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Halloween Postcards

Posted October 25, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment
postcard (1)

Do you have old postcards in your collection of family history mementos? Before email and texts, postcards were a perfect way to send short messages to family and friends. Because of this, postcards often hold wonderful anecdotes of family memories written in the hand of your relative. Whether your relative was traveling or just sending well wishes during the holidays, postcards bring us an intimate connection with your family’s past. With Halloween season upon us, check out… Read the full story

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Your Stories: Photographing Cemeteries in Malaysia

Posted October 23, 2014 by Amanda | 2 Comments

Earlier this month, we shared some great ways to celebrate Family History month. One suggestion was to plan a trip to the cemetery, a fun activity to explore the outdoors and to take in some family history. To help inspire your next cemetery field trip, Geni user Georgette Tan shares her experiences photographing cemeteries in her country of Malaysia. Born in Sarawak in East Malaysia, Georgette works as a journalist with the local English daily,… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for October 20, 2014

Posted October 20, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment

Ready for this week’s roundup of articles? Check them out below! Image: Rare photo shows Robert E. Lee’s slave, Selina Gray – the hero of Arlington House / The Washington Post The Genealogy Sphere Rare photo shows Robert E. Lee’s slave, Selina Gray – the hero of Arlington House (The Washington Post) – An incredible find! Rare photograph discovered on Ebay has been acquired by the National Park Service In defense of family history (The Guardian)… Read the full story

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The London Beer Flood of 1814

Posted October 17, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment

When doing genealogy research, you may come across significant disasters that occurred during your ancestors’ lifetime. These significant incidents can include fires, such as the Great Chicago Fire in 1871 or natural disasters, such as the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. One of history’s more bizarre disasters occurred 200 years ago today when over 323,000 gallons of beer flooded the streets of the London parish of St. Giles. The date was October 17, 1814 in the parish of St. Giles, London,… Read the full story

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Global Family Reunion: Hangout with AJ Jacobs

Posted October 14, 2014 by Amanda | One Comment
gfr (square)

We’re excited to announce our upcoming Hangout On Air with best-selling author AJ Jacobs! AJ Jacobs is throwing the world’s largest family reunion in history and he’s inviting every one of his 7 billion cousins to the party! Come hangout with AJ as he shares the latest Global Family Reunion updates and answers questions from the community. Joining AJ will be GFR Cousin Coordinator Eowyn Langholf and a few Geni Curators to discuss the successes and challenges… Read the full story

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Monday Recap for October 13, 2014

Posted October 13, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment

Did you get any genealogy work done over the weekend? Kickstart the new week with these interesting articles from around the web! Image: George Spencer Millet: The Boy Who Was Kissed to Death / Slate The Genealogy Sphere Trench Life Explained in this Interactive Graphic ( – A great interactive graphic explaining life inside the trenches of World War I How Iceland’s Genealogy Obsession Leads to Scientific Breakthroughs (The Atlantic) – Iceland’s knack for family history… Read the full story

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Unusual Terms for Your Family Tree

Posted October 10, 2014 by Amanda | One Comment

In many languages, what we call our family members is dependent on age and gender and can get pretty complicated to the non-native speaker. In comparison, the English words we use can seem pretty straightforward. Typically, English uses mom and dad, brother and sister, aunt and uncle, grandma and grandpa, etc. And words such as ‘cousin’ are used generally and can refer to a male or female cousin from your maternal or paternal line. Seems pretty easy right? But… Read the full story

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Your Weekly Genealogy Recap

Posted October 7, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment

Here’s our weekly recap of articles from around the web! Image: Franklin tree has deep roots / The Genealogy Sphere Five brothers and sister over 100 a world record say Irish family ( – Could the secret of longevity lie with this Irish family? The Clarke family sees five siblings live to be a hundred. The Legend of What Actually Lived in the “No Man’s Land” Between World War I’s Trenches (Smithsonian Magazine) –… Read the full story

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10 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month

Posted October 3, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment

Family History Month is here again! Each year, the month of October is devoted entirely to genealogy. There’s no better time to celebrate your family heritage, reconnect with your roots and share what you have discovered with the ones you love. We’ve compiled this handy list of ways you can make the most of this Family History Month! 1. Review your family tree on Geni Take a look at your family tree on Geni and see if there are any… Read the full story

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Genealogy Research: Mugshots

Posted October 1, 2014 by Amanda | No Comment
mugshot (1)

Do you have any black sheep in your family tree? If your ancestor has an arrest under their belt, police reports may exist that will give you very interesting insights into your relative’s history. Not to mention that a mugshot would be a unique addition to your genealogy record collection! The mugshot was invented by Alphonse Bertillon, a French police officer and biometrics researcher. He applied the anthropological technique of anthropometry to law enforcement, creating an identification… Read the full story