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Call for help - "About Me" notes of SV/PROG's need tidying up!

由Private User发起于2012年2月21日(星期二)




Private User

Many of the SV/PROG profiles have been made "Master Profiles" but their biography section in the "About" field is often very disorganised - a mixture of links, excerpts, random pastes and the languages mixed up and "deuremekaar"!

It would be wonderful if we could tidy these up. These guidelines for the biographical notes can be adapted as suits, headings to be added or removed as applicable.

If you would like to volunteer please choose a SV/PROG, add the link here and do your magic! Ideally we need these notes in both Afrikaans and English (separately) where the notes are already a mixture of both, but translation is something that can follow.

Once the notes are in order please contact one of the Curators working on the SDA Tree (al ist is available on the Welcom Cuzzins page) and request that the profile is made into a Master Profile.

Private User

Sharon Lee Doubell Daniel Jacobus Botes Private User Private User Private User Guillaume Francois Gerber

2012年2月22日上午 2:10

Thanks June

2012年2月22日上午 3:14

Always happy to help with projects, though time is a scarce commodity right now.

As an aside, much effort is spent on sorting project profile lists into alphabtical order. Could we make a request that when adding new names (and details) that collaborators are mindful of placing these in the correct alpha sequence.

Private User
2012年2月22日上午 3:23

Hi June

Is this what's supposed to be done on SV/PROG “about me” field?

Johann Laurentz, SV/PROG 3

Private User
2012年2月22日上午 4:00

That is a perfect example Private User! He is definitely MP ready so I think that you should make him one!

2012年2月22日上午 4:06

Hi June,

Could you have a look at the 'About Me' in Edward Hunt Dell's profile.

The information has been sorted following the guidelines of the Master Profile pdf.

Edward Hunt Dell, SV/PROG

Private User
2012年2月22日上午 4:49

Hi Pam
I have made a few adjustments - using some bold text and/or headings to draw attention to some of the information - have a look and see. I have also made him an MP - I think wqe need to aim to get as much as we have onto these profiles, documents where they exist and so on. Good Job!

2012年2月22日上午 9:22

I read through Johann Lorentz, SV/PROG and although the About me is a Useful document on its own, I am just wondering why all the information shown under the profile must be repeated here?

Private User
2012年2月22日上午 9:58

II think that all biographical notes need to include ALL information - it makes for a complete picture and reads as one document - it stands alone? My objection is repeating all the information in Curator notes - I feel that only a brief outline of important points is needed there - not the full SAG or other summary - also anything that will assist in deciding about a merge.

If someone wanted to use the notes they would stand alone.


Thank you for setting the guidelines June.

I am also wondering why one needs the family history to be detailed in About Me and repeated below in Immediate Family. For example, the names of children and their birth order ?

Private User
2012年2月22日下午 3:32

Pam Karp and Daniel Jacobus Botes I suggest you have a look at - my guidelines were based on information outlined there when I first started doing the Botanists/Gardeners etc. I see that that project has had this guideline document added to it.

Private User
2012年2月22日下午 3:38

Many of the "About Me" sections on profiles have no structure whatsoever, with big chunks of repeated information, much of it just copied and pasted from other sources. If information is a direct copy and paste it needs to be in quotes and the source added. The idea is to tidy these pages up and make them a pleasure to look at, not a chore!!

2012年2月26日上午 7:41

Hi June, it is an excellent idea. I hope to contribute but have been sidelined slightly by other commitments. Nevertheless, I would like to remain in the "loop". Regards, Naude Visser

Private User
2012年2月26日上午 8:17

Thanks Naude - they aren't going anywhere and there will be plenty waiting for you!

2013年3月4日下午 2:08

I have 'tidied up' the 'About' section for [Donald Moodie, SV/PROG 2 Donald Moodie] but I regret that I am not able to do an Afrikaans translation. Hope this is OK.

Private User
2013年3月4日下午 3:23

Thanks Sheila!!

Private User

Great Idea June!, That certainly does make them much more of a pleasure to view.... will help when and where I can...


I'll advertise on the FB page - to see if we can get more users interested. Thanks sheila and naude visser

Private User
2013年3月5日上午 3:11
Private User

Please see this discussion regarding cleaning up the use of de Villiers/South African Genealogical numbering system.


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