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Started by Peter Rohel on Wednesday, November 28, 2012


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yesterday at 1:47 PM

Erica - FYI for you and others - The e-mail cam from Geni. Subject: "An important announcement about your Geni lifetime subscription" -- From: "Geni" <
Signed: "- The Geni Team"

Nothing from MyHeritage!! No comment indicating Geni had fought hard to allow us to have those with Lifetime grandfathered in. Not even a comment that they asked for it and were turned down.

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yesterday at 1:47 PM

And share holders think they didn't pay enough ....

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yesterday at 1:48 PM

Lois the copy i saw was from MyHeritage.

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yesterday at 1:50 PM

An aside to those failing to be able to use the new data subscription service -- in my e-mail it said --

"An account has been created for you using your email address" then my e-mail address, then a blue link saying

"Activate your MyHeritage data subscription now" -

I sort of assumed you had to click on that link to get the service. Of folks saying it isn't working - did you try clicking on that link, or ??

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yesterday at 1:51 PM


So you want to hear that Geni staff or owners (the previous owners were, I believe, Venture Capital investors) wept blood tears on behalf of Geni subscribers?

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yesterday at 1:54 PM


The corporate legal entity of MyHeritage is not, I believe, located in the USA. I do not know how exactly that works for but I imagine that will be posted on their official pages in due course, if it isn't already.

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yesterday at 1:58 PM

Erica - re: "the copy I saw was from MyHeritage" - the copy of what? Simply some announcement telling that MyHeritage had bought Geni?

OR -
If you have something from MyHeritage telling about Geni Lifetime Memberships - could you copy it here?

yesterday at 2:10 PM

There's a number of things I can think of that could cause MyHeritage to want to suspend lifetime membership.
1. A substantial change in membership price
2. Something they discovered in the membership model that could cause them to loose more money in the end.

I want to see the Geni website continue to survive as much as possible and if they need to change the membership's then that's what needs to happen

I think that in the very least, Geni owes each individual Geni Pro lifetime member public acknowledgment for buying into their lifetime subscription only to have the terms changed on us. I think this could come in many forms, a permanent acknowledgment page with the Geni Pro lifetime user's names listed, a special icon next to our profile picture that we can turn on and off etc.

Optimally though I would like it if Geni would allow us to keep our lifetime membership even if that means removing all their graphics from the pages to conserve bandwidth or building a free offline application that would allow us to access and do the same thing we're doing now on our computers and not entirely on their server.

As for the extra functionality on MyHeritage that Geni Pro lifetime members are getting... It's nice but that's not what we purchased and I think if we wanted that instead then we would all have accounts on MyHeritage long before the Geni MyHeritage merge occurred.

yesterday at 2:19 PM

OK, i see, that MH buying was just an example to make my point. I didn´t know the sizes of each company.

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yesterday at 2:47 PM

Jeremiah I like the way you're thinking.

"I want to see the Geni website continue to survive as much as possible and if they need to change the membership's then that's what needs to happen."

I was just thinking about why I would have bought Lifetime - which I should have done, it was a great deal.

But it would have been because I was investing in a superior product & service, superior because

1) the technology
2) the look and feel
3) the wonderful, committed, passionate genealogist / technologists who made this happen & continue to
4) the community who share their research, most of all

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yesterday at 2:48 PM

Lois no I didn't get an offer myself so I take your word that it came from a Geni email address.

yesterday at 3:36 PM

To say, believe and promote the idea that MyHeritage simply cannot support or honor Geni's Lifetime Memberships is nothing but a bunch of BS! MH can and must honor all of Geni's Lifetime Memberships.

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yesterday at 4:10 PM

Enrique I hope you're not addressing me because I've made no comments. I don't feel entitled to as I am not a lifetime PRO subscriber.

yesterday at 4:16 PM

Erica -- Why would you think that I am addressing you?

yesterday at 4:22 PM

Andrew de Naray -- I applaud you for your bravery and I am with you all the way!

yesterday at 4:29 PM

Erica, I wish you would have taken the opportunity like the rest of us and I wanted to comment a little on #1. The technology that allows this to all happen is the Internet and before that I was a Sysop of my BBS. Back then it was all about the phone line and using that to have pools of information come together. I feel Geni has inherited the properties of the dial up line and kinda modeled it in such a way that allows us to bring the information together in such a way that it becomes useful to a family tree researcher. But I think the most important aspect of Geni that is unlike any other major commercial website is that Geni allows you to do that with no limits to the amount of information you can add, the amount of media etc. Take a look at or even wikipedia and imagine what those sites would look like if every person was limited to just 250 photos and remember not every person on those sites takes advantage of the 250 photo limit. I think you'd find on those sites that people upload thousands of photos and I just can't imagine what a site like findagrave or wikipedia would look like if after the 250th photo that was it. That's why I really wish you would have taken advantage of the Geni Pro life subscription because you'd then see what the rest of us are seeing on this site. Granted there are some that do invest in the yearly membership and some Geni Pro lifetime subscribers may opt into the five year membership plan but the thing is that none of these other websites do that and I feel that there is going to be an impact to this website if Geni stops supporting the Geni Pro lifetime subscription.

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yesterday at 5:33 PM

Now you've given me something to comment on - the unique value of Geni and a bit of it's "institutional memory.".

I believe Geni has created the best on line collaborative site ever and look forward to it's continuing growth and improvement.

I started in family research with books and Lotus 1-2-3 spread sheets. :) (BTW - they still work!)

A lot of what you describe is exactly Geni's heritage, and they've created something new and unique from that strand, as well as the other strands of FaceBook & Wikipedia. And it's not easy to do all that in 5 years, and I don't know what the next 5 years will bring. I do hope MyHeritage can begin to appreciate the incredible value this "property" actually has.

For me it's about building and creating and sharing information. I wish I had bought a lifetime membership when it was on offer (I bought annual subscriptions instead). Because the learning value from one week on Geni is worth the annual charge to me. Because creativity has no dollar value. Because the passion and commitment and spirit of Geni members is beyond price, and needs to be understood and rewarded in every conceivable way.

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yesterday at 7:05 PM

Private User time to kill this zombie thread or are you waiting til a certian well known warm place freezes over?

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