Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

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The World Family Tree on Geni currently has over 120 million people connected. This has been made possible through collaborative research of millions of Geni users. Although information on public profiles is accessible to everyone, the ability to edit them may be limited depending on your permissions. All users can edit the basic information of any public profile they are connected to, but to get full edit permissions on a profile, you will need to send a collaboration request to the profile manager(s).

When you send and accept collaboration requests to other users, you’ll find that your ability to contribute information and help make corrections in the World Family Tree will expand, letting you get more work done than before.

What does Collaboration do?

Once a collaboration request is accepted, both parties will be able to:

  • View and edit the Public profiles each manages
  • Merge duplicate profiles together
  • Correct relationships in the tree

How do I send a Collaboration request?

When you find a public profile that you would like to contribute to, you can send the manager(s) a request to collaborate.

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

First, click on the profile manager’s name to go to their profile page. Next, click on the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Request to Collaborate.’

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

You can customize the message you send in the request, so that the person may have a better idea about your interests.

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

Once the request is accepted, you will see a green collaborator icon next to the person’s name on their profile. When viewing a profile managed by your collaborator, you will also see the icon next to the name of the profile and next to your collaborator’s name in the list of profile managers.

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

A list of your collaborators can be viewed in the Activity tab of your profile page under “Collaborators.” Click ‘View All’ to see the entire list.

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

If you are working with a collaborator you trust, you can choose to automatically accept all merge requests from that person. In your collaborator list, simply click ‘Auto-accept Requests’ to automatically accept requested merges from that person. This will automatically accept merge requests from a collaborator if your collaborator doesn’t have permission to complete a merge, but you do. To turn off auto-accept, you can go back to your list of collaborators and click ‘Manually Review Requests.’

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

To help you work more efficiently In your Merge Center, you can choose to view only profiles managed by your collaborators or profiles managed by a specific collaborator.

Geni Tips: Send Collaboration Requests

If you decide that you no longer want to collaborate with a person, simply go back to their profile page, click ‘Actions’ and select ‘Remove From Collaborators.’ You can also remove a collaborator from your list of collaborators. Just click ‘Stop Collaborating’ next to their name.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Collaboration is mutual. When someone accepts your request to collaborate, they will then also have the ability to edit the Public profiles you manage.
  • Your collaborators do not gain any additional permissions on the Private profiles you manage or on your own profile.

The more users collaborate, the easier it is for everyone to work together to expand and improve the World Family Tree. How many collaborators do you have?

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