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Started by Shmuel-Aharon Kam (Kahn / שמואל-אהרן קם (קאן on Sunday, September 5, 2010
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The Master Profile system was just started 3 days ago so curators are still in the process of designating and building Master Profiles. They may not all have full and accurate historical information yet, but as we all work on them, they are the ones that should stand as the "One Person One Profile" that Geni is aiming for.

Here's a nice one for a curator

Mary Graves

When I try to fix her, she ends up with 2 MALE parents as the only choise even tho there is a female parent listed.

If some one has time this area needs cleaning.

William Reed, of Woburn

I have posted on the profiles information and link/links.

Here is how the line is listed in the source:
(I) Thomas Reed married Ann, dau. of Thomas Hoo.
(II) Thomas Reed married Mary Stonehouse.
(III) Thomas Reed married Mary, dau. of John Brocket. Children: Thomas, John, James and 2 daughters.
(IV) Thomas Reed married Mary, dau. of Thomas Cornwall. Children: Compton, Edward and three sons believed to be Thomas, William and John.
(V) William Reed married Mary Kendall (she married 2nd Henry Summers) Children: George, Ralph, Justice (called Abigail), Bethia, Israel, Sarah, Rebecca.
(VI) George Reed. (He's Okay)
Page 1518

I would help on this but Geni does not seem to want to work for me on removing some connections and I have family coming. Kira Rachele Jay profiles are in here and they always take a lot of work. I Will check back tonight to see if I can do more.

Thank You

Pam I have tried doing that to get people to merge. Guess what! It won't let me. Access denied . You are not authorized ete. So I don't try anymore

Pam I have tried doing that to get people to merge. Guess what! It won't let me. Access denied . You are not authorized ete. So I don't try anymore

Pam I have tried doing that to get people to merge. Guess what! It won't let me. Access denied . You are not authorized ete. So I don't try anymore

Pam I have tried doing that to get people to merge. Guess what! It won't let me. Access denied . You are not authorized ete. So I don't try anymore

The curators are authorized - link?

To the Curator of Anund Jakob "Kolbränna" King of Sweden:

Apparently I hit the merge button by mistake on Edmund the Old. (Obviously, they are two different people.) If you could correct this (de-merge them), I'd appreciate it. Sorry about that... -Ben.

Carole (Erickson) Pomeroy,Vol. Curator You aren't kidding that it's a mess! I've gotten a good start near the top of the tree.

Also, for anyone in the know: I tried to add her (your) source in two different formats - neither pleasing to me. (Visible from my profile.) I was hoping to go through the article tagging the individuals, thus both attaching the source to the profile and making the material easier to reference while working on it. (I prefer to think of it as efficient rather than lazy!)

However, it seems to have been a failure. (Again, I prefer to think of it as an insufficient Source format rather than my cluelessness!) Any suggestions on this process would be greatly appreciated!

I've attached links to my two different attempts in the case that some of you can't view my profile.

Ben, wrt Anund and Emund: I unstacked them. But don't be too sure they're different - the profile of Anund has his name as "Emund Jakob" in Old Swedish.

Susanna Barnevik is the expert in this area of the tree.

Pretty sure these two are different - in accordance with FMG. Many thanks for clearing that.

William Douglas, 9th Earl of Angus's wives need to be cleaned up. I tried to merge what profile I had access to, but it threw ambiguous errors at me in the tree view.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm working on this now but probably won't complete it. I'll do what I can tonight, though. I have a source that quotes these books:


1. Title: Book - The Royal Families of ENGLAND, Scotland and Wales, Descendants, Sovereigns & Subjects
Author: John Burke, Esq. & John Bernard Burke, Esq.
Publication: London, E Churton, 26, Holles Street, 1848 - 1851
Note: Vol.1 (1848), Vol.2 (1851)
Media: Book
Page: v.1 p.286
Text: Sir Robert Douglas, Bart. (Baronet) Pedigree CLXXXV
2. Title: Book - A History of the House of Douglas from the Earliest Times Down to the Legislative Union of ENGLAND & Scotland
Author: Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell
Publication: Freemantle & Co. 217 Piccadilly W., 1902
Note: Original, 2 volume set, property of Hon. Hew Hamilton-Dalrymple 1888-
Note: vg
Note: Original, 2 volume set
Media: Book
Page: v.2 p.55, 150

Harald, - "Anund Jacob" and "Emund den gamle" are two different persons - and they are half brothers had separate profile pictures and contained links to wikipedia articles explaining more. May be someone have merged together the mothers Edla and Estrid too?

If you take a closer look in the About Me you will find links to two different Wikipedia articles. Please separate them again. "Emund den gamle" had the red

BTW: If you want to check wikipedia, always look for a national article first. The English wikipedia articles usually contains to many errors about none-English persons.

Oh, no!
Please do not do any work in the area of Olof Skötkonung and his big family. Thanks for telling me about the mix, though.
Have a beatuiful day

What should we do when our merges would be with a master profile? I just came on one where the names seem to match but the dates do not. Should we just ignore them, decide later or what?

you can still merge most Master Profiles (not all are locked). IF uncertain, you could always post the pair of profile links here, and ask for comment.

Shmuel, OK I just said I would decide later. I have not seen one marked locked. The names were the same but the dates were different. The merge seems to be gone now.

Eldon, I believe that even if Master Profiles are locked you can still suggest merges by stacking and then it goes to the merge inbox of the curator to complete the merge. At least that's how I understand it. I've received a number of merge requests today for locked profiles and I've completed them. It's very helpful for mergers to do that. This locking just adds a level of protection that ensures that that the merge should not be finalized unless someone approves who has studied the situation well . Does that make sense?

Apparently there may be some kind of mix up or miss merged profiles.

Joan de la Warre, Lady

The "About Me" data lists information about a Joan de la Warr, dau. of Roger de la Warr and Eleanor Mowbray, who married Ralph de Willington and Sir Thomas West, the profile name is for a different person and the "Nicknames" have listings for both of these different people.

The profile name, Joan FitzAlan is connected to and is the dau. of John FitzAlan and Eleanor Maltraver, who married William Etchingham/Eychingham, she is also connected to two other spouses, one of which belongs to Joan de la Warr (Thomas West) the other (William de Brian), may or may not be correct for this Joan FitzAlan.

Thomas West that is connected to this Joan FitzAlan is also connected to his correct wife Joan de la Warr.

I am connected through co-management of Reginald West child of Joan and Thomas West, and Thomas Etchingham, Jane Echingham (which may or may not be the correct dau.).

I had profiles for William Echingham and Joan FitzAlan, but they don't seem to be in with them or stacked, don't know where they are.

Carole, I don't have time to take a look at this until maybe tomorrow evening, but it definitely sounds like an area in which several people have been mistakenly merged together. Hopefully I or one of the other curators can attack it soon and try to get it straightened out. Do as much as you can. We just need to decide who she's going to be and then create the best profile for that person, and make sure that the detached links to the wrong relatives get connected to another profile for the other Joan.

Pamela, Yes it makes sense and that is just what I wanted to know. Now when I see a master profile, if a merge to it looks good, I can do the merge.

Carole ... there were at least two different people merged together, I began the process of separating them out. There are two separate Joan's now. There are still a lot of grandparent, parent, children, grandchildren, etc. issues ... the whole area is in disarray.

Ok here is an example where the daughter and wife is the same in the Master Profile

What do you want us to do in this case??

I would appreciate if one of the curators could take up the tree of Gengis khan. He was one of the most prominent warriors of the middle ages and it is said one out of 200 people from middle Asia are his descendent's.

The tree is a total mess. I dont have the rights/ tools to rectify it but can assist any curator who so desires.

The following profile is a piece of junk and needs to be deleted

Christopher Columbus

I have another instance where my fingers have acted in opposition to what my brain is telling me. I've mistakenly stacked Elizabeth Staffords, and need someone to unstack them for me:

Elizabeth Beauchamp

The issue is the placement of Sir Humphrey Stafford in her immediate family. One profile has him as brother, and another as father. I had meant to mark them as being different profiles for that reason until that issue could be resolved, but fingers betray.

I've noticed a lot of innovations in the merging process recently. Is there anyway that there can be an "Undo" button put on so that we can correct these sorts of mistakes (and avoid generating the inevitable territorial "please don't work on this section of the tree" responses that result)? Or perhaps there already is in place a procedure that I'm not aware of that doesn't involve sending messages like this?

Many apologies, meanwhile.

David, - this Christopher Columbus is not even connected, so just look another way, but I agree that the name of the parents made me laugh.

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