Announcing Geni Public Access

Posted August 18, 2011 by George | 48 Comments

When we made last week’s account changes, we understood that some Geni members would not be able to upgrade to a Pro account to continue using features like merging and site-wide search.  Today, we announce the Geni Public Access program, and we hope that this will provide an opportunity for more users to experience Geni Pro.  Grant and I (with the help of several users) have been testing this functionality all week at the IAJGS conference in Washington, DC, and our engineers have been working with us to iron out the bugs.  We’re ready to start rolling it out.

Link: Geni Public Access


The Geni Public Access program is geared towards institutions like public libraries or genealogical societies that provide access to computers connected to the internet.  Any such institution is encouraged to apply, and as long as we can verify that you’re a real organization with a real facility we’ll flip the switch and allow you to provide Geni Pro to your users.

If you’d like a local library or organization to join the Geni Public Access program, please direct them to the link above and ask them to apply.  We’ll follow up the application with a phone call or email to verify a few things, and then we’ll enable the location’s access to Geni Pro.

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