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3/23/2011 at 11:11 AM

Hi Geni friends there seems to be multiple errors referencing the children of reb Elimelech.

3/23/2011 at 11:56 AM

I see the Rubin family, the Ashlags, and the Brandweins are connected to the holy Reb Elimelech. We do seem to be missing some descendant links from what I can gather reading the bio of a direct descendant, Moshe Weisblum.

Direct Descendant:
Rabbi Dr. Moshe Pinchas Weisblum was born on December 6, 1962 in Sedeh Ya’akov, Israel.
Son to the renowned scholar, Rabbi Chaim Weisblum,
son of Rabbi Ya’akov Weisblum (Ziditshov Rebbe) and Rebbetzin Gittle, daughter of the famous Kabbalistic master and author, Rabbi Yehuda Brandwein.

Rabbi Moshe P. Weisblum is a 14th generation rabbi in his family's dynasty of rabbinical leaders. In 1985, he married Miriam Haitan, and they have five children. The eldest son, Elimelech, 23 (named after his great grandfather, Rabbi Elimelech Weisblum of Lijuensk, Poland)
I will send you the email address if you wish.

Shlomo Flam Is very knowledgable and connected to the Brandwein family, so he might be able to help.

Private User
3/23/2011 at 1:37 PM

Malka: There are quite a few pending merges of public profiles in that area, which I can't complete, but you should be able to complete as a curator. Completing those merges would also help to clear up that area.

3/24/2011 at 4:17 AM

David, there are some interesting discussion at:

Private User
3/24/2011 at 6:28 AM

Thanks Malka. Yes some interesting links there. There are all kinds of generational errors / discrepancies emerging as we start to try to fix up that area!

3/26/2011 at 9:43 PM

רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט פינעף קינדער:

ר' אלעזר מליזענסק
ר' אליעזר ליפא מחמלניק בעמח"ס אורח לצדיק
ר' יעקב רויטמאן ממגלינצא
לאה גיטל

ר' אלימלך האט געהאט דריי איידימער:

1) ) אסתר עטיל, אשת ר' ישראל אלבום מפריסטיק, א זון פון ר' משה, און אן איר-אייניקל פון הרה"ק' ר' קאפיל ליקאווער זצ"ל. (זייער חתונה איז שוין געווען נאך די פטירה פונעם הייליגען ר' אלימלך)

2) מירוש אשת ר' אליהו פון שדה לבן - זיי האבן געוואוינט און רימונוב און ר' מענדעלע רימונובער (תלמיד פון ר"ר אלימלך) האט זיי אויסגעהאלטן.

3) ר' שמואל צורף - און עס איז נישט קלאר ווער זיין רעביצין איז געווען ולאור זה איז דא אסאך וואס זאגן אז ער איז געווען מירוש'ס מאן בזווג ראשון.
ר' שמואל צורף ליגט אינעם צווייטען צימער פונעם אוהל..

רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט דריי ברידער'ס
ר' זושא מהאניפולי
ר' אברהם (געווען א דאקטער אין קעניקסבערג)
ר' נתן (המכונה שיף)

אויפן לעצטן נאמען האבן זיי געהייסן ווייסבלום
און זייער טאטע האט געהייסן ר' אלעזר ליפמאן
און זייער מאמע האט געהייסן מרת גיטל

רבי ר' אלימלך האט געהאט צוויי ווייבער.
בזוו"ר איז ער געווען אן איידעם ביי רבי אהרן רוקח זצ"ל
בזוו"ש איז ער געווען אן אייעם ביי רבי יעקב מרגליות זצ"ל

Private User
3/26/2011 at 10:30 PM

Thank you Yoel. I have added that to the profile "About" section (which is already quite long and probably in need of edit).

The fact that R' Elimelech had sons Elazar and Eliezer is a cause of confusion. For example, R' Elimelech's grandson Menachem Yissachar (Mendel Ber) Mendele, Dov Weissblum, Mi'Peshversk has both Elazar and Eliezer as his father.

I still think we need a curator to help sort that kind of thing, and to complete other merges in the area. Malka can you oblige or nominate another curator here please?

3/27/2011 at 7:32 AM

R' Elimelech did have sons Elazar and Eliezer,

"Menachem Yissucher Weissblum's" name was
מנחם יששכר מענדל בער ווייסבלום
and he was a son of Elazar.

Private User
3/30/2011 at 1:40 AM

Yoel We appreciate your input however, it seems to conflict to the information currently on his profile.

Gitel is a wife on his profile and not a dughter.
There seems to be a daughter Ethel or Esther Ethel.

Any suggestions?

Private User
3/30/2011 at 3:08 AM

According to "Yalkut Einot Noam", Menachem-Yissucher Weissblum was the son of Elazar, his wife was Sheindl.
Elimilech from Rimanov (or Rymanow) was the son of Eliezer-Lipa, his wife was Malka, the daughter of Elazar. (they where cousins

3/30/2011 at 7:19 AM

Private User -- Thank you David. Does Akevoth have any information regarding Noam Elimelech? You have been immensely helpful in sorting out complicated rabbinical lines with your strong scholarly background in other obtuse areas of the tree, and I would really appreciate your help here too.

@ Zev, if there are lines attached to Gitel, the daughter that appears on some sites, and not others, then it is best to leave that part alone, and first just focus on tidying up the family members that we are certain about.

3/30/2011 at 8:13 AM
Private User
3/30/2011 at 3:05 PM

Malka - thank you for setting up the project. We will talk further there. Much better than in disparate discussions with anonymous titles.

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