Correction to Our Privacy Page

Posted May 5, 2018 by Geni | No Comment

It recently came to our attention that the privacy policy page on Geni omitted an important detail. The description of who can edit the public profiles you manage failed to include users within the maximum Family Group range of the managed profile, as well as limited access to all Geni users. These are explained in detail below.

Maximum Family Group

Public profiles can be edited by users that are near the profile in the family tree. By “Near” we mean:

  • Blood relatives as far as 4th cousins (5 or fewer generations up or down the tree) including their spouses, and
  • 1st cousins (1 or 2 generations up or down the tree) of any spouses of the profile

Limited access to all Geni users

Geni users that do not meet the criteria for any other group listed may edit the “Basics” and “Relationships” tabs, as well as the “About” biography, on profiles that are either connected to Geni’s World Family Tree or in the same tree as the user.

Please note that these edit permissions are not new, but rather were omitted from our documentation on the Geni privacy page. You may view the privacy page at .

We apologize for the omission.