Introducing Inbox Search for Pro

Posted December 22, 2022 by Amanda | No Comment

We’re excited to announce a new feature for Geni Pro users – Inbox Search. 

Over the years, we have often been asked to add the ability to search your Geni inbox to quickly locate specific messages. Today we’re delighted to deliver this long awaited feature! 

As your tree grows and you begin communicating with other members on Geni, you’ll soon find yourself with a full inbox. Now you no longer need to waste time scrolling through your messages, which can hinder your productivity as you work in the World Family Tree. Inbox Search can help you quickly find the messages you are looking for, whether it’s all the messages from a specific person or messages related to specific keywords. 

Simply enter your query into the search box labeled “Filter Messages” at the top right of your inbox. Hit enter or click/tap on the filter button to begin your search.

Geni will filter your inbox to show you a list of relevant messages and highlight the portion of the message that corresponds to the filter text you entered.

To clear your search, click on the “x” on the right of the filter button.

A Geni Pro subscription is required to unlock the new Inbox Search feature. If you have a free basic membership, you can upgrade to a Geni Pro subscription today to get access to more exclusive features, including Tree Matches, Advanced Search, unlimited media storage, and priority support! 

Sign up for Geni Pro.

Try out Inbox Search now and let us know what you think!

Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Marketing Communications Manager at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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