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Alvin Welsh MP (b. - 2009)

Anita Welsh MP (1892 - c.1985)

Aunt Anita lived at my Kingston home, 1969-71. I last visited her Mount Pleasant home in 1979.

Anna Powell (Welsh) MP (deceased)

Anne Eliza Powell (Welsh) MP (deceased)

Anne E. Welsh (?) MP (c.1856 - d.)

Annie Elizabeth Welsh (Irwin) MP (c.1874 - 1956)

Antony Welsh, of Llan-wern MP (deceased)

See Peter Bartrum: (October 12, 2016; Anne Brannen, curator)

Beatrice Eliza Foster (Welsh) MP (1910 - 2016)

Bertie Nathaniel Welsh MP (b. - c.1984)

Bertie Nathaniel Welsh, we are learning about him. He was in the British Army in World War II, and supposedly he was in the U.S. Army. He had about 34 kids, scattered in England, Canada, U.S., and ...

Catherine Welsh (Groff) MP (1795 - 1882)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Jul 22 2016, 2:26:35 UTC

Cecily Welsh MP (1380 - 1412)

Charles Theophilus Welsh MP (1895 - 1949)

Clarence Victor Welsh MP (1922 - d.)

Damaris Stockett (Welsh) MP (1676 - 1725)

David Benjamin Welsh MP (c.1854 - c.1920)

David L. Welsh MP (c.1876 - d.)

Diana Welsh MP (deceased)

Edward Welsh MP (c.1830 - d.)

Eleanor Currey (Welsh) MP (c.1765 - c.1845)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Jan 20 2016, 21:01:08 UTC Note: DOB has also been recorded as circa 1760

Elizabeth Goff (Welsh) MP (1739 - 1780)

Elizabeth Goff (Welsh) is my 5th GGM John Turton Goff is my 5th GGF. From Steve Barnhouse

Queen Elizabeth Victoria Welsh (Roberts) MP (c.1858 - d.)

Ellen Welsh MP (deceased)

Emeline Elizabeth Welsh MP (1903 - c.1984)

Two generations back These are my paternal grandfather's sisters and brothers. Anita (1892- ?) Beatrice/Josephine (1894 ?- ?) Norman (1895 ? - ?) Charles Theophilus Welsh(1896-1949), my pat...

Fredrick Edward Welsh MP (c.1863 - 1938)

Harriet Vickery (Welsh) MP (1842 - 1925)

Harry F. Welsh MP (1918 - 1995)

Served with the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division He served with the 506th from their inception at Camp Toccoa, GA, and into D-Day, during the assault on Carentan, he was also ...

Hubert Welsh MP (b. - 2015)

You still have a living uncle in Thornton. I think he must be over ninety years old now. When ever I go Jamaica, I always cook and bring Mass U some food. He was such a nice man in his day. Mass never ...

Irene Theresa Welsh MP (1890 - 1891)

James Ebenezer Welsh MP (aft.1853 - 1931)

James Welsh [Convict "Alexander" 1788] MP (1759 - 1792)

James WELSH (aka WELCH) was born c1759 James was convicted of stealing and was sentenced to 7 years transportation. He arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Alexander" James died 7/12/1792 LINK...

Jane Welsh MP (c.1798 - 1888)

"Jamaica, Civil Registration, 1880-1999", database with images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 21 September 2015), Jane Welsh, 1888.

Jane Welsh (verch Antony) MP (deceased)

See Peter Bartrum, (December 27, 2017; Anne Brannen, curator)

Rev. John Welch, of Ayr MP (1568 - 1622)

From Wikipedia: John Welsh (1568–1622) was a Scottish Presbyterian leader. He was born in Dumfriesshire and, after a wayward youth, attended the University of Edinburgh and obtained his MA in 1588....

Maj. John Welsh MP (1622 - 1683)

Major John Welsh was an early settler and officeholder in Anne Arundel County, he served as a Justice in 1667 and 1676. He served as Sheriff 1678-79. He acquired several plantations including "Preston'...

John Patterson Welsh MP (c.1821 - d.)

John Welsh MP (1861 - 1923)

Joseph Welsh MP (c.1816 - 1912)

Joseph Welsh is the progenitor of the Joseph Welsh Branch of the Jamaican Welsh families.

Josephine Beatrice Welsh MP (1893 - c.1982)

Josiah Emanuel Welsh MP (1896 - d.)

Claudy Welsh MP (1911 - d.)

Llewellyn J. Welsh MP (1884 - 1971)

"Jamaica Births and Baptisms, 1752-1920," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 12 March 2015), John Patterson Welsh in entry for Welsh, 19 Aug 1884; citing Clarendon, Jamaica, reference 226; FHL microfilm ...

Luther Welsh MP (deceased)

Lydia Berry (Welsh) MP (deceased)

Mabel Welsh (Williams) MP (c.1895 - 1979)

Malvina Welsh (Williams) MP (c.1859 - 1922)

Malvina, "Jamaica Births and Baptisms, 1752-1920" "Jamaica Births and Baptisms, 1752-1920," index, FamilySearch ( : accessed 20 March 2015), Thomas Williams in entry for Malvina, ; citing Jamaica, re...

Margaret Welsh (Throckmorton) MP (c.1504 - 1566)

Married Thomas Thorpe Anthony Welsh Links Jane Austen Project Sources The visitation of the county of Gloucester, taken in the year 1623 by Henry Chitty and John Phillipot as depu...

Margaret Welsh (Bloomfield) MP (1896 - 1985)

She migrated to Panama in April 1917. Worked as housekeeper for several years in the Ancon Hill area. She was also a good cook and seamstress and help raise several grands & great-grands.

Mark Anthony Welsh, III MP

Mark Anthony Welsh III (born January 26, 1953) is a United States Air Force officer who is serving as the 20th Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force. He was born in San Antonio, Texas, and en...

Mary Damaris Welsh (Wyatt) MP (1641 - 1693)

Most sources give her name as Mary. Had 6 children, all at Anne Arundell, Maryland. She is apparently Damaris' daughter by first husband (prior to Nicholas Wyatt), and not a Wyatt by birth. Several...

Mary Lynn Laney (Welsh) MP (1750 - 1822)

Mary McDonald (Welsh), SM/PROG MP (1797 - d.)

1820 British Settler Mary Welsh 23, together with her husband James McDonald 31, Blacksmith, and their child were members of Biggar's Party of 55 Settlers on the Weymouth . Party originated from ...

Molly Bannaky (Welsh) MP (1670 - d.)

Molly Welsh, was an English dairy maid who was falsely convicted of theft and indentured to a Maryland tobacco farmer. After working out her indenture, Welsh rented and farmed some land, eventually pur...

Murray Eugene Adolphus Welsh MP (deceased)

Naaman Eleazer Welsh MP (1900 - d.)

Norman "Pardi" Welsh MP (1895 - c.1954)

Patrick Welsh MP (deceased)

Patrick Welsh MP (c.1832 - 1888)

Paul Welsh MP (1962 - 2006)

Phoebe (Flarty) Welsh - Podmore [Convict "Prince of Wales" 1788] MP (1772 - 1817)

Phoebe FLARTY (aka Phebe, aka FLAHARTY, FLAHERTY) was born c1772 Phoebe was convicted (with Ann PARSLEY) and sentenced to 7 years transportation. She arrived in Sydney Cove on 26/1/1788 on "Prince of...

Rhoda Welsh MP (deceased)

Samuel Augustus Welsh MP (1893 - 1975)

Sarah Endicott (Welsh) MP (1742 - 1799)

Sarah Welsh MP (deceased)

Silas Uriah Welsh MP (1898 - c.1945)

Silas was an electrician. He traveled to Cuba about 1926. He came back to Jamaica after some years with a load of engineering books. He started a business partnership. He was killed by his partner ab...

Simeon Ezekiel Welsh MP (1891 - d.)

Sydney Oliver Welsh MP (1924 - 1990)

employed to the Nestle company in Jamaica from 1942-1984.

UFN Welsh (Tucker) MP (deceased)

Dr. William Welsh MP (c.1595 - 1633)

"doctor of medicine ; while practicing as a physician in the NetheFlands, he was there accidentally killed. " Oldest son of John Welch of Ayr and Elizabeth Knox. Studied medicine. Practicing in the N...

Welsh MP (deceased)

WELSH MP (1994 - d.)

Welsh MP (deceased)

Wilford D. Welsh MP (1882 - 1904)

Anna Rudderow (Welsh) MP (1779 - 1846)

"Bertie" Welsh MP (deceased)

"Little Man" Welsh MP (deceased)

"Mirrie" Welsh MP (deceased)

"Punchie" Welsh MP (deceased)

'Frank' Francis Welsh MP (1857 - 1907)

. Welsh MP (deceased)

. Welsh MP (deceased)

<Private> Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (1864 - d.)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh (Gallacher) MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Lambert (Welsh) MP (deceased)

? Ward (Welsh) MP (deceased)

? Brown (Welsh) MP (deceased)

? Gates (Welsh) MP (deceased)

? Welsh (Clarkson) MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Welsh MP (deceased)

? Don (Welsh) MP (deceased)