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South African Y-DNA - Male Progenitors

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  • Zacharias Blomerus, SV/PROG (1752 - 1835)
    Judi Marais-Meyer register MRIN 2803 BLOMERUS a1 Zacharius Blomerus v. Stockholm. In diens van die H.O.I.K. x 14.4.1782 Catharina Elisabeth Visagie; xx 8.3.1807 Elisabeth Margaretha Joubert, wed....
  • Hendrik Venter, SV/PROG (1663 - 1713)
    Hendrik Venter v. Hamel, burger en kieremaker op Stellenbosch, 1704 eienaar v.d. plaas "Vleeschbank", a.d. Bergrivier, † 2.5.1713. x 17.7.1690 Johanna Mostert; x 9.12.1691 Anna Viljoen, †...
  • Theunis Botha, b1 (1686 - c.1746)
    Theunis Botha , b bef 15 April 1686. Called Botha after his mother, Maria Kickers ' , 1700 divorce from Jan Cornelisz (who is shown as his father on the birth certificate). At which time she said her 7...
  • Ferdinandus Appel b2 (c.1665 - c.1717)
    a1 Jurriaan Jansz Appel van Amsterdam, tree in 1658 uit die diens van die H.O.I.K. en word burger aan die Kaap. getroud: Jannetje Ferdinandus, van Kortryk. b2 Ferdinandus gedoop: 4 Oct 1665, burger S...
  • Friedrich Botha SV/PROG (1653 - c.1717)
    Friedrich Both - later Botha Birth Date 3/4/1653 Wangenheim, Thüringen, Deutschland (Germany) Death Date: died before 21 November 1719 South Africa First Name Frederik Last Name Botha ...

Y-DNA and mtDNA - Males

Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) is passed from father to son along an all-male line (highlighted in blue in the illustration below). Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed from mother to child along an all-female line (See South African mtDNA Progenitors). Males pass Y-DNA to their sons, but do not pass mtDNA to their children.

Your Y-DNA-line is therefore your father's father's father etc; and your Y-DNA South African Progenitor is the first man on that line who arrived in SA.


Project Aim:

To collect all our Y-DNA PROGS' profiles, with a list of their Geni user descendants. Below, please add your South African Y-DNA PROG if you can trace him back to his arrival in SA on the Geni tree. Alternatively if you know him from genetic testing and he is on the tree.

To participate in any project

- you do need to first be a collaborator or collaborating with a collaborator- so please join the project using the request link under "actions" at the top right of the page. Visit Geni Wikitext, Unicode and images which gives a great deal of assistance.

TIP: If you know your Y-DNA Progenitor, Jeff Gentes' wonderful History Link App provides a way to check if there are others on the Geni tree who share him with you: + 'Ancestor Graph' ( top right) + Little boxed face in the middle, next to your name, & change the person to your Y-DNA PROG's profile link + Change the box options below to '15 Generations to Display'; 'Descendants' & 'Y-DNA' + 'Build Graph' (green box, top right) + Choose the 'Status' circle option - as this will show you which of his descendants are also Geni users (claimed profiles)


South African Y-DNA Progenitors on Geni:

*Ferdinandus Appel Haplogroup R1b?

(One of the most publicised South African Y-DNA cases. See attached document for full details: Appel Botha (Cornelitz) : the abc of a three hundred year old divorce case.)

* Zacharias Blomerus Haplogroup N-M232

(The only Blomerus progenitor in South Africa.)

Y-DNA Descendants on Geni:

* Friedrich Botha SV/PROG Haplogroup R1b?

(One of the most publicised South African Y-DNA cases. See attached document for full details: Appel Botha (Cornelitz) : the abc of a three hundred year old divorce case.)

* Claas Jansz van Rensburg, SV/PROG Haplogroup I1

Y-DNA Descendants on Geni:

* Charles Marais, SV/PROG Haplogroup R1b1a2

Y-DNA Descendants on Geni:

  • Stephannes Petrus Jansen van Rensburg - Uncle of C June Barnes Confirmed -

* Christoffel Snyman Haplogroup I-M253 (alias I1, prev. I1a) - Z60 subclade (prev. I1a2a).

Y-DNA Descendants on Geni:

A descendant of Christoffel's son Philippus (b7) has tested positive in April 2014 for: I1 M253+ Z60+ (The haplogroup I-M253 is also referred to as I1d1a)

Haplogroup I-M253 (Y-DNA) is the original paternal lineage of Nordic Europe (Z60 is a subclade under this haplogroup). The highest frequencies of the I-M253 lineage are now found in Scandinavian countries. I-M253 males are currently present throughout Europe, consisting of about 40 percent of the male population of Norway, 35 percent of Finland, between 10 and 11 percent of French, about 18 percent of German and between 10 and 22 percent of the British Isles. Sources:1. Geno 2.0 test results by the Geneographic Project of National Geographic.2. The document Snyman_genetics_20140423_v0.4.pdf under the Sources tab:

*Hendrik Conrad Venter, SV/PROG Haplogroup R1a1a1b1a1. (SNP R-M458, which is Slavic - Central European.)

Y-DNA Descendants on Geni:


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