Geni Tips: How to Add Documents to a Profile

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As any genealogist will tell you, documenting your genealogy is incredibly important. While working on the World Family Tree, it is vital to add documents to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. It also allows others to see and verify where the profile’s information came from.

Adding documents to profiles is easy on Geni. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Documents can be added directly to the profiles in your family tree. Simply navigate to the profile you would like to add a document to and click on the Media tab. You will find the profile’s documents to the right. Click to add a new document to the profile.

How to add documents | Geni

You can upload a file from your computer, add a link from a website or create a new text document. If you have uploaded documents previously, you can also browse through your collection of documents on Geni and select the one you want to add to the profile.

How to add documents | Geni

Once you upload the document, you can edit it to add more detailed information.

How to add documents | Geni

Sometimes a document, such as a census record, may be relevant to multiple people. You can tag those profiles to the document as well, thus eliminating the need to upload the same document multiple times. Simply type in the names of each individual in the ‘People’ field to tag the additional profiles.

How to add documents | Geni

Once you are done editing, remember to save your changes. Now when you view the document, you can see the additional information you have added and all the profiles that have been tagged.

How to add documents | Geni

And now all the tagged profiles will have the document included under their Media tabs.

How to add documents | Geni

If you would like to view all the documents you have added, simply click on the Research tab at the top of any page and select Documents.

Now that you know how to add documents, your family tree on Geni will be more accurate than ever before.

Upload your documents now!

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