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Alice Grymes (Towneley) MP (1675 - c.1710)

Surname has also been reported to be Townley .Date and place of marriage have been (erroneously?) reported to be circa 1680 in Gloucester County, Virginia.==links==* FamilySearch AFN: NC9C-73*

Anne Townley (Vaughan) MP (bef.1522 - d.)

Anne was the daughter of Hugh Vaughan and Blanch Castell and is likely to have been born prior to 1522. Anne is referenced in the Will of her father[1] of her father Sir Hugh Vaughan KG. She is noted ...

Cecilia Towneley MP (1290 - 1323)

Around 1304, Cecilia de Thonlay, widow of Richard, brother of Roger, the last Dean of Whalley, gave to John de la Legh, son of Gilbert de la Legh, the land she held at Towneley. John de la Legh had mar...

Cecilia de Thunlaig MP (c.1250 - aft.1304)

concerns This Cecilia appears to be the same as Cicilia NN . Are they supposed to be the same person? Further research is warranted. brief biography and family She was a widow when she married Richa...

Elena de la Legh (unknown) MP (c.1320 - aft.1345)

Richard Towneley married a woman named Helen or Ellen, who was living in 1345.[2] He appears to have had three sons and one daughter.[2] John, the eldest, was born in about 1350 (as he was 31 at the ti...

Emily Frances Gordon-Lennox (Towneley) MP (c.1835 - 1892)

Grace Towneley (Smythe) MP (c.1484 - 1522)


Isabelle Towneley (Sherburne) MP (c.1424 - 1462)

17. Isabel SHERBURNE was born circa 1428 in Stonyhurst, Clitheroe, Lancaster, England 371 and died before 1462 of Towneley Hall, Lancastershire, England.Parents* Richard Sherburne (1403-1440) & Maud Ha...

Jennett Towneley (Halstead) MP (1574 - 1623)

Lawrence Towneley of Stone Edge, a son of Lawrence Towneley IV and Mary Hartley, was born in 1564 in Stone Edge, Lancashire, England. He died 12 February 1645 in Colne, Lancashire, England. He married ...

Joan Towneley (Banastre) MP (c.1455 - 1508)

John Towneley MP (1415 - 1473)

* The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, Made in the Year 1664-5, by Sir William Dugdale , Francis Robert Raines page # 304-307 "Towneley of Towneley."* Towneley family . The Towneley or T...

John Towneley MP (1350 - c.1399)

* The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, Made in the Year 1664-5, by Sir William Dugdale , Francis Robert Raines page # 304-307 "Towneley of Towneley."* Towneley family . The Towneley or T...

Lawrence Towneley MP (c.1510 - 1566)

One source claims he was born in 1520.

Lawrence Towneley, II MP (1543 - bef.1598)

Lawrence Towneley===* born 1543,* died before 19 January 1597-98. * Parents: Laurence Towneley II, born c 1510 in Barnside, died 1566. Married between 1529 and 1546 Hellen Hesketh, born c 1514 (illegim...

Lawrence Towneley MP (1447 - 1530)

* 'Townships: Barrowford Booth', in A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 6, ed. William Farrer and J Brownbill (London, 1911), pp. 541-544 [accessed 10 September 2015].**21. Add. MS. 32104, no....

Lawrence Towneley, IV MP (bef.1611 - bef.1672)

Notes Conflicting sources. Visitations lists wives as 1) Helen Walton, 5 children 2) Elizabeth Calvert, No children. Richardson lists 1) Alice Calvert, 5 children 2) Ellen unknown, 3 additional childre...

Lawrence Towneley, III MP (bef.1563 - 1655)

Family Sheet HUSBAND Name: Lawrence TowneleyMale [1] Born: Abt 1574 at Stonehedge, England [2] Married: Abt 1612 at Of Stonehedge, Lancaster, England Died: 1654 Stonehedge, England Christened Apr 21...

Lawrence Towneley, V MP (bef.1640 - 1698)

Biography Lawrence Towneley, son of Lawrence Townley, Gent. by Alice Calvert, was baptized at Colne, Lancashire 2 Feb. 1629/40. [1] He immigrated to Virginia. [1] He married his first cousin, Sarah W...

Margaret Towneley (Hartley) MP (c.1545 - 1597)

Lawrence Towneley, Gent. was born circa 1554 at of Barnside & Blacko, Lancashire, England. He married Margaret Hartley, daughter of John Hartley, Gent., circa 1575 at of Stone Edge, Colne, Lancashire, ...

Mary Warner (Towneley) MP (bef.1614 - 1662)

Not the same as Mary Miller “Mary Warner ye wife of Augus-*tine Warner Esq. was Born*15th of May 1614 And Dyed ye 11th Day*of August 1662.Mary Towneley, baptized at Colne, Lancashire 15 May 1614, was t...

Nicholas Towneley MP (1505 - 1545)

Nicholas Towneley (1505–1546), eldest son of Richard and Margaret. Entered Gray’s Inn in 1522.[19] Married Anne Vaughan. Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees by SmartCopy : Sep 16 2015, 9:11:44...

Sir Richard de Towneley, MP MP (c.1313 - 1381)

Richard de Towneley, also known as Richard de la Legh, (c. 1313 – 16 April 1381) was an English landowner and politician.[1][2] Richard was an early member of the Towneley family of Towneley Hall in Bu...

Sir Richard Towneley MP (c.1387 - 1454)

F. B. Hanson 15th Great Grandson of Richard de Townley (1387,1454) and his wife Alice de Townley (c. 1392, c. 1454); 15th Great Grandson of John de Townley (c. 1358,c. 1399) and lady Isabel Rixton (c. ...

Sarah Towneley (Warner) MP (1638 - 1702)

Besides the son Augustine Warner the second, the first Augustine Warner (1611-1674) had at least two daughters. One married David Cant, and the other, Sarah, married Lawrence Townley, and was the ances...

Townley (Dutton) (deceased)

? Towneley (1141 - d.)

Agnes de Towneley (De Townley) (1283 - d.)

Agnes Towneley (Legh) (1264 - d.)

Lady Alexandra Towneley-Bertie (deceased)

Alice Towneley (Calvert) (c.1612 - 1650)

Biography Calvert, daughter of Nicholas, married Lawrence Towneley, Gent., son of Lawrence Towneley, Gent. and Jennet Halstead, circa 1632 at of Mitton Parish, Yorkshire, England; They had 5 sons (Robe...

Alice Mary O'Hagan (Towneley) (deceased)

Alice Lacy (Towneley) (1539 - d.)

Alice Grymes (Towneley) (c.1675 - c.1710)

Alice Haworth (c.1392 - c.1454)

Alice Towneley (Braddylee) (1611 - d.)

Alice St. John (Towneley) (c.1450 - c.1530)

Alicia de Towneley (deceased)

Anne Towneley (1637 - 1650)

Anne Hoyle (Towneley) (1608 - 1672)

Anne Towneley (c.1611 - c.1643)

Anne Towneley (deceased)

Anne Plumpton (Towneley) (1611 - 1644)

Ann Towneley (Catterall) (deceased)

Ann Towneley (1634 - d.)

Conflicting sources ===References* F. R. Raines, ed., The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made in the year 1664-5, Part 3. (1873). Online at, page 314: Townley of Stonehedge...

Barbara Towneley (Dicconson) (c.1731 - c.1797)

Bennett Nowell (Towneley) (deceased)

Bernard Towneley (c.1459 - d.)

Captain Ian Desmond Curry-Towneley-O'Hagan (deceased)

Caroline Theresa Bertie (Towneley) (b. - 1873)

Catharine Towneley (1637 - 1664)

Cecilia Standish (1714 - 1778)

Cecilia Townley, nee Standish, Lady of the Manor 1755-1778 by Eleanor Johnson When Ralph Standish died in 1755, none of his sons from the two marriages remained alive, and so the estate went to his dau...

Cecilia Legh (Towneley) (deceased)

Cecilia Strickland (Towneley) (1741 - 1814)

Cecily Towneley (1667 - d.)

Charles Towneley (1632 - 1664)

Charles Towneley (c.1504 - c.1539)

Charles Towneley (deceased)

Charles Towneley, of Towneley (1803 - 1876)

Charles Townley FRS was a wealthy English country gentleman, antiquary and collector. He travelled on three Grand Tours to Italy, buying antique sculpture, vases, coins, manuscripts and Old Master draw...

Charles Townley (Towneley) (1506 - d.)

Charles Townley (Towneley) (c.1582 - 1636)

One source claims he was born in 1596.

Charles Towneley, of Bradshaw co Lincoln (deceased)

Charles Towneley (1658 - 1712)

Charlotte Theresa Towneley (Drummond) (1768 - d.)

Charlotte Mary French (Towneley) (deceased)

Christopher Towneley (deceased)

Christopher Towneley (c.1604 - d.)

Clara Towneley (Fenton) (deceased)

Clement Towneley (1654 - 1666)

Col. Lawrence Towneley (1636 - 1690)

Eleanor Neville (Towneley) (c.1493 - aft.1523)

Elizabeth Standish (Towneley) 2nd Wife (b. - 1614)

Elizabeth Towneley (Kaye) (deceased)

Elizabeth Towneley (deceased)

Elizabeth Towneley (Catterall) (c.1464 - d.)

Elizabeth Catterall1*F, #433388*Last Edited=16 Aug 2015* Elizabeth Catterall is the daughter of Richard Catterall.1 She married, firstly, William Tempest , son of Roger Tempest and Catherine Gilliot.1 ...

Elizabeth Towneley (deceased)

Bettine Towneley-Bertie (Montagu-Stuart-Wortley), Countess of Abingdon (1896 - 1978)

Elizabeth Townley (Towneley) (c.1581 - 1612)

Eliza Towneley (deceased)

Ellen Sherburne (Towneley), of Bradshaw (deceased)

Ellen Towneley (Tichborne) (b. - 1900)

Ellen Chatburne (Towneley) (c.1606 - 1623)

Ellen was born on March 4th of either 1606 or 1607.

Evelyn Violet Towneley-O'Hagan (Ross) (1882 - 1965)

Frances Towneley, of Nocton (Wymbush) (deceased)

Hon. Frances Constance Maddalena Strachey (b. - 1931)

Frances Towneley (deceased)

Frances Stonor (Towneley), Lady (c.1801 - 1880)

Frances Towneley (1663 - 1728)

Francis Towneley (deceased)

Francis Towneley (1641 - 1674)

Francis Towneley (b. - 1746)

Francis Towneley (c.1605 - c.1622)

Geoffrey Towneley, Whalley (c.1210 - c.1223)

George Towneley (deceased)

Gilbert de Towneley (deceased)

Grace Hesketh (Towneley) (b. - 1510)

Grace Towneley (Foljambe) (c.1500 - d.)

Grace Halstead (Towneley) (deceased)

Grace Towneley (1470 - 1522)

Grace Hesketh (Towneley) (c.1515 - c.1600)

Grace Holden (Towneley) (deceased)

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