Zombies please

Started by Noah Tutak on Friday, May 28, 2010
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6/1/2010 at 9:26 AM

Page 12 is done.

6/1/2010 at 9:29 AM

Everything up to here is done.

6/1/2010 at 11:49 AM

Lori Lynn Wilke glad it is helping!

By the way, we've killed 38,601 zombies with this latest script.

Nice work, Noah. Now you need a script to CALL the script. :-) I bet 140 comments on this discussion was more than you counted on.

Smendes II ., High Priest of Amun
Laodice IV, Queen of the Seleucid Empire
Lucius Julius Libo, consul 267 BC

Noah, perhaps it would be possible to let the script search a little bit further than the core Family Group. Many of these zombies have a FG of 30-50 profiles, but thousands of zombie blood relatives, ancestors or descendants.

6/1/2010 at 2:35 PM

Excuse me but none of the Fortie zombies has been killed!!

Private User
6/1/2010 at 2:51 PM
Private User
6/1/2010 at 3:43 PM
6/1/2010 at 4:26 PM

2 in the top and a couple of Forties further down

6/1/2010 at 4:30 PM

1 at the very top several further down also on page 2-

6/1/2010 at 5:40 PM
6/1/2010 at 5:55 PM

More in the Maharal area:
Rabbi Shimshon ben Betzalel

6/1/2010 at 6:02 PM

Grrr... Shimon Teomim
Also, the Maharal itself is a claimed profile. Can that be killed as well?

6/1/2010 at 9:48 PM

Günther Kipp this script is not guaranteed to kill all zombies. However, if there are still zombies near a profile you posted after I have run the script on it again, just post the link again with a note asking if I could take a closer look. I'll try the script on some surrounding profiles and see if I'm able to kill more zombies that way.

6/1/2010 at 9:52 PM

Günther Kipp also please post a link to a profile in the infected area, not a link to a list of profiles.

6/1/2010 at 9:54 PM

The script has been run on all profiles up to this point.

6/2/2010 at 1:03 AM

Noah Tutak@ I think its maybe because the zombies I want killed all are from Fortie, uploaded as far as I can see from a Gedcom without any date data.
Thus actually in GENI terms not a zombie!!

6/2/2010 at 7:00 AM

Mrs. Freawine Freawine Uknf

6/2/2010 at 7:01 AM
6/2/2010 at 7:22 AM

Günther Kipp this current script does not take date into consideration at all.

6/2/2010 at 7:29 AM

These are all done. Kevin Lawrence Hanit I was able to get that Mary Gillett zombie.

6/2/2010 at 7:36 AM

Noah Could you then please tell my why this zombie isen't killed??

6/2/2010 at 7:45 AM

Which zombie?

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