Strange Inventions From the Past

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There have been a lot of great inventions throughout history that have made significant impacts on our lives. From the invention of photography to the creation of the smartphone, numerous devices have changed the way we interact and communicate with the world.

Of course, for every successful invention, there are tons that couldn’t quite make it to production. While some proved to be impractical and cumbersome, others turned out to be rather bizarre. Here are a few historical inventions that might make you scratch your head and wonder, “What were they thinking?”

1. The one wheeled motorcycle


Image: Nationaal Archief/Flickr

It was conceived by Italian inventor M. Goventosa de Udine in 1931. The one-wheeled vehicle could reach 93 miles per hour.

2. The Isolator


This strange invention made it’s debut in the July 1925 issue of Science and Invention. It was invented by Hugo Gernsback, an inventor, writer and editor for one of the first science fiction magazines. The isolator was meant to give the wearer complete isolation, so they could concentrate on the task at hand.

3. Folding piano


Image: Nationaal Archief/Flickr

In 1935, an inventor designed a piano especially for people confined to bed rest. After all, even the bedridden need a source of amusement.

4. Gas-protected baby stroller


Image: Nationaal Archief/Flickr

This English wartime stroller was to provide infants with maximum gas protection.

5. Roller safety device


Image: Nationaal Archief/Flickr

With automobiles causing more and more pedestrian deaths on the road, a new car device was introduced to help reduce casualties. Supposedly, the shovel-like device would sweep up a fallen pedestrian, eliminating the chance of being run over by the car’s wheels.

Would you use any of these inventions?

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