Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, August 21, 2020
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there are several <private> profiles managed by Clan Henderson that I keep running into that are from the 1800's for example -Andrew Henderson

which if I look at Clan Henderson, they appear to have died in 1994.
Clan Henderson
however it also has a note about being created to be used by some Henderson society.

Several of my ancesters show as matches to the profiles they manage all of which appear to be marked private. As a result, i have some that have 3 parents and i cant' split or merge. Can someone help?

I did message Clan Henderson no response thus far.

Private User today placed these 2 profiles of 1750 private or living o.O!?

-Nicolas "comte de la Motte"

-Jeanne de la Motte, "comtesse de La Motte-Valois"

Sandy Morgan
In November 2019, McCain's daughter Jean McCain Morgan died of mesothelioma, aged 85.

Private User & Private User,



Private User those are all now deceased and public

Hello Private User

Private User,

I've done what Geni would allow me to change. The rest are more than likely born after 1870, so they still cannot be made public without a manager's approval.


Someone has the relationship locked that her brother is her father.

Susannah Fouts

Private User,

Please ask CS to help you fix the issue.

Livio Scremin,

Those 4 profiles were all private in error. They have all been made public.

Private User, done

Private User,

Looks like they are all done.

4 zombie in this node:

he, parents & wife
(over a merge locked to check & probably to do)

Livio Scremin, I think I got them

special thanks, kill the first one too

Livio Scremin, done (sorry though I did that one the first time)

Private User and Private User,

You should now be able to merge them.


Private User,

You should now be able to work towards clearing out the tree conflict.


Thank you, Kevin Lawrence Hanit!

Showing 31-60 of 2630 posts

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