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Jewish families from Přeštice (Prestitz), Bohemia, Czech Republic

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  • Karolina Spitzkopf (1882 - d.)
  • Maria Lowy (1877 - d.)
  • Markus Vogl (1800 - 1882)
    Goose feather and sheep wool business, Markus Vogl & Sons; 1870 was the peak of busines.War of 1870-71 ended the business
  • Ruzena Rosa Meisl (1873 - 1944)
    Source Pages of Testimony from Yad Vashem Last Name MEISELS meisl First Name ROZA Sex Female Date of Birth 1880 Place of Birth STRAKONICE,STRAKONICE,BOHEMIA, Marital Status WIDOW Spouse's First Name ...
  • Ignaz Vogl (1862 - 1935)
    (as per Peter Bloch) Irresponsible. Store declined. In 1884 he went to America without telling anyone - stole all the money and 5 gold coins. Business was eventually sold to Waldstein in America, 188...

This project seeks to collect all of the Jewish families from the town of Přeštice (Prestitz) in Bohemia, Czech Republic.

The following is a loose translation from Hugo Gold's book:

"Jews were and are still scattered throughout the district Přeštická (including political). There were 800 Jews in the district. In the census of 1862, 751 Jews were identified. In 1900, there was only 431, and the last time in the 1930 census, there were barely 300 souls, 80 adult members (only in the judicial district Přeštická). By the employment of Jews in the district, Přeštická always dominated Merchants either mixed because mercer; the village at the same time in the local cattle merchants. Economic Region. After 1890, when they still mustered in Přeštic 303, 152 in Nepomuk, moving from the countryside to the cities as the most businessmen and mainly in Pilsen and Přeštice. The largest number of Jews seems to be always in P., up to 20 families, then in Merklin in Dnešice 80 dyspnea and Malinci there was 146 souls, but In the earlier years. The most Jewish families was in Malinka, and only 6 families in their own family houses. Some Jewish families, Jako in Malinka, Vlči in Luzany, in the pines is also employed economy field next to the cattle trade.

"Although the Jews were in the district is heavily represented, appeared still some excellent Jew, because of their families actually very rarely gave the youths studies.

"Some Jewish families. enjoyed before the 1848 law protection, but this year only acquired Jews in the district Přeštická rights "zákupniho" and appears that even a small influx of Jews into the district, but the ratio of the rest of the population was still about 1 why. all the population average. Religious Jewish community under the Act of 21 March 1890 have been set up in the district Přeštická and divided and bordered came in the first act Sep 1893rd

First, establishment of a Jewish community in Přeštice, synagogue and rabbi. Second in Nepomuk, synagogues and rabbis. Third, at the bottom, Lukavice's only synagogue and cemetery. Fourth, Lužany, synagogue, Fifth, Merklín, synagogue and "uč náb" Sixth, in Malinka, synagogue and uč náb, Seventh; Dnešice used to be in prayer.

"The oldest Jewish cemeteries in the Lower Luka vici of the XV. stolv which used to be common for the whole district (and the wider environment). Later is established Jewish cemetery in Merklin in the woods on the hill House (1880) - and the latest in Prestice, after 1890.

"All seven separate set o Ps. in the district was linked in one community-based P., and numbers. This combined village only 80 members of the community from which the payers 30th The budget for the maintenance of the entire Jewish community per year is about 4,000 CZK.

"The district town PŘEŠTICE reminds of the old settlements of the Jews "Jewish Street", today Comenius class., Which used to be the old chapel, now is the Hus class in the new neat Synagogue, the Jewish island where they used alcohol distillery old family out. Levithů. V P . were oldest established families [Levithova, Braun, hanakova later Eisenšiml family, Hartman and many families transient up to 20 numbers.

"In the 20th century, the number decreases, but still today, 1933, is here 13 families, only traders of various disciplines, a doctor and a veterinarian. The specific crafts of local Jews in the district of suits to count only butcher shop. Is the witness or records to the local Jews excelled someone literary, artistic, scientific, Economics because somehow different.

"As I have said, there were in the district of affluence excellent family Braun, of which particularly high esteem enjoyed náb priest, old Markus Braun, right type of patriarch. Other wealthy family was Levithů, Eisenšimlů in Merkel them was weighted and rich family care Šulhofů in Dnešice genus. Vogl, Sancre in Měčín and Malinka Hartman and Veis, Ledra and Rederer.

"In the eighties were Jews in Prestice their particular religious school, which was taught in German; when they wanted this "náb" Acts of turning on the publicly German Jewish school, which attempts by some Christians supported "rakušáčtí" citizens, then schools. Inspector Arn. Kirschner idea. and attempts this completely buried, and even religious school canceled classes and religion israel. from 1894 had to be held in a public school building under the supervision of State. In the 19th century, as already mentioned, was widely Jews in P. in the district and many of their members had considerable influence in Přeštice, but Czechness remained the only family Hanako. Today belongs to the Jews Freudům extensive malt in Přeštic where the good times to 1 million q malt was hot, year

"Otto Bloch has a small factory for the manufacture of liqueur and soda water, R. Kraus manufactures knitwear, and Karel Hanak has factory for colors.

"Today's local Jews to behave loyally towards State of Czech language and population. Everyone speaks Czech and their children exclusively attend the local Czech schools, and are taught their religion at the expense of the state. Grown children attend vocational secondary schools in Pilsen and Klatovy. Some Jews are well-employed in the local Czech clubs, even falcons.

"In all this, however, Jews do not have political, municipal, National Economic impact."



A. First Generation

Markus Braun

Rosa Braun, wife of Markus Braun

Children of Markus and Rosa Braun

Jakob Braun,

B. Second Generation

Jakob Braun, son of Markus and Rosa Braun

Marie Braun (Fischel), first wife of Jakob Braun

Babette Braun, second wife of Jakob Braun

Children of Jakon and Marie Braun

Caroline Braun, daughter of Jakob and Marie Braun

Leo Braun, son of Jakob and Marie Braun

Babeta Braun, daughter of Jakob and Marie Braun

Children of Jakob and Babette Braun

Frederich Braun, son of Jakob and Babette Braun

Karl Braun, son of Jakob and Babette Braun

Emilie Braun, daughter of Jakob and Babette Braun


Jacob Eckstein (c. 1815 – d.), son of (David Eckstein) (1767 – d) and Esther Eckstein (1777 – d.)

Theresa Eckstein (Hanak) (c. 1820 – d.), wife of Jacob Eckstein, and daughter of Joseph Hanak (c. 1780 – d.) and Ana Hanak (Eisner) (c. 1780 – d.)

Children of Jacob and Theresa Eckstein

Phillip Eckstein (1845 – d.), born in Lukavice, Czech Republic

Joseph Eckstein (1849 – d.), born in Lukavice, Czech Republic

Fanny Eckstein (1852 – 1852)

Julie Sofie Eckstein (1855 – d.)

Albert Eckstein (1859 – d.)


A. First Generation

Moises Hartmann (c. 1820 – d.) in Měčín, Bohemia

Eleonora Hartmann (Klein) (c. 1820 – d.), wife of Moises Hartmann, and daughter of Josef Klein

Karoline Hartmann (Klein) (c. 1830’s – d.), wife of Moises Hartmann, and daughter of Josef Klein

Children of Moises and Eleonora Hartmann

Isak Hartmann (1842 – d.)

Children of Moises and Karoline Hartmann

Josef Hartmann (c. 1850’s – d.)

Ludwig Hartmann (c. 1850’s – d.)

B. Second Generation

1. Isak and Frantiska Hartmann

Isak Hartmann, son of Moises Hartmann and Eleonora Hartmann (Klein)

Frantiska Hartmann (Rederer), wife of Isak Hartmann

Children of Isak and Frantiska Hartmann

Joseph Hartmann

Katharina Hartmann

Alfred Hartmann

Karoline Hartmann

Josefine Hartmann

Heinrich Hartmann

Leopold Hartmann

2. Josef and Rosalie Hartmann

Josef Hartmann (c. 1850’s – d.), son of Moises Hartmann and Karoline Hartmann (Klein)

Rosalie Hartmann (c. 1870 – d.), wife of Josef Hartmann

Children of Josef and Rosalie Hartmann

Gustav Hartmann (1894 – 1905)

2. Ludwig and Frantiska Hartmann

Ludwig Hartmann (c. 1850’s – d.), son of Moises Hartmann and Karoline Hartmann (Klein)

Frantiska Hartmann (c. 1850’s – d.), wife of Ludwig Hartmann

Children of Ludwig and Frantiska Hartmann

Kamila Rederer (Hartmann) (1885 – d.)

Unknown Hartmann (1880’s – d.)

C. Third Generation

1. Joseph and Caroline Hartmann

Joseph Hartmann, son of Isak Hartmann and Frantiska Hartmann (Rederer)

Caroline Hartmann (Braun), wife of Joseph Hartmann

Children of Joseph and Caroline Hartmann

Beatrice White (Hartmann)

Oliver Hartmann

Rose Stuart (Hartmann)

2. Kamila and Moises Rederer

Kamila Rederer (Hartmann) (1885 – d.)

Moises Rederer


A. First Generation

Daniel Hartmann (1850’s – d.)

Rosalie Hartmann (1850’s – d.), wife of Daniel Hartmann

Children of Daniel and Rosalie Hartmann

Daniel Hartmann (1875 – d.)

Frantiska Hartmann (1870’s – d.)

Babetta Klein (Hartmann) (1870’s – d.)

B. Second Generation

1. Daniel and Fanny Hartmann

Daniel Hartmann (1875 – d.)

Fanny Hartmann (Krauskopf) (1874 – d.), wife of Daniel Hartmann

2. Frantiska and Ludwig Hartmann, see above

3. Babetta and Leopold Klein, see below


Josef Rederer (1850’s – d.)

Katerina Rederer (Gross) (1850’s – d.), wife of Josef Rederer

Children of Josef and Katerina Rederer

Bertha Rederer (1875 – d.)

Jakob Rederer (1876 – d.)

Heinrich Rederer (1877 – d.)

Zaneta Rederer (1879 – d.)

Moises Rederer (1881 – d.)

Elisabetta Rederer (1881 – d.)

Edward Rederer (1883 – d.)

Ignatz Rederer (1885 – d.)

Alfred Rederer (1888 – d.)


A. First Generation

Josef Klein (c. 1810’s – d.)

Children of Josef Klein

Moises Klein (1841 – 1917), son of Josef Klein

Jakob Klein (1843 – d.), son of Josef Klein

Rosalia Klein (1845 – d.) daughter of Josef Klein

Theresia Klein (1847 – d.), daughter of Josef Klein

Samuel Klein (c. 1840’s – d.), son of Josef Klein

B. Second Generation

1. Moises Klein

Moises Klein (1841 – 1917), son of Josef Klein

Sofie Klein (Adler) (1848 – 1908), wife of Moises Klein, and daughter of Leopold Adler (c. 1820’s –d.) and Katherina Adler (Heiss) (c. 1820’s – d.)

Children of Moises and Sofie Klein

Ignatz Klein (1874 – d.), son of Moises Klein and Sofie Klein (Adler)

Katherina Klein (1876 – d.), daughter of Moises Klein and Sofie Klein (Adler)

2. Samuel Klein

Samuel Klein (c. 1840’s – d.), son of Josef Klein

Elisabetta Klein (c. 1840’s – d.), wife of Samuel Klein

Children of Samuel and Elisabetta Klein

Leopold Klein (c. 1860’s – d.), son of Samuel Klein and Elisabetta Klein

B. Third Generation

1. Leopold and Babetta Klein

Leopold Klein (c. 1860 – d.), son of Samuel Klein and Elisabetta Klein

Babetta Klein (Hartmann) (c. 1860 – d.), wife of Leopold Klein, and daughter of Daniel Hartmann (c. 1830’s – d.) and Rosalie Hartmann (c. 1830’s – d.)

Children of Leopold and Babetta Klein

Josef Klein (1879 – d.), son of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)

Aloisie Klein (1881 – d.), daughter of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)

Fanni Klein (1884 – d.), daughter of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)

Rudolph Klein (1886 – d.), son of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)

Daniel Klein (1888 – d.), son of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)

Marta Klein (1895 – d.), daughter of Leopold Klein and Babetta Klein (Hartmann)


A. First Generation

Jachym Vogl (1823 – 1903), son of Markus Vogl (1800 – 1882) and Ester Vogl (c. 1800’s – d.)

Anna Vogl (Hanak) (c. 1820’s – 1906), wife of Jachym Vogl

Children of Jachym and Anna

Julie Schwarz (Vogl) (1855 – 1934), born in Skocice

Fanny Kohn (Vogl) (1856 – 1923), born in Skocice

Sophie Bloch (Vogl) (1858 – 1924)

Ignaz Vogl (1862 – 1935)

Philipp Vogl (1868 – 1932), born in Skocice

Eduard Vogl (1870 – 1949), born in Skocice, Czech Republic

Josef Vogl (1872 – d.)

Ruzena Meisl (1873 – 1944)

Minna Guth (Vogl) (c. 1860’s – d)

B. Second Generation

1. Minna Guth (Vogl)

Minna Guth (Vogl) (c. 1860’s – d), daughter of Jachym Vogl and Anna Vogl (Hanak)

Leopold Guth (c. 1860’s – d.), husband of Minna Guth (Vogl)

2. All children from all marriages in this Vogl line lived outside Prestice.