague MP (1656 - 1730)

"The Sprague Family: from Dorset, to Massachusetts & Gibraltar", by Joan Watkins, 1992, correspondent. (NOTE: continued from Jonathan Sprague's father, Capt John Sprague.) Jonathan, Captain John's se...

Jonathan Sprague, Sr. MP (1648 - 1741)

Alternate birth place Wendon, Worchestershire, England Alternate death place Hingham, Massachusetts. Alternate death date 4/10/1756. Alternate burial place Brooklyn, New york. Jonathan moved to...

Jonathan Sprague MP (1625 - 1650)

12017. Jonathan Sprague. Born ca 1625 in Dorset, England. Jonathan was baptized in Fordington, St. George, Dorset, on 27 Nov 1625.16 Jonathan died in Dec 1650 in Malden, MA.16 Apparently died unmarried...

Jonathan Sprague MP (1686 - 1756)

"Sprague Families in America", by Dr. Warren Vincent Sprague, page 148. Jonathan Sprague was a Carpenter, House-wright, and Mill-wright from Bridgewater, MA. In 1746, he was of Stafford, CT for on Apri...

Jonathan Sprague MP (c.1642 - 1647)

Josiah Sprague MP (1680 - 1760)

Josiah Sprague married Elizabeth Wilder. Their child Isaac Sprague is where we decended from. Taken From: 17 May 1705 Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, USA [7, 9,10, 11] (From "The Genealogy of the Sp...

Judith Sprague (Green) MP (1715 - 1757)

More About DANIEL GREEN and MARY BUCKNAM: Marriage: 29 Dec 1708, Reading, Massachusetts Children of MARY BUCKNAM and DANIEL GREEN are: i. ESTHER4 GREEN, b. Abt. 1709, Malden, Middlesex,...

Judith Sprague MP (deceased)

Katherine Sprague (Richardson) MP (1655 - 1701)


Lois Sprague (Cross) MP (1739 - d.)

Lois Sprague (Standish) MP (1674 - 1731)

Lois Standish Some sources have her name also including Lois Abel Birth: WFT Est 1656-1679 Death: AFT 16 APR 1731 Father: Josiah Standish , Lieutenant b: ABT 1633 Mother: Sarah Allen b: 30 ...

Love Sprague (Hooper) MP (1717 - 1793)

LOVE3 HOOPER, d. Unknown; m. SPRAGUE; d. Unknown. More About LOVE HOOPER: Baptism: April 28, 1717, First Church of Berwick, So. Berwick, ME6

Lucy Inman (Sprague) MP (1753 - d.)

Lydia Sprague (Goffe) MP (1628 - 1715)

Lydia was the eldest of three children born to Edward and Lydia (Joyce) Goffe. She married John the eldest of seven children born to Ralph and Johane (Warren) Sprague. John and Lydia had ten children...

Lydia Sprague (unknown) MP (1618 - c.1660)

notes the information below is NOT supported by Anderson's Great Migration project. Hardin Clay Roots last updated 4 January 2011, dead link Oct 2015, gave Lydia as a daughter of William Archer &...

Lydia Harris (Sprague) MP (1608 - 1710)

Lydia Way (Sprague) MP (1692 - c.1746)

Lydia Way (born Sprague) Birth: Circa 1693 - Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts Death: Mar 3 1762 - Sharon, Litchfield, Connecticut Parents: John Sprague, II, Lydia Sprague Husband: George Way,...

Lydia Sprague (unknown) MP (1658 - 1725)

John Sprague (1656-1728), son of John Sprague & Ruth Bassett, 1st Lydia who was b. July 18, 1658 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., MA she died July 18, 1725 in Lebanon, New London Co., CT m. bef Nov 6, 1683 in...

Lydia Greenland (Sprague) MP (1653 - 1705)

Lydia Sprague Born Sep 1653-1654  Malden, Middlesex Co., MA  Died 20 Jan 1705  Malden, Middlesex Co., MA  Buried Bell Rock Cemetery, Malden, Middlesex Co., MA, USA ...

Lydia Sprague (Leavitt) MP (1687 - 1781)

Lydia Sprague (Levitt) MP (1650 - 1715)

Margaret Howland (Sprague) MP (1713 - 1771)

Mary Whipple (Sprague) MP (1692 - 1784)

Mary Sprague MP (c.1723 - 1800)

Mary Sprague (Sharp?) MP (c.1605 - 1672)

from The Sprague Project Some have reported Richard's wife to be Mary Sharp. "The Migration Begins" does not support that fact (page 1734). (Ancestral File - Ver. 4.11) Mary Sharp (AFN:GVLW-F3) ...

Mary Sargent (Sprague) MP (1696 - 1787)

Mary Goddard (Sprague) MP (deceased)

Mary Jenckes (Sprague) MP (c.1691 - 1770)

Widowed sister of Patience Sprague Jenks. "He (William Jencks) married, second, later in life, Patience's younger sister Mary (Sprague) Brown, the widow of Daniel Brown Jr. (It was Mary, not Patience...

Mary Sprague (Walling) MP (1705 - 1791)

Mary Sprague (Sharp) MP (c.1605 - 1674)

Mary Goddard (Sprague) MP (deceased)

Mary Ann Moore (Sprague) MP (1823 - d.)

Mary Sprague (Killian) MP (deceased)

Mary Sprague MP (1661 - 1692)

"The Spragues of Malden, Mass.", by George Walter Chamberlain, page 83: 'Mary Sprague is not mentioned in her father's will, dated May 31, 1692. The Sprague Project ‎

Mary Sprague (Babcock) MP (1681 - 1721)

Mary Babcock Birth: Jan 28 1681, New London Co, CT, USA Death: Mar 10 1721, New London Co, CT, USA Inscription: Wife of John Sprague & daughter of Jonathan Babcock of Windham Burial: Old Cem,...

Mary Sprague (Prentice) MP (1699 - d.)

Mary Prentice, bap. 2 Ap. 1699, daughter of Thomas Prentice of Cambridge & Maria Russell. Married Francis Kidder 13 Feb. 1717-18, Philip Cook about 1725, and Samuel Sprague of Stoneham 4 Ap. ...

Mary King (Sprague) MP (1652 - 1703)

Mary Edmunds (Sprague) MP (1634 - 1717)

Mary Sprague (daughter of Ralph Sprague & Joanna Warren) was Born ca 1634 in Charlestown, MA. Mary was baptized in Charlestown, MA, on 14 Sep 1634.16 Mary died on 26 Nov 1717 in Charlestown, MA. In b...

Mary Cady (Sprague) MP (1741 - 1767)

Mary Sprague (Woodworth) MP (c.1683 - 1725)

wife of Mr. Benjamin Sprague [1686-1754] in ye 43 yeare of her age [daughter of Benjamin Woodworth, who was the son of Walter. The will of Benjamin Woodworth, dated January 21, 1726-7, prob July 3, 1...

Matthew Sprague MP (1688 - 1783)

Mehitable Sprague (Holbrook) MP (1649 - 1710)

Alternate birthdate 1667. Daughter of Capt. William Holbrook and Elizabeth Holbrook. Wife of Jonathan Sprague, I (Marriage to Jonathan Sprague in 1670 20 Jul — Providence, Providence, Rhode Isla...

Mehitable Angell (Sprague) MP (1735 - 1766)

Melicent Peck (Sprague) MP (c.1671 - 1731)

Melicent Sprague Born Abt 1671  Weymouth, Norfolk Co., MA, USA   [1]  Died date unknown  Father John Sprague,   b. Abt 1638, Hingham, Plymouth Co., MA, USA , ...

Michael Sprague MP (c.1649 - d.)